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Review: Something for every taste in WYRK country concert

Review of Randy's recent concert at the Coca-Cola Field in the Buffalo News:


Something for every taste in WYRK country concert



The annual Taste of Country concert sponsored by WYRK-FM is aptly named — Friday’s event was like several different shows in one, depending on when you were there and where you were.

Take Randy Owen’s set, for example. Owens — best known as a key member of longtime country supergroup Alabama— led the crowd through a sing-along set of his old band’s hits.

Owen — the lineup’s elder statesman—radiated the confidence of a performer who has nothing left to prove, throwing out quips, letting the crowd fill in key phrases and sharing the spotlight generously with a band that included Wade Hayes — a recording artist of some note himself — and hotshot fiddler Megan Mullins.

On the outfield of Coca-Cola Field there was more beer flowing than Coke, and the vibe was similar to a 1980s Rich Stadium Southern rock show (with a few less pharmaceuticals). Owen and his band were serving as soundtrack to the infield party as the sun set over the first base wall of the park.

Owen stole the show for perhaps the widest swath of the audience simply on the strength of the Alabama songbook — songs like “Song of the South,” “Mountain Music” and “Dixieland Delight.”