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Randy Surprises Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean has never made a secret of the fact that he is a life-long fan of the legendary group Alabama. He often includes a medley of his favorite Alabama songs in his own set. Headlining the CMT Tour doesn't afford him the time for the medley in his set, but that changed last week at the Columbus, Georgia Civic Center when Jason's management convinced him he needed to sing "My Home's In Alabama."

Just as the chorus of the song began, Jason heard a familiar voice about the same time the crowd went wild. He turned around to find one of his biggest idols, Randy Owen, walking on stage singing. Jason composed himself, bowed to Randy, and watched in fascination as his hero sang the third verse, and then he joined back in for the final chorus.
"I've gotten to know Jason, and I really like his music," said Owen, who is now one of Aldean's label mates on Broken Bow Records. "My daughter, Randa, is also fan of Jason's, so my wife, Kelly, and I swung by AuburnUniversity where Randa goes to college, and we headed down to Columbus for the show. It was funny how everyone in Jason's camp kept this a secret, and I hope we can get together again to sing."