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Welcome to Randy's Crib!
Hey, this is Craig Campbell, Randy's publicist, and I just spent the entire day at Randy's 1800's-era Victorian house where CMT shot an episode of "Cribs." I never knew Randy owned two homes in Ft. Payne – one is on his farm up on "the mountain," and the other is right in downtown Ft. Payne. He and his family lived in the home "in town" when his kids were in school, because he was gone so much and wanted to walk the kids to school when he was off the road.

The Victorian house is amazing – seven or eight bedrooms, three bathrooms on three stories plus a loft. The show will open with Randy opening the front door and exclaiming, "Hi, I'm Randy Owen, welcome to my Crib!" (RO's manager Shawn Pennington got a huge kick out of hearing RO say "welcome to my crib.") Randy escorted the crew room by room, telling stories about the history of the mansion, the furnishings, pictures on the wall, etc. The sitting room right inside the front door holds a unique piano and a one-of-a-kind photo of Alabama. The bedroom across the hall was Randa's and includes trophies and ribbons she won showing cattle. The master bedroom, first bathroom, dining room and kitchen rounded out the first floor. One the second floor were four more bedrooms and a bath, and the third floor included yet another bedroom, bathroom, a really cool sitting area and stairs to the loft.

He also mentioned buying the three houses next to his home with the idea that each of his kids would moved back to Ft. Payne, occupy the homes and raise their own kids in close proximity to their grandpa! He eventually sold the three houses but kept the mansion.

He ended the day showing off his "rides" - his father's 1971 Chevy flatbed dually pickup and his late-model Chevy Avalanche – which was quite a contrast to episodes of "Cribs" where rap/hip-hop artists line up rows of exotic cars, tricked out trucks, etc.

The show will air sometime in January, and we'll be sure to shoot out a notice about the airdate.