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Blog Review from Randy's Recent Stop in Chattanooga
Randy Owen recently dropped by US 101 in Chattanooga to promote his debut Broken Bow Records single “Like I Never Broke Her Heart,” and OM/PD Jay Cruze just about blogged his fingers off following the visit. Below is his raving blog, and attached is a photo of Cruze (l.) with Owen (r.) during the visit.

“Growing up in a small town called Boaz in North Alabama my favorite band of course was the group Alabama. You name the song I can tell you what album it was on, what year it came out and where it peaked on the charts. Border line stalker or just a geek you make the call yourself. When I got the call saying that Randy Owen wanted to come do a show for US 101 and wanted to give every penny that was made to the children at St. Jude I was blown away. I mean you have to understand this guy was my Elvis growing up. To know that even though he has won every major award known to man including being a member of the country music hall of fame and he wanted to play to raise money for this great cause WOW that gave me chill bumps.

The night of the show was TOO cool! We wanted to raise a few more dollars for St. Jude so we thought we would pass the offering plate a few times throughout the show. Randy came up with the idea to have people make a donation in the bucket on stage and he would play the song they wanted to hear. It got our listeners involved in the show and everyone that made a donation got a little one on one time with Randy while they made their donation. One guy wrote a check for $1,000 and Randy sang Close Enough To Perfect to his wife for their anniversary! How cool is that? After all was said and done that night Randy played for almost 2 and ½ hours nonstop and we raised a TON of money for the kids at St. Jude and I got to meet a guy that I have been a huge fan of all of my life. THANKS Randy you are a class act! I can’t wait to hear the rest of the new album. We are getting a lot of calls for Like I Never Broke Her Heart.”

Check out the additional photos and video from the visit and show here!