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my name is Cassie they need help
by Ginger Payton
I would like to introduce you my family life more than tough for the past seven years. To talk to my family on a day-to-day basis you would never know the pain they carry around. Their heartaches started in September of 2001, the day they found Ihad AML Leukemia at age 7. Mom had to quit her job to stay me in the Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. This hospital stay really took a toll on my family. My dadis a local truck driver, which meant he could stay near home, however, he had to work extra shifts to make sure my mom and my sisters had what they needed in Birmingham and to pay mounting bills. That meant my other three sisters had to stay with our grandparents. Oure family was beginning to see a ray of hope when they found out my big sister was a perfect transplant match. After two transplants and battling this killer disease for sixteen and a half agonizing months, I passed away on February 14, 2003. My name is Cassie and died just short of my ninth birthday. God knew what he was doing when he took me home on that day and because I know I will always be remembered and loved by all those that knew me. After her death, the family started a dance and cheering competition in Cassie’s memory. The competitions lasted for 4 years and they raised over $ 26,000.00 .All money raised was donated to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham. . The entire family has been involved in sports in the community for the past 12 years. Their children have been involved in school activities, softball, fishing, cheering, and church events. The family is loved by many people throughout the state for their courage, devotion, and selfless dedication to family. They always have a smile for a friend or neighbor, even though their own pain is still there. After the daughter passed away in February, the dad had his first heart attack in May. The bills continued to grow and income continued to shrink. They had to let their vehicle go back so they could pay off some bills and buy Christmas for their other three children. They took out a second mortgage on their home that they had lived in for 19 years. With all the financial and emotional stress upon them, the family began to fall apart. The oldest daughter feels her mom blames her for Cassie’s death because the two transplants didn’t workout. The family lost their home to repossession and the dad has had a second heart attack. The dad is still paying for a vehicle he does not have due to repossession, as well as the medical bills along with the every day month-to-month bills. His oldest daughter is a senior in high school this year, and unfortunately, not the senior year she had planned on for most of her school age years. This family is now separated in more ways than one- dad lives in an apartment and mom with daughters live in a small but comfortable trailer. The mom has a hard time making ends meet so the dad is paying his and her bills. It would be better if all lived together, but the family has gone through so much in the past seven years. The husband feels this marriage is headed for a divorce. The husband has given up almost everything for his family and most likely will continue, no matter the outcome. After 19 years of marriage, the husband is still very much in love with his wife. His eyes fill with tears every time he mentions her name. This family needs help. They need counseling so they can get their lives back on track. Mom and Dad need counseling to cope with the death of their child and to get their lives back on track, together, not apart. They need a home so they can make a fresh start and new memories. At present, they cannot even take a vacation as the dad trades his vacation time for money to pay the bills. This family really needs to have some fun and enjoy life. If anyone understands about life being too short, they do. This family is not asking for a hand out, just a hand up. Please pray for this family and let’s help them to make a new start. Now that you have read their story let me introduce them to you. The Wine family of Weaver, Alabama Husband- Jim Wife- Tina Daughters- Brittney (17), Keeleigh (15), and Hailee (11) And their beloved daughter and sister Cassie who would be 14.

breast cancer--please help
by Necia Nicholas
I lost my mom and aunt to breast cancer and as a grad student, did some research on the disease. I have learned much and now, as an instructor at Calhoun CC, I have the opportunity to make something positive from that experience. Each and every semester, I give a BC lecture to all my classes. I know Mom and Aunt Jean would be proud. Now, I am working as hard as I can to raise money for Avon's walk for Breast Cancer in october in NYC. My goal was the mininum $1800, and i was worried about how to get that much money. But an angel, a BC survivor, donated $5000 to my fund and now, I am so motivated to raise at least $10,000 and would love to raise even more!! Avon not only funds research, but provides mammograms and treatment to underserved populations. Many here in Alabama. I am attaching my link directly to the site---please, if you can, help me with this! I want to walk my 39 miles, an aching old 44 yr old woman, with pride, knowing I have given it my all. Feel free to contact me if you would like more information. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Book for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
by Marcella Miller
Mr. Owen: What a wonderful deed you have done sharing your talent in order to help ill children. I write children's books that endeavor to help children with problems they always think about but not necessarily know how to ask about. Dancing With My Angel tells about a little girl who is very ill and is one day is visited by her guardian angel. The thing Megan misses most is her dance lessons she enjoyed before she got ill. Every night Megan and her angel dance to beautiful music only they can hear and even twirl around above the floor! It is a moving and inspirational book for these little children who miss the things they did before they got ill. My problem is, I don't know how to get this recognized by St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. My first book is titled The Flower in the Thicikets about a little seedling accidentally dropped into a thicket patch and how it learns how to adapt and succeed. It shows children that being in new and scarey places can, with a little determination, can go places they never imagined. I would like to send you a copy of The Flower in the Thickets. Dancing With My Angel has not been published. Can you shed any light on this situation? Not being a celebrity, it's harder to get recognition for a gift simply for the good of giving. Sincerely, Marcella Miller (nurse and mother of three sons). Harbor Island, South Carolina.


Little did I know....
by Peggy Carrick
2 years ago I had 8 inches of my hair cut off & I donated it to help children with cancer. A year & 1/2 ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer & little did I know I was going to lose my hair as well...... As time went by & my hair fell out & later returned, I came upon my thank you card for the donation I had made 2 years back. After all I went thru it sure put a smile on my face to come across that card & to know that I helped a child with cancer. It is such an emotional & very difficult time to go thru & every little bit helps.....Thank You

Holly's story
by Mary Price
Holly was a vibrant, beautiful 17-year old girl with a head of red hair that just took your breath away. She was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in March of 2007. After going through 4 rounds of hard chemo and suffering the most severe side effects, she was in remission and scheduled for a bone marrow transplant. Sadly, she relapsed just 2 weeks shy of her transplant and the leukemia was more than her tired body could handle. We brought her home and gave her all the love and care we could until she left us. On May 4th, she left us with holes in our hearts so big we can never fill them. We, as parents aren't supposed to bury our children. How much longer can we allow this to happen? As a faithful Alabama fan for decades, I was in awe at the song "Braid My Hair"...it hit home. Thank you for that song and for the honest feelings in singing it. I was just made aware that Randy will be performing in Greensboro, NC in August. We can't wait. We will be there to support his new journey as he has been supporting children like our daughter for many years. www.freewebs.com/htilley07

by kayla
my little sister is eleven and she was diagnosed with ewings sarcoma(bone cancer)on her spine and when she found out that she would lose all of her hair she was crushed the first time i heard this song i cried not many artist sing about children with illnesses i think this song is great

ashley's story
by Kayla
ashley was diagnosed with a bone cancer called Ewings Sarcoma on Dec. 17 07 the tumor was on her spine so she lost all use of her hands and couldnt walk on her own all of that was really tough on her but for her losing her hair was the worst ashley is now 11 and has been goin through treatment for 7 months the doctors have said that the tumor is gone and she only has 5 mor rounds of chemo left she can also use her hands again before this happened to my little sister i really never heard about childhood cancer i think that its very important for everyone to know about it and know what the kids go through and i think that this song has helped with that alot I LOVE THE SONG!!

i hope i can bring some peace
by phyllis
i went with my husband on a 24 hour fishing tournament and we came in 2nd place and the money went to st judes i was so proud of us and st judes! those kids need all the help they can get!!!! love your fan

Chloe's story
by Denise Davis
My granddaughter was diagnosed with cancer at 18 months. If not for St Jude and all the prayers she could not have made it. She just celebrated her 5th birthday and I am happy to say I can finally braid her hair. This song touched me so much. It had to be written for Chloe. If you go to the St Jude website and click on your picture for Country Cares,you will see her picture on the header. She is the fouth child in the picture. No hair then but now she has lots to braid. Thanks again for the song.

by Brianna Saunders
We found out a few months ago that my two year old cousin has liver cancer. Not a very common cancer among children so they had a hard time knowing how much of everything they could give her. As it progressed they started treatments her dad usually shaves his head so as she would twisted those angel hairs around her finger (a habbit she got into at the hospital) they started falling out. On her third birthday she could not leave the hospital so we went to her. As we were talkin her dad as tears filled his eyes told us how she had asked why her hair had fallen off. Not knowing how to explain they tried there hardest how do you tell a three year old thats just what happens. But the thing is to her hair doesnt matter its amazing you can tell she misses it and she has had a lot of change but we saw her first smile last month. She goes in for surgery this week. We are all praying that it can stay away. But you never know but she reminds me of this song its my favorite and i listen to it everyday tears always stream down my face. As i listen to the locks of love part it has made me want to give what i can. Its hard and so i pray for all the young children out there and hope everyday we get a little closer we all need to be strong and have hope and never forget there is always someone who cares. -with lots of love to everyone

Oi and Randy
by John Lindekugel
In the late 1990s, our son and St. Jude patient, Levi, had the opportunity to meet Randy Owen and all of the guys from "Alabama." The meeting in Omaha took place, thanks in part to a wonderful set of DJ's at WOW radio in Omaha. As Randy and the gang finished the set that night, they met about 30 or so people backstage, Levi being one of those people. As Levi was introduced to Randy as a St. Jude patient, everyone could see the fatigue of performing lift from his eyes, he kneeled to Levi's level and the conversation began. Randy and Levi talked about cancer, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, baseball, spiders and how icky girls are when you're just eight years old. As the converstation ended, Mr. Owen reached into his pocket, pulled out a guitar pick with his name on it, looked at Levi and said, "This will open any door you need to open at St. Jude." With a smile and a wink, Mr. Owen wished Levi the best and the perfect concert ended with a perfect visit. We were not able to save Levi, losing him in 1998. However, we will never forget the kindness shown to Levi by all of the members of Alabama and especially Randy. Our love for St. Jude remains and we work with local radio each year to support the Country Cares for St. Jude Kids project started by Randy and Mr. Danny Thomas. For more on Levi, his battle with cancer and his love of country music and pro-rodeo, please go to www.lanefrost.com/laneslegacy.htm. Levi had the opportunity to go on a wish trip to Cheyenne Frontier Days and there is a tree planted at the arena there in his name. We are so looking forward in going back to Cheyenne this summer. Our plans are to watch the rodeo, visit Levi's tree and to watch Mr. Owen perform at Cheyenne. All of the best things wrapped into one great day and night. Blessings to Randy and his dedication to all of the kids at St. Jude. Thank you for being so kind to our son. Blessings, John and Gail Lindekugel Gibbon, NE

A little Girl
by Tracy Johnsrud
Dear Randy, My sisters best friend's little girl was diagnosed with Batten Disease on January 28th 2008. This little girl Named Hayden is only 2 years old and will not live much longer. If you go to www.helphayden.com to see the story on Hayden it would mean so much. I saw you in concert in Wisconsin 3 times you are my all time favorite and I know you do a lot to help children and I would like to believe even though you are a huge star you still might be able to help a little girl in the small town of Wisconsin. Her Parents are holding a benefit for her to try and raise money for the Disease they don't have a cure but they would still like to have the benefit every year to try and find a cure. We are just ordinary people in a small town and want to know if you can help in any way. ThankYou and God Bless You Tracy Johnsrud

My Granddaughter
by Cathy Ives-Larocque
I would like to share my story of my little Granddaughter, she is now four and a cancer survivor of two and a half years. When she was 21 months old she was diagnosed with Hepatablastoma which is cancer of the liver. I can't begin to tell you how devastated we were. How could this little girl have such a terrible disease as this. June 24 we were told and the beginning of July she had her first operation for biopsy and to put in her Hickman line ready for treatment. One week later she was in the hospital for her first round of chemo. You wonder just how much a little one can take but she never complained, cry yes when she had to get a needle prick but otherwise she took her chemo like a trooper. Always smiling and laughing and wanting to eat. At this point in her life the doctor told us to let her have what ever she wanted to eat just to keep her strength up. Imagine, one week of three days of chemo and the following three weeks one day of chemo. This was how she spent the remaining months of 2005. After her second round of chemo her hair started falling out so we took her to the beauty shop and had the remainder taken off. We cried, Faith cried but she was even more beautiful without here hair. In October she would have a second operation to remove 60% of her liver and the tumour which had responded to the chemo and shrunk enough to be removed. The surgeon called in another surgeon who is on the transplant team to assist her as she was not sure till they got in whether the tumour could be removed. Luckily they where able to do exactly what they wanted to do, removed it all. Following this there would be chemo again for two more rounds and the last one was on Dec. 07 2005. Her Hickman line remained in until April of 2006. That would be her third surgery. She is still having MRI and CT scans done every four months now as follow up. Hopefully one day the Doctor will say "see you next year". We thank the doctors and nurses at Children's Hospital of Southwestern Ontario, London Canada. Without their quick response to a Childs illness we may not have this beautiful little girl with us today. I have listened to your song, beautiful, and now my Granddaughter told her Mommy she wanted to get her very long hair cut to give to children who are without hair. Faith is four, in school and doing all the things a normal child can do. We do know she has lost some hearing due to the chemo treatment but if this is the only lasting effect, we will be forever grateful. Faith's Nan

a hero
by Kristina Gregg
Randy, I cartainly can't say- and won't try to claim- that I'm your biggest fan...I know that that honor goes to others. While I have always enjoyed the music you and Alabama have done, I've related to other artists. But...I'm not here to tell you about that...I'm here to tell you the story of a man who loved your music, but he loved your cause more. Mark Earlywine lived in Springfield, IL, and he was one of the biggest fans of St. Jude's Children's Hospital I have ever met. He was married to a dear friend of mine, and they shared your passion. Mark and Pam served (and Pam still does) on the local board that organizes fundraisers in Sangamon and surrounding counties. Mark passed very suddenly in February of this year, and left behind a lot of people who are heartbroken. Among all the things that made him Mark...St. Jude's is what so many of us will remember. On his passing, Mark's wife, Pam asked that all memorials be made to St. Jude's in Mark's name, and the check will be presented at the WFMB St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Radiothon in 2009 on behalf of Mark Earlywine. I wanted to thank you so much, for all that you do to keep this dream of so many alive. Please know that you do touch each and every one of us who listens to your music. The thoughts and prayers of the family and friends of Mark Earlywine go with you and your crew always. We'll see you at the Sangamon County Fair in New Berlin!

Love Braid My Hair
by Robin Mewszel
Dear Randy, I heard the new song the other day on your website and I just "LOVED" it!!!!! I was sitting there and was just overcome with tears. It is so beautiful! I have loved you and Alabama for years. I was so excited when I found out you was going out on your own after Alabama retired. It was just awesome news to me. I had never been to an Alabama concert until New Year's Eve at the Aladdin in Las Vegas on the Farewell Tour. While we were there I actually met Teddy in the casino and I was just speechless. If it hadn't been for my husband I probably wouldn't have met him then. I didn't want to bother him, but my husband said if I didn't I would regret it. Then at the concert I was just so awe struck that I practically cried the whole time I was there. That had been a dream of mine for so long that it was just a very emotional time for me. It was the best night of my life. I had another dream come true last summer at FAD 07. I actually got to go to Fort Payne for the first time and meet all of you, except for Mark. My family and I had such a good time and felt really welcomed there at the fan club. I was on cloud nine the whole time. Then when I found out about the concert you was putting on at the farm that just put the icing on the cake. Meeting you and talking to you was just an awesome experience for me. You treat your fans just the way I thought you would, even better! Everyone in Fort Payne was so nice and hospitable. It was just awesome. I was hoping to come back this summer but it is not going to happen this year. But I do plan on going in '09. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HAVING FAN APPRECIATION DAY for your fans we love you guys so much!!!!! Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives at least one day of the year. It means so much to us. I wish you and your families the best. I know that your new album and solo career will be awesome! With lots of love! Lifetime Fan, Robin Mewszel

Cancer Survivor
by Lori Tripp, South Carolina
In May of 2004 my then 3 year old son, Jarrett, was diagnosised with cancer. "I Want to Braid My Hair" reminds me of that period of our lives. One of the side affects of his chemo was loss of deep tendon reflexes. Jarrett could not walk or stand unaided. Although he never complained about not being able to walk we knew it was difficult for him. Jarrett's actions would speak louder than words. As his younger brother was learning to pull up, Jarrett would gently push Nathan back down. Nathan crawled for a little longer than he should have, but Jarrett needed a buddy on the floor to crawl around with and play him. Later Jarrett could verbalize his feelings a little more. When we began talking with Jarrett about his wish trip, we told Jarrett he do anything or go anywhere he wanted, it would be his special wish. Jarrett's only wish was to play ball with his best friend Abel after church in the parking lot. Abel is ten years older than Jarrett and Jarrett has always loved Abel.(Incidently, Abel's family is from Alabama. Abel made sure some of Jarrett's first words were "Roll Tide"!) Although, Jarrett had to sit in the stroller, Abel made sure Jarrett's wish came true everytime Jarrett was well enough to attend church services. Thanks in part to your efforts to support St. Judes Jarrett is alive and well today!! God Bless

Kortney Fike
by Linda Fike
We found out my daughter Kortney has cancer on December 24, 2007, Christmas eve. She has since turned 13 and is now in a wheelchair.She is the strongest person. Even though life is hard god is going to bring my baby girl threw this diffcult time in our lives. Thank you so much for this song,I cry ever time I hear it because the hardest thing for Kortney has been lossing her hair! Kisses from Vidalia. Ga, Linda Fike

Love for children
by Mary Sergent
The hardest time in my life was between my 16th and 17th birthday. When my sister had 2 miscarriages in that year. And my brother and his wife lost twin boys. So writing poetry has always been an outlet for me. I have been writing for 37 years. Since I have been 11 years old. It's really like reading my life story. I have no problem saying what's on my mind. But I write what's in my heart. This is the year I am doing something with my poems. I have 90 of them. I told my husband first I want to donate 1 poem to St.Judes Children Hospital. I went through all of my poems and narrowed it down to 4 then 3 then 2 then 1. I wanted to give the one that had alot of inspiration and hope and love. If you are interested in this poem email me. If not I will donate it to another children hospital. I know you are coming to the Sangamon County Fair in Illinois. I live in Sangamon County.

Beautiful Memories
by Michelle
When I was almost 11 years old, I was in a tragic car accident that claimed the lives of my daddy and my grandpa. I was left disabled and grieving. When I went back to school in the 6th grade, it was hard for me because of the brain damage. I was tested for special ed that summer and when I spoke to the counselor at the schoolboard office, I told him of my love for Alabama and especially my crush on Randy Owen. The counselor was tuched by my story and arranged for me to attend an Alabama concert. During the concert, I was in heaven. I don't think I saw anybody but Randy and his band mates. i was in my own world. After the concert, I bought a poster and got in line to get autographs. The big moment finally arrived. I was face to face with my dream. I told Randy about the wreck and how their music inspired me to keep goinga nd he just hugged me to him and in the pictures I saw a tear in his eye. It was a wonderful night. I got to see them two more times in the 80s and each time Randy remembered me and let me come backstage so I wouldn't have to stand up so long. All the gys were always so nice to me and made me feel special. I hope Randy reads this because I have always wanted to say thank you and let him know that I'm a college graduate, working as a writer at a newspaper. I have an entertainment column and interviewing Randy would be like coming full circle.

Braid My Hair
by Nancy
This song was sent via your site by a fellow children's cancer nurse. I can't count the times our kids have come in with waist length hair and have to cut it. Amazingly, the majority have so much that they donate the hair to Locks of Love. At their time of grief, they do a wonderful act for someone else a little further down the line with treatment. I and many other nurses I work with grow their hair and donate. This song floods my mind with all the kids we have treated. Wonderful survival stories and sad stories, but each etched on my mind with wonderful memories. Thanks for such a beautiful song.

by Tammie
In 04 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Our son was 6. As I went through surgery, chemo and radiation, the only thing that bothered him was my losing my hair. In 07 when I had reconstructive surgery done I found out that my wondering around without had bothered him, but he had never said anything until he said, "I've got my mommy back." When in late 07 we found the cancer had metastesized to the bones in my back, my then 10 year old was worried that I would have to have more surgery. I know how cancer effected me and my husband, both in our 40s. I saw how being a co-survivor effected my son over the years. I can't imagine what it would be like to be a child survivor. Great Song! Thanks Randy. Welcome back, wish I lived in the SouthEast these days. I'll always remember the early days.

I love Your music
Just wanted to say hello. Me and my husband were married on June 17th 2006. We had a wonderful honeymoon in Tennesse. On the way back home we came through Fort Payne and we stopped by the Alabama Museum.We are BOTH fans and have always been fans.While at the museum we toured the whole museum. I even took pictures of everything. We bought the greatest hits CD. and when we explained that we were newlyweds heading home from our honeymoon the lady at the museum was very kind. She gave us a map to your's ANd Teddy's home and told us about Teddy's grand dad. We did not want to compromise you or your families privacy. So we just rode by and I took some pics for my honeymoon photo album.You have a gorgeous ranch and there is some really beautiful country up there in Fort Payne. It is so easy to see why you are so proud of it. Any way since me & my husband have been married we have had a lot of unfortunate things to happen ( my husband has been in 2 accidents)which has made money really tight.and we had wanted to take a 2nd honeymoon. Maybe some day we will get to.But anyway.I just wanted to let you know that I will always love your music and the group Alabama has a special place in my heart. I think it is fantastic that you do so much raising funds for St. Judes. I watch the telethons on the t.v. and I listen to ALL of the stories of how St. Judes helps kids. You know that kids are special blessings from GOD.So from the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for helping them. I know that IF I could afford it I would. It is such a great cause.Keep up the great work. Also I listened to your newest songs and as usual the sounded great. I'm glad to see that you have decided to keep on singing. GOD gave you a talent and I believe you have made GOD proud.I hope you will add me as a friend on my my space. I will keep my fingers crossed that I win the trip. But if not then I know that it wasn't in GOD's plan for me....

by Jake
Randy, man a very powerful piece of music. I absolutely love "Braid My Hair". I am a 2-time cancer survivor and love any music that inspirationally has to do with cancer. The two main songs in country music which really touch my heart enough to actually bring a tear to my eye are your "braid My Hair" and Rascall Flatts "Skin". Both are awesome musically and emotionally. I just want to say Thank you for the song.

Faith Marr - 5 yr old with Cancer
by Jerris Marr
I just heard Randy's new song Braid My Hair... I listened to it for the first time as I sat here with our little Faith, who is 5 years old and fighting bone cancer in her back. She was diagnosed on Sep 10th, 2007 and has had 3 back surgeries since then to remove her L3 vertebra. We are currently going through our final 2 months of chemo, and preparing to travel from Portland, OR to Boston, Mass for 2+ months of radiation treatment. Hearing your song, I can't help but see our Faith. Because of her recent back surgery, we are actively working her therapy to regain strength to walk again, with our dream to just see her run on a playground again. Little League, climbing tree's, a doctor or President are all very distant dreams...we just want our Faith to be here...tomorrow, and the next day. Her strength is inspiring. Her compassionate concern for us when we get upset is uncomprehendable. The lyrics of your song are so incredibly accurate. To anyone that has gone through this or is so now, the song is heart wrenching. I'm a 40 year old man, but as her Father hearing your song, I can't stop the crying. Thank you for making such a beautiful song to help others feel try to feel the struggle, pain and hope that all of us feel every day as we hold our babies fighting this terrible disease. Sincerely, Jerris Marr Oregon

STILL fighting leukemia
by Maria Aguirre
I must say.. I love your new song; Braid My Hair. It hit “close to home”. My daughter, Cynthia, Was diagnosed with leukemia on June 29, 2005; she was only 22 months.. a Baby! We considered her in the “standard risk” category and she finished her treatments in 2 years, on August 29, 2007. We were beyond happy.. we were going to live cancer free.. she could finally live a “normal” childhood.. go to pre-k, ect. But unfortunately, On October 25, 2007 her doctor called me to tell me that the leukemia was back in her Central Nervous System. Cynthia now is 4 years old. She will have to go through another 2 more years of treatment with radiation. Cynthia’s hair had just begun to grow.. I could put it in a pony tail.. And now her hair fell out again! We spend more time in the hospital, she cannot go to pre-k, and once again are forced to live in a bubble! Yet her soul is bright and alive.. (cancer, chemo) this is all she has known. She is such a strong little girl! So When I heard your song.. It seams to fit “our” story perfect. I have great hopes for her. I look for the day when she is cancer free completley and when she will be able to.. Braid her hair! Thank you so much for choosing this song.. its beautiful and I know soo many people out their can relate to it! Sincerely, Maria Aguirre

braid my hair
by Connie Pfouts
I want to thank the writers and Randy Owen for such a beautiful song. I heard it for the first time 2 weeks ago while I was running. I am training for the Columbus Ohio half marathon with Team in Training. We raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. One of my special hero's is my co-worker's niece who has been battling Leukemia for 2 years. The first picture I saw of her she looks like a little boy because she was just getting her hair back from her chemo treatments. Her uncle and I are both hairstylists so this song even means more to us because we do cuts for Locks of Love. The half marathon is coming up next weekend and every time I run I think of the song and Kelsey. I am hoping to meet her at the finish line and carry her across so she knows we are doing it for her and all the others. Thank you so much for the song, it helps me get through the long runs. God Bless, Connie

james and daddy on myspace.
by marilyn
After one year of treatment James continues to smile. He is loving the attention that he is getting from all his myspace friends and it is proving to be a distraction to all that is involved with fighting cancer. So come and join us and follow his story. We would love to have you as friends.To repost this bulletin hit reply and scroll down. You will see this bulletin with the code for the banner above it. If you copy the code and the bulletin you can then paste it into your bulletin. Alternatively you could copy and paste the code for the banner into your profile and then anyone that visits your page will see it.THANKYOU

U touched our soul
by karen
wow...all i can say is wow....the more i hear this song all i can think..you went past a lot of hearts and touched a lot of souls. I wish i could get you to perform at our walkathon for sunrise day camp..its the first day camp in the nation for childhood cancer kids and their siblings....located in long island ny.......check us out...... www.sunrisedaycamp.org .....thank you for this song....i hear it and see my daughter running and playing in my mind and playing with her wigs. One day she will braid her hair for real.... god bless you now and forever

Braid My Hair
by Mary Spencer
Hi Randy, My friends and I attended all of your Alabama Concerts in Biloxi, Miss, and Hammond,Louisiana in the early 80's. I was one of your biggest fans. I experienced child hood cancer and St. Jude's hospital in the 80's when my Godchild had cancer and his mom was a single mother so I had the opportunity to go with them to the hospital a few times. I want to say that for all that those childern go through they are the happiest little people I have ever seen. He is now 29 years old and doing great. I truly believe without their help he may not be here today. I have seen the mircales that happen at St. Jude's Hospital. I have alway supported them and will continue to do so every chance I get to help them. When my children were little they were always the top winners at school when we sponsored the Math-a-Thon. I now have a beautiful grandson and I pray everyday that he will remain healthy all of his life. You never know what tommorrow brings you but just knowing that there good people like you out there that cares if my family may ever need the help of St. Jude's Hospital make me feel better. Thank you Randy Owens, St.Jude's, and all of the people who donate to help find cures for these children and adults.

Beautiful Song
by Sarah
Today was the first day I heard the song "Braid My Hair". It is such a beautiful song, and brought tears to my eyes. I am a survivor of a childhood cancer called Bilateral Retinoblastoma which is malignant tumors in both eyes. This song just means so much to me, and right after hearing it I called my mom and told her about it and asked her to look for it when whe goes shopping. I was diagnosed in October 1987 with bilateral retinoblastoma when I was six months old. I received 23 radiation treatments to save my life and to slow the growth of the cancer. My doctors consider it a miracle that I have some sight. I thank God everyday for that miracle, and pray that I don't get a second cancer. I have the hereditary form of retinoblastoma and because I received radiation treatments I am at high risk for secondary cancers. I travel to Memphis, Tennessee once a year to see my ophthalmologist/oncologist, Dr. Haik. I have a carepage at carepages.com my carepage is sarahseyes. I am currently a college student, and my plans when I graduate are to work at St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital. It has always been my dream to make a difference for those kids facing cancer like I have. I enjoy writing poetry, singing, drawing, and playing the piano. I have also written a song about my childhood and about children facing what I have. Though nobody has actually heard me sing it, or anything like that. I wish that one day I could actually get it out there, so that people could hear it. I also love the song by Alabama "Angels Among Us". I listen to this song almost every night while falling asleep. It is also a beautiful song, that means so much to me. What you do for the children at St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital is special. I can't wait to work there in a few years.

Braid My Hair
by Kassie Britton
This song touches my heart so much. I am a Pediatric Oncology Nurse at T.C. Thompson's Children's Hospital in Chattanooga, TN. I take care of children with cancer on a daily basis and this song touches the essence of what the precious babies I take care of want to do. They can't wait to go outside and play. They look at us with hair and think that we are abnormal because their normal is seeing people with no hair. It is so funny because the boys don't care that they don't have hair. They say they are started new fads. The girls are the ones that it bothers the most. It makes me so sad to see them have to cut off their hair because it is falling out. The one thing that a majority of the girls wish and pray for is their hair to come back. I hope more people out there hear this song and donate to the locks of love so that these babies can have a wig or a hat with hair so that they feel more confident about themselves. thanks ever so much Kassie Britton, RN

Wiley King - Brain Tumor - St. Jude / ESPN Video
by Stephen King
Here is a link to an ESPN Video of St. Jude and Wiley. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VR41OHDQ4Hs

Wiley King - Brain Tumor
by Stephen King
Randy, Thank You. We have a story. My son's patient number is almost 24,000. And he got that number a little over a year ago. So by now, there are 24,000+ stories for this site. And every one of them touching and special. My son, Wiley, was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor just before Christmas of 2005. He went from a perfectly healthy 16 year old to a St. Jude kid in the blink of an eye. The roller coaster of our life began that Christmas. We almost lost him on December 21. Two major surgeries and many months of ICU got us to the point we were ready for St. Jude. Our local doctors were incredible. They handled the invasive surgeries. They also had Dr. Merchant at St. Jude involved from the very beginning. So when the time was right to start the radiation portion of his treatment, St. Jude was ready for him. Wiley had to have radiation for almost two months. St. Jude made those months possible. The protocol used in the radiation of this tumor was developed by St. Jude. They housed my wife and son for the duration of the treatment. We paid only what our insurance would pay. They billed us for nothing else. Wiley is now 19. He has lost most of his sight. He requires artificial hormone replacement three time a day to stay alive and function daily. But he is alive and with us. St. Jude will continue to watch and study him for 9 more years. They even have his little brother in a study. St. Jude is looking for cures and searching for better treatments. Your support makes this possible. Thank y'all for your support.

by Romy Naughtin Gubin
Dear Randy, Your new song, Braid My Hair, touched me so deeply it makes me cry. My daughter Alicia was diagnosed with Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis, when she was fourteen. She spent the next six years, in and out of Childrens Hospital in Columbus Ohio, undergoing chemotherapy and steroid treatments. My daughters strength, as well as the hope and strength in all those kids and their families, was and still is an inspiration to me. Alicia went into remission finally, when she became pregnant with her son Michael. We have been blessed. A longtime fan, I look forward to the release of your new CD. I hope someday soon, I get to meet you. And tell you face to face, how much your gift of time, love, and music mean to us. Thank you.

by Sharon Piegza
Randy - I was born in Mobile, AL in 1961 - my parents got transfered to San Antonio, TX when Brookly AFB closed in 1968 - my entire life my Dad only wanted to be back home - well life takes it time and he retired at the age of 55 (took early retirement) so he could move back "home" - well by that time by brother and me were out of High School and my Dad was determined NOW we could go HOME. Mom did not want to leave her grown children behind so she would not leave even though we all wanted to come back "home". 2 years ago my dear husband had benn on vacation with our family to "home" Mobile (Dauphin Island) numerous times - he approached me with a transfer that he had found at work - NO pay raise - NO promotion - NO anything - EXCEPT WE would be HOME (his family all lives in San Antonio and he left them all). My Dad got to come "home" for one whole summer and live with us - however the summer of 2007 he passed away - I feel like part of his dream came true (my family moving back to AL - and he got to spend an entire summer with us). However, the minute that he passed all I could think about was the song that you sang that gave us all such great joy all of those years living in Texas - that song was "My Home's in Alabama" - my Dad all us kids loved to sing that song with my Dad at the bar in our house in San Antonio - just longing to come back home. The year you went on your "Farewell Tour" I bought tickets to both performances at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo - however to my total disapointment - you were sick and canceled and we got to see "Reba" - which is OK - but knowing that you guys were retiring was my only dream to see you one last time. (my first time was at "Randy's Rodeo" in San Antonio - if you can even remember that far back). Well with all of that said, I am so happy to know that YOU have decided to make your voice known again to the world. Kids today really need people and a voice you give to encourge them. I want to thank you for all of the memories you have provided me and my family. I would love to have my wish come true of seeing you again "live". Thanks for the memories, Sharon

Samantha wants me to braid her hair
by Joanne R. Lee
Dear Randy, This song just blew me away and made the hair on my arms stand up. HANK YOU!!! My daughter Samantha is 8 years old and has leukemia. She has had little or no hair for the past 2 years and is almost done with her treatment (she has leukemia). She was able to put it into a make shift pony tail the other day and was the happiest I've seen her in so long. We can't wait until we can braid it long and have her feel good and be cancer free!

Karlie's story
by Theresa Spurlin
I want to thank you Randy, for writing this song. It is truely spoken for what these kids go through everyday fighting. The are truely warriors and Heros. I came across the song today(3-30-08) Loved it, bought it. My daughter was diagnosised with Medulloblastoma at 5 1/2 months old. There were many doctors that would not give her a fighting chance. Karlie was not treated at St. Judes but her one oncologist did her training their (i guess if i remember right from a year ago)9 surgeries later from Sept. 2006-March 2008 she is now 22 months old, No central line, no tumor growth for 1 year. We have marked the 1 year point of no treatment and from her two tumor removal surgeries earlier this month. Karlie had to go through 4 rounds of chemotherapy, the lossing the hair, and everything else that goes with this journey at such a young age, and Smiled through it all. Like she thought this was Normal. I follow alot of caring bridge sites, alot of them have some kind of Childhood cancer. These children are truely an inspiration to many people including adults. We need to find a cure for this dreadful disease. Thank you so much for doing this for the children and their families.

my daughter, my hero..my samantha
by Karen Perrone
Mommy it hurts really bad she kept saying it and looked so sad. Her head was hurting and feeling hot. I knew my daughter and this was not the flu. So instead we took her to the hospital and they knew Her white blood cells were very high. Oh no I cried out with a sigh. We knew that day it was not good. No one was in a very good mood Cancer was the word they said. But assured us it did not mean she would be dead. Curable, treatable, with very good odds. We asked everyone to pray to our god. Do not take our Samantha away. Chemo took over our lives each day. Pills, shots and needles became our world Sometimes twice is she got sick and hurled Today she is doing much better She is in school, what a go-getter Soon our lives will change once more As we walk out the hospital door You see our chemo is now done Sammi is my hero my number one. Now we start her five year watch. And hopefully it goes smooth with no catch. Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes. You have our love and all our kisses Please pray for a cure So no child will need chemo anymore By: Karen Perrone Mom of samantha diagnosed at age 2 years 10 months now 10 and 4 1/2 years in full remission acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

by Lyle
Randy, and all those involved with this project. Thank you. My son was treated at St.Jude Children's Hospital for medulloblastoma (www.caringbridge.org/ne/steven). Treatment costs exceeded $500,000 not one penny was billed. His life was spared by God's grace through the people at St.Jude and all those who generously support it's mission. How do you say thank you for that. Much love Lyle and Peggy (Steven's Parents)

javon bass
by lisa redmond
Hello Mr. Owen i am so thankful for what you have done for st.jude. my son Javon has been a patient since ,april of 2003, he was 2 yr old when he first was diagnosed with leukemia. we have completed 3yrs of chemotheapy,june of 2006 he relaspse in his central nervous systems. we had to start over so far we have completed one year of chemo plus radiation to the brain, because chemo can not reach to the brain an radiation can target leukemia in the brain. due to radiation we got the bad side effect of seziures. now that something new we have to watch out for. other than my son is doing great thanks to you.. thank you sooooooooo much for all the hard work you have done for st.jude

Locks of Love Story
by Jeannie Butler
My husband and I have been blessed with three wonderful, healthy, happy children. I told Randy about Haley and her giving her hair to locks of Love twice a total of 26 inches so far and she is ready to give it again. When she was four years old and wore her hair cut in a short little bob when she saw a story on the Maury Povich show about Locks of Love and she said she was going to grow her hair out and give it away to help those sick children. She did and at 8 years old she gave them 14 inches. At eleven she gave them another 12 inches and she just turned 13 and is ready to cut it again. If she gives only 10 inches it will be a total of 36 inches (one yard). She has always been a giving girl with such a good heart. We've never known a child that needed a wig, but Haley has always wanted to help. I'm attaching pictures from Haley's before and after hair cuts. She was born in China and we brought her home when she was 6 months old. The Lord truly blessed her with wonderful thick black shiny hair. I am thankful she can share so other little girls can braid their hair.

A survivor
by Rene Hinkel
My friend and sister in Christ, Heather, is the ultimate survivor. She has endured more than anyone I have ever known but yet she sustains herself and an overcoming power within herself. In 1997 she was aiding her 8 yr. old daughter Brooke who was struggling her 2nd round of cancer. Unfortunately Brooke lost her battle in July 1997. Now she is fighting her own battle with stage 4 breast cancer. She is 38 years old and has endured 3 years of surgeries and treatments. She now has started her 3rd round of chemo. Braid my Hair is something that Heather could relate to. About 3 years ago she lost all of her hair from her initial battle with chemo, she tried the wig and ball cap, but was beautiful no matter. The thing about Heather is that she never stops, she continues thru everything no matter how she feels. She is the get it done mom no matter how she feels. If it needs to get done, she does it. If it’s going on, she is there. No matter what her body tells her, by pure determination of being a mother, she is there. Heather has 3 active children, Brandon 15, Justin 7, and Alexis 5. She tries her best to sustain a normal way of life for her family and does not let cancer get the best of their family life. She aims to survive and get thru life being a part of everything that life allows her. She is blessed to be able to stay at home with their children since the military move from California to North Carolina. She is the soccer mom, the drive the van to basketball mom, help new moms by bringing them dinner, she leads AWANA at church, directs vacation Bible school each year, and all of this she does while on chemo. No matter how she feels, she is still the mom of the house. Her husband will retire from the Army in 3 years and that is one of her survival goals, to retire in Florida, their home state. Heather is currently in the running for America’s Favorite Mom at www.americasfavoritemom.com and is currently in first place. She definitely deserves to win, sometimes I feel exhausted from trying to keep up with my 3 kids and then I just take a minute to think about Heather and her situation and I am able to pull strength from within just by remembering her example.



Caden James
by Jason Lindley
Caden is the 4 year old son of Julie and Justin James of Hartshorne, OK. Caden has neuroblastoma and has undergone treatment for this disease since fall '07. He is currently trying to regain his strength from the bone marrow transplant so he can begin radiation therapy. His reports have been nothing short of a miracle. Those of us who know him and his family place all of the glory with God who has been with Caden, his nurses and doctors, and his family and friends throughout this process. His recovery from the bone marrow transplant has been challenging and until his counts are back to a level the doctors are comfortable with, he can't move on to radiation. This past week, Caden was able to throw out the first pitch for his father's high school baseball team's first home game. As the opposing team sent their leadoff hitter to the plate, know one at the game that day could have known the power of one strike. Caden's smile returned and he has began to eat (a lot) again. It always seems to amaze us when humanity can imitate devinity, but being created in His image should be proof enough that within every heart lies the power of compassion. I'm not submitting this story for notoriety or publicity. Caden has not been treated at ST Jude, he has been at the OU Medical Center in OKC, OK. I just thought it might offer some inspiration to whoever reads it. Thanks to people like Randy Owen who lend their celebrity to help those who have such critical needs.

by Janice Bohannon
On June 15, 2007, three beautiful hot air balloons drifted outside Mama's hospital room window. As my sister and I urged Mama to catch a hot air balloon to heaven, her eyes fluttered and two final teardrops slipped down her face. She took a small breath and Mama was gone. Eight months later, I still feel her soaring somewhere above us in her hot air balloon. She had been in a morphine enduced coma for four days before her death from inflammamtory breast cancer. Mama and Daddy raised six of us kids on the farm in McKinney Tx. We didn't have much money back in those days, but Mama always managed to make life fun for us. She was our best friend and the pain of her loss is still very raw to us all. Mama was a huge supporter of St. Jude's and she called the little children there her little "bald-headed kids". Little did we know that when she passed away she would be bald-headed too. I am so very tenderly touched by "Braid My Hair", as it reminds me so much of the little girl in my Mama. PS My sisters and I followed Alabama all over the Dallas-FT. Worth, Wichita Falls area back in the 80's and 90's and we remain forever two of ALABAMA'S greatest fans!

Aloha from Kona
by The Mersburgh's
Thank you for your beautiful song and on going donation to much needed research for our children. Our daughter Ruth now age 6 was found with stage IV Neuroblastoma at the young age of 4. Her treatment was everything we could do for cancer for about 50% five year event free survival. Through God's provision of a miracle Ruth is cancer free for about 8 months. We give Him all the glory. Thank you for answering the call to help. May God Bless you always. Aloha, Dan, Charlene, Thomas, Rebekah and Ruth Mersburgh

What this song means to me.
by Beverly Delph
What this song means to me, is a song through my heart in so many ways.I once had caner but by gods hands it was gone. This is what this song means to me. I want to say Thank You for singing this song!

Missing Papa
by Jennifer Colvin
I feel very fortunate and at the same time my heart goes out to anyone, especially those who's children suffer from life threatening diseases like cancer. Cancer first hit my family in 1997. My uncle, daddys middle brother, was diagnosed with cancer in January, he passed away on April 3 of that year. It was a difficult, heart wrenching experience and never wanted to go through something like that ever again. For years after that I became a donor for different organizations, especially St. Jude, I even donated my hair to lock-of-love. In 2003 my youngest son was born prematurely, I thought my heart would just break right in two, I prayed and prayed for him to survive, he if four years now and healthy as ever. This experience made me even more aware of others who are not so fortunate, I started growing my hair again! Not knowing what else to do to really make a difference in someone's life. In March of 2007 my dear grandfather was diagnosed with brain cancer. Again I thought my heart was just going to break in two. This was a much harder experience, he was not just my grandfather, he has been like a best friend my whole life. He decided not to have any treatments, he had watched his son go through treatments, they prolonged his life somewhat but the quality was poor. Papa was a proud, strong man and it was very hard to watch him make this decision. Beign selfish I wanted him to take treatment, I just knew he would get better!! I was not finished being his granddaughter yet, there was a lot still to do. But there was nothing I could do but just accept his decision and be there for him. The family really came together, we were all there for him, taking care of him night and day. I did not want to miss one single minute, I wanted to be there for him, he had been there for me for 34 years, I had not done nearly enough to repay him. It was the least I could do to let him know how much I loved him and how much he meant to me. Sadly, we lost him a short ten days later,on my sons tenth birthday, we were all there at his bedside, and it was so peaceful, he never made a sound, as heartbreaking as it was it was also a blessing that he did not have to suffer. I do not regret one minute, and I would do it all over again. I now have a whole new understanding of what some of these people are going through. Our experience was short lived, but will stay with me for the rest of my life. On an ending note, my hair is still growing and almost to my waistline, so in about another inch and a half I once again will donate it to a very deserving little girl or woman who had to give hers up to this awful disease. Then I will start all over again.

Cheyenne's Story
by Theresa ( Cheyenne's Mom )
I just heard " Braid My Hair" today March 13, 2008 as I was driving down 86th St in Indianapolis, IN. I was Heading to the Indiana School for the Blind and Visualy Impaired when the song came on. Listening to it I was thinking about my daughter Cheyenne who is now 12yrs old. She went through all the treatments, hair loss and all after having 80% of her Brain Tumor removed at the age of 6. This song hits home in a huge way. The more I listened the more I thought about her which made me cry all that much more. Cheyenne's brain tumor left her blind and wearing leg braces. She had to over come many hurdles along her way. I'm just glad that she is still with us. To me she is my real life angel, & my hero. I wish I could write a song for her or about her but I can't find the words. So far you and Sherree Austin have. The both of you have put my thoughts, & Cheyenne's Story into the perfect words. I Thanks you all for that. I know you will be here in Indiana in April to preform at the WFMS Country Music Expo. I Wish I could take Cheyenne up to Indianpolis to hear you sing "Braid My Hair". Thanks for being an "Angel Among US"!!!!

Presly Lykins (my grandaughter)
by Sandy Beach
Presley is a special little girl she is 3yrs old now..but in her 3yrs she has been through 2 heart surgerys one of those a 11 days old. and had a kidney removed at 3 months old..takes a shot everyday until she is 17yrs old just so she will grow to be maybe 5ft tall.But I learn from her everyday,she looks at everything with such god felt spirt.I didn't realize how much I took for granted until she recevied her first pair of glasses,she had not been able to see much more than 3ft infront of her.Then WoW it was like the whole world opened up.For the first time in 2yrs she could see birds,trains,bugs on the sidewalk,flowers from the porch ect..but when I had to set down and explain the lyrics to Braid My Hair! I truly new she was someone special that god has sent to do good things for people..she has more surgerys still to come, but is a brave little girl.Thank you for such a GREAT SONG ! she sings it everyday more than once.and tells everyone who will listen she's gonna sing on stage with Randy Owen.

by Betty
I have a 4 year old granddaughter Savanna. Her 1 year old brother had Neuroblastoma when she was born. That is a cancerous tumor in several spots in his body. Grandpa and myself got close to Savanna helping her older sister of 10 and her dad take care of the home and Savanna's care during the long treatments in the hospital for Caden. Caden's 2 year bout with cancer treatment was successful and he was in remission. We headed for Florida to retire. Phone calls back and forth assured us Caden and entire family doing well. Christmas of 2006, Savanna - little 3 year old was diagnosed with Leukemia. The rooms we all visited throughout 2005 were again this family's second home. Nurses remembered Savanna being born, doctors recalled the family....not so long ago hearing the sad news of cancer. Not fair....nope......tragic, yep......however we are so grateful Caden is doing well and Savanna with her courageous mom and dad is in her 2nd year of treatment and is doing great. I am so proud of my daughter's resilience and coping abilities. She sang in the Choir musical the month she found out about Savanna. We as a family thank God daily, appreciate our ability to pray and love this song "Braid My Hair". I pray for Miranda Beamer on her website for her Ewing's Sarcoma and admire the parents and families that keep enduring the sadness that accompanies the words "your child has cancer". Thank you for your compassion in recording sensitive material like this. An excellent job. Savanna had "Songs Of Love" and organization that creates songs for children with cancer, well they did an excellent job. A smile, a humming voice, light shining in her eyes, brought on by music. Thank You.

What this song means to me.
by Beverly Delph
This song means alot to me becase I know what the little girl went though.  I had cancer once but by gods hands the caner was going.

Hope for our Claire-Bear
by Liz Devins
Our 3 year old daughter Claire was diagnosed with a very rare brain cancer in Nov. 2006. After receiving little hope at our local children's hospital we sought help at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Upon our first contact with St. Jude we were told "there is always hope". This is a statement we've come to hold tight to. Claire was treated at St. Jude for 6 months & was cancer free until in Jan. 2008 when an MRI showed that her cancer is back. Although we live in California & must fly to St. Jude in Memphis every 2 weeks for treatment we can't imagine Claire being treated anywhere else. At St. Jude they don't only treat the cancer they treat the hearts & souls of patients & families. We don't know what the future holds for Claire but with the help of God & St. Jude we are remaining hopeful. We've learned that hope is God given & not something that can be taken by any human being. There is always something to be hopeful for. We had the pleasure of being entertained by Mr. Owen last year at a St. Jude event. We're so grateful for the amazing support he gives to St. Jude. The song "Braid My Hair" is one I sit and listen to over & over again. Claire is so proud of what hair she does have now & commented to me that "I think I'm ready for braids, mommy!" I dream of a future with Claire & someday braiding her long brown hair.

My Mom
by Michelle Burtner
When I was in eigth grade my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She started doing all of her therapy like the radiation and the Kemo therampy. It was hard at first for my whole family, but when she lost her hair I couldn't even look at my own mother for a couple of days. It got worse though she had a lot of trobles with the ports she had. She ended up in the hospital a few times. There was one time that they tought she was going to die because her white blood cell count was very low and she couldn't function correctly. But she is now a two year survivor and lives to tell the very interesting/emotional story of her life. I LOVE MY MOM with all my heart and she is my HEROC!!

My Son
by Eva
This song hit a familiar spot in my heart. My son had leukemia when he was 7. I am happy to say he is 18 now. While he didn't go to St Judes, we went to Cardinal Glennon Childrens Hospital in St Louis MO, The strength these sick children have is amazing. I have always said that I got through those years because of the strength I got from my son! God Bless each and everyone who's lives has been touch by cancer. Those kids are the real heros!!

A leader at my church had lung cancer. Never smoked or anything to harm her lungs. Soon enough she died unexpectedly. She had to kids and a husband. Very sad

My Child
by Julie Coleman
Coby is my 15 year old daredevil dealing with a cancerous brain tumor which is terminal. One day he was perfectly healthy, the next day he was critically ill. As I listened to this song, it helped me put things into order of importance in his eyes. We take day by day and hope there is a tomorrow. That is what all of us need to realize in life. We must be thankful for each moment. The physicians told us to go make memories. That is exactly what we are doing. Prior to getting sick, he raced motorcross competitive. We felt that we had two families. The community that we live in and the families that allow their children to race motocross. The out pour of geniune love is continuously shown to our family. He is a fighter. When we told Coby what was wrong, we gave him a choice. The choice to fight or the choice to give up. His fight has went beyond what the physicians realized. We are a little over a year and he is still taking chemo. His memory is coming back to us. At one point, he lost most of his memory short term and long term. Thank you for looking into a child's eye to allow the world to glimpse misery, strength, hope, and love.

Braid My Hair
by Mary Douglass
Dear Randy........My daughter is employed at St. Jude's and thank God sent me by Email your compassionate, caring song....I cried and then prayed that God would give more people the love you have for these children....in my eyes, you are a gift from God, and a gift to your public. If this song, so beautifully done by you, doesn't touch the hardest of hearts, I truly don't know what will... Mary Douglass, Frederick, Maryland.

About My Little Girl
by adrianna610@yahoo.com
Hi, my name is Shena Boley. My daughter adrianna Leslie has A.L.L she was diagniosed in June of 07.  We are doing fine. Your song is the most beautiful thing i heard. you are a pray to all of us that are going throw this. i just wont you to know how much we appreciate what you do for all of the children at ST. JUDE. thank you!

Chloe's Story
by Denise Davis
My granddaughter was diagnosed with cancer at 18 months. If not for St Jude and all the prayers she could not have made it. She just celebrated her 5th birthday and I am happy to say I can finally braid her hair. This song touched me so much. It had to be written for Chloe. If you go to the St Jude website and click on your picture for Country Cares,you will see her picture on the header. She is the fouth child in the picture. No hair then but now she has lots to braid. Thanks again for the song.

Country Cares
by Christy Browder-Graves
I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Randy Owen during this year's kick off of Counrty Cares for Kids at St. Jude Childrens Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. My daughter was diagnosed with (ALL) Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in late November 2007. My daughter (Alexandria) is honestly the strongest 7 year old I have ever known seeing what she goes through every day. Mr. Owen was one of the most polite, compassionate, devoted and caring man I have ever met. He took time out of his busy life to meet some of the children at St. Jude and their parents. He actually made you feel like a person and talked to the children like they were normal and not living with a death sentence. He actually asked all of the right questions and didn't rush off. He really listened to all they had to say.He was more than happy to take pictures and sign autographs for the kids. Thank You Mr. Owen for making that a memorable day for my daughter and because of your song and my daughter I went the following week and cut all of my hair off and donated it to locks of love. You are a wonderful man with an enormous heart, Keep up the good work!!

Our Family,Our Angels
by Stacy Nerison
Hey, My name im Stacy (McGill) Nerison. Im 24 and im from Laurel, Mississippi. To be honest I have not heard your new single and im sorry, Im sure its wonderful. U know everyone has gone threw something in their life that they wish they could change or relive and even find a cure for but its not always that easy. My Family has been threw alot in the past 5/6 years. I lost my little cousin Bradly Johnson in a car wreck about 2 years ago, He was only 16. A few years before that I lost my Great Uncle Travis Johnson to a horrible sickness. My Uncles daughter Sharon Johnson has been fighting cancer about 2 years also, We almost lost her as well. My best friend was killed in a motorcycle accident almost 2 years ago. My Mom has gone trew surgery after surgery and was told she would be on a walking stick by the age of 40, She is now 48 and going strong. My point is that no matter what problems we have and no matter how tuff you think it is, as long as you believe in GOD you will always make it threw. It might not be the way you want but GOD knows best. Im always singing your song Angels Among Us. Whether they believe it or not, Everyone has Angels watching over them during the good times and the bad. I didnt put this story up just to be read, to win anything or to be laughed at, but to be heard, GOD works in mysterious ways. My Uncle Travis always talked about his Nephew this and his Nephew that and on and on. I was little and couldn't remember the nephews name. I was just sitting here watching CMT and got a glance of you. I called my Aunt up and she said that you were my Uncles Nephew. That explains why you look and sound so much like him. Am I right? That GOD does work in many mysterious ways. So if you will Please keep our Cousin Sharon Johnson in your prayers that she will have Faith in GOD and will over come this cancer she has. Thank You for listening and May GOD Bless you and your Family.

For the girls
by Randy Brundridge
Monday, 2-25-08. I was sitting outside Barnes-Jewish/Washington University Medical Centers in St. Louis - partly because I had work to do and partly because I was too cowardly to accompany my daughter and wife in the doctor's office. My youngest daughter's oncologist had referred us to a group of specialists in St. Louis from Springfield, MO. I heard "Braid My Hair" for the first time and was overwhelmed with emotions. I was reminded of all of the difficulties my older daughter had gone through. I remembered the stares received during the long periods she wore a mask while in public. I thought of all of the times I had sat and prayed during the treatments that first she, then my wife, and now my youngest daughter had gone through. I thought of all the special people we continue to meet as treatments continue every three weeks. I hope that the success of this new song leads to improved awareness. It is very difficult to connect with the physical and emotional pain that individuals with severe illnesses go through. Being respectful of others however, is something that all of us can learn to be.

Noah's Curly Blonde Locks
by Amanda Sowder
In August of 2006, our 18 month old son, Noah, was diagnosed with Stage 3 Neuroblastoma. We were horrified. You never think it is going to happen to you, and then "Bam," it does. I know it is usually not as big a deal for boys to lose their hair, but our son had gorgeous curly blonde locks. The first day I noticed his hair coming out we were in the car with my dad. I was talking about how much I was going to miss his hair when my dad said hey listen to this. Randy Travis' big hit came on "But honey, I dont care, I'm not in love with your hair, And if it all fell out well I'd love you anyway....I'm gonna love you forever, forever and ever Amen." It made me realize that everything was going to be okay. I think I feared his hair falling out more than anything because it confirmed for me that he was really sick and I was not just dreaming. We were really living this nightmare. That song made me realize all that mattered was that Noah was going to be okay. I know that your song is going to impact somebody just the same way. I am sure it already has. It is beautiful and moving. I am glad that there is an entire song devoted to childhood cancer. Now, I don't have to pull lines from a Randy Travis song to make it apply to our children. Ironically, I was donating to "Locks of Love" once a year before my son ever got sick. Now that we are at the hospital all the time, I see little girls who don't have hair. They compensate with jewelry and fancy shoes. I know this song will mean so much to them, and especially their parents, who long to see them grow up and have braided hair! Thank You!

Taegan's song
by Tammy Strain, KY
Randy, I have just heard "Braid My Hair" for the first time with my daughter, Taegan. She is now a healthy 8-year-old. When she was 3, she was diagnosed with leukemia and I thought my world was goling to end. Taegan received treatment at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital and she is now living a normal life after 2.5 years of treatment. Her faith in God was and still is an inspiration to me. When we listened to this song, she kept telling me, "Remmeber when I wanted to run and have hair to braid?" This song echoes Taegan's life while she was in treatment. She now wants to be a doctor because of what she has been through. We would both love to meet you someday. I grew up listening to you sing, but this is my favorite. We go to church with the writer of this song and are so thankful that you have recorded "Braid My Hair." Thanks for all you do with St. Jude.

The Early Days
by Mike Jones
Hey Randy, I was just watching the Grand Ole Opry and saw you and thought, "WOW", it was 1981 and I was a 22 year old disc jockey when "Feels So Right" had just come out. I worked for a 500 Watt sun up, sun down radio station in Bowie, Texas. I knew you were playing at a small club called "The Ranch" in Muenster, Texas and I had been running some spots. Well, I left out early one morning to the station that was about 50 miles away and as I drove down US Hwy 82 in Gainesville where I lived, I saw your bus. I stopped at the 12 Oaks Motel, not exactly the Ritz and I asked the person at the desk what room you guys were in. Back then, they would tell you. It's 5:00 A.M. and I knock on your door. You guys had been driving all night from Hendersonville and had gotten in, in the middle of the night. Jeff came to the door, all you guys were in your underwear and were half asleep. I told him my story and he took me down to the bus "The Bellamy Brothers" old tour bus and we cut radio spots for my station which I still have today. Ed Bruce's daughter was the T Shirt girl and I was in heaven at the concert. It was only a week or two when you were named CMA Vocal Group of the Year. I left radio in 1983 as I was also an Auctioneer and here we are 27 years later, I have spent my time in the auction industry, been the President of the National Auctioneers Association (2004-05), 1998 International Auctioneering Champion, 1995 Texas State Champion, 1995 Texas-Hall of Fame etc. You get the picture. I own the Texas Auction Academy training school in Dallas, and I'm the President of United Country Auction Services in Kansas City, Missouri. The NAA's designated charity is St. Jude. We raise about $750,000 to $800,000 a year working with Joe Haggar of Haggar Clothing fame, one of the original board members of St. Jude with Danny Thomas. Last Novemeber, we hooked up with Charlie Daniel's to raise money for SJ before he had to get back to Nashville to do the Grand Ole Opry Gospel album. The NAA is having their national convention in Nashville this summer. I would love to work with you to raise money for St. Jude. I do events for St. Jude all over the country, and I would love to do an event with you. From the meager beginnings as a small town dairy farm boy working at a radio station to working at a billion dollar nationwide company, I am here to serve St. Jude and you if I can help. You can check me out at www.mjauctions.com ...go to "Stars In The Industry" and there is a video on the home page. Also, I raise money for Scottish Rite Children's Hospital, Boys & Girls Clubs, American Heart Association and The American Cancer Society. My email is mikejones@unitedcountry.com. Oh, by the way, I never got an autograph but would rather take a picture with you anyway. Take care and God Bless...good luck with the solo career. We'll be on row 1 or 2. Mike Jones, President, United Country Auction Services. mikejones@unitedcountry.com

Malcom Dakota Brundidge
by Holley Brundidge
My first time hearing the song was today (2-26-08). I was driving home from school, I live in Opp Alabama and go to school in Dothan Alabama and I was on the stretch of road between Daleville and Enterprise, Alabama and the song came on and it sent chills over my body. I began to cry as I thought about my son. I know the song is about a little girl, but my little man may have felt or feels the same way. His name is Malcom Dakota Brundidge, aka Dee, he is 8 years old now, but when he was 2 he was diagnosed with brain cancer(anaplastic Oligodendroglioma) grade 3, well he had 2 brain surgeries and did a year of chemo (PVC) and as he began kindergarten the cancer came back, so he had to have another craniotomy followed by 33 rounds of high dose brain radiation and 18 months of high dose Temodar Chemo. The Doctor's in Birmingham Alabama where we go are GREAT!!! They never use the word remission though and that hurts. He had to go to the doctor in Dec 2007 and they told us not to come back until May 2008 for a 6 month check. Do you know how that feels. We make the 3-plus hour ride one way so much I could not believe they said come in 6 months that seems like an eternity but it feels great also. I get scared thinking about it but back to the song. I can think that my son feels like that. He has been off and on medication since he was 2 and he is 8 now. His father and I want him to have the world!!! He plays Tiny Mite football (his dad is the head coach for the city league) with a special helmet (they won the Super Bowl this year) he plays minor league baseball (dad coaches) because he ain't old enough for Little League and he is SO happy. He does however wear a hat everyday to school because the radiation burned his head so bad the hair will not grew back in that spot and some kids can be mean and he is self conscious about it. He says during the summer time "will my hair ever grow back so I don't have to wear a hat?" I grew the rest of his hair longer so we try to cover the spot on the back of his head about the size of a hand. We have 5 kids so all the kids has/HAD to go through this with him. (we like to use HAD) It affected us all. It is/was hard but GOD brought us through it. There is truly POWER IN PRAYER!!! I can go on and on but I just wanted you to know how touched I was as a mother, this song is wonderful. I have work with Children's Hospital on many Fund raisers like the Curing Childhood Cancer Car Tags in Alabama. I would love to have a Music Jam that raised money for Cancer research sort of like they did in the 80's for AIDS in South Africa. Children are our future and people hate to associate cancer with children but it happens everyday. I try to speak about it at local Relay For Life's and help people see that kids don't always realize the fear in cancer and they are better able to over come. Older people associate cancer and death and they should not, we NEVER use the "D" word! God chooses his people for certain missions in life and to be affected by cancer whether it be your child or not is part of a higher purpose and God will not put things on you that you can not handle just remember to ALWAYS keep faith. God grants Doctors the ability and know how to take care of us so just believe. Please check out our son's web site at caringbridge.org go to classic pages hit Al then type dakotabrundidge (all small letters with no spaces) thank you all! Sincerely Holley Brundidge in Opp Alabama mother of Malcom Dakota Brundidge aka Dee a true hero, my hero and a SURVIVOR!!!!!

My Dave W/Lou Gerigs
by Vickie McDonald
Hi Randy, I am Vickie McDonald from Michigan. I support your cause with St. Judes as well as Cancer Society, AHA (as i am a heart patien). The Kidney foundation (i have Renal failure also) only to mention a few. I want to thank you so very much for your song "Braid My Hair." it is beautiful and so very true of terminal illness. My nephew David, I lost last year to Lou Gerigs. At 43 he was my Gental Giant. At 6ft 6in and 280 lbs he went down to 130 before he passed. To watch someone die that is your whole life is so very hard to do. Im gratefull to you for standing up for the terminaly I'll and being a voice and a spokes person for them. "Braid My Hair" is so very true of a person with a terminal illness to just want to be able to just LIVE life. We all can learn from you and your unconditional love and care for others. My prayers to you, Kelly and children. Thank you for being an inspiration in my life. PS. I miss the cool hair cut you had in 41 hits! :) made you look great..

St. Jude
by Shirley Lockhart
I had the honor and privilege of seeing Randy at the St. Jude Gayla in Memphis in 07, as he and a group of children sang Angles Among Us. My granddaughter got her picture made with him. I thought it was a very toughing moment. But never have I ever been so touched as last night, Feb., 23, when I heard Randy sing Braid My Hair. Not only will this song be a great hit, but I think everyone who hears it will want to be more kind and more understanding to others, especially those less fortunate. We hope to be a part on the 08 St, Jude Gayla. Nothing would go over better than hearing children sing Braid My Hair. Randy is a man among men. Thank God for him.

by Diana Glisson
I have a little friend in St. Jude's. Her name is Kara Lee and she just turned 4. She has cancer and is waiting on a bone marrow transplant from her twin sister Lauren. When I heard your song on the Opry I cried. Just thinking of her and her twin sister really made the song hit home. If you ever get there I think their picture is hangind in a lobby somewhere. Please stop to see her if you have time. Her website is (karaglee.net) if you get a chance to read about her. I know you are busy but she is so special, just take a minute to see her precious face. She hads lots of friends and family praying for her in Indiana and Tennessee. Thanks for your time. Diana Glisson in Connersville, Indiana.

Brittany's Fight
by Brittany Mathews
In November of 1990 when I was 13 months old I went in for a surgery to have my webbed fingers, a condition I had been born with, repaired. The surgery was over before it began. Routine blood test revealed that my blood counts were at life threatening levels. I was rushed to UNC Children’s Hospital. Following a battery of test and 3 different diagnoses, doctors diagnosed me with an extremely rare disorder called Evans Syndrome. The dim outcome was explained to my parents, they were told that in the cases they had found none of the children lived 30 days after they were diagnosed. My strength pulled me through and I beat the odds. I had my cleft pallet, I had been born with, repaired when I was 7 years old and have had years of speech therapy so that I can communicate clearly. When I was 10 doctors found I had no immune system and diagnosed me with Common Variable Immune Deficiency. There is currently no cure for either of my illnesses. Because of my Evans Syndrome I recently had to undergo Vincristine and Rituxan treatments both forms of chemotherapy on top of my Immunoglobulin treatments that I already received and still receive every 3 weeks. I underwent my first round of chemo right as I was getting ready to go to my first prom and my hair began coming out very quickly and by prom I had very little left but my hairstylist I went to attempted the best she could to do something with the little hair that I had. Being 17 years old and loosing my hair was very hard. Emotionally I was staying strong even though deep down I was mortified by what was happening to me. I lost almost all of my long curly brown hair that flowed all the way down my back that I had received compliments on all the time. I cried quite a bit but never asked why me because I have always known since I was very little that God had a special plan for me. My all time favorite song since I have been little has been “ Angels Among Us” I know every word to it and it has been my rock in a way, whenever I get really down and out I play that song and it reminds me that he is watching and I have more people with me than I know. “Braid my hair” is such a powerful song I got chills when I heard it because it sounded so much like something I would have told someone when I was younger. One part that really hits home is the verse that talks about the young girl cutting her hair so that a wig can be made for another young child. Because when I was 7 I cut my hair for the same reason not knowing that 10 years later I would be in the position I was. I plan to cut my hair again after it grows out long enough so that maybe I can keep another young girl from experiencing some of the pain I did. Thank you Mr. Travis for writing and singing this song and shining a light on the true strength of the kids who are going through chemotherapy and other treatments every day.

Braid My Hair
by Christina
Randy I want you to know that your song has touched all of my family. This song hits close to home because my cousin is fighting terminal brain cancer. All the things you say in the song is things that she told us she is going to do. She is confined to a wheelchair but she keeps telling us that she is going to walk again. She is in Winchester, Va. hospital right now, and has been in since last Tuesday, February 19. At that time it looked as if the end was near, but being the strong girl she is, it looks like she will be coming home tomorrow the 26th. She has fought this tumor for almost two years and when she was first diagnosed in April 2006 she was given a year to 18 months to live, and as you can see she is not about to give up now.

Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma
by Louis Gentile
Your song "Braid My Hair" touches me in many ways. When I first heard you sing that song on The Grand Ole Opry on "Opry Live" on GAC-TV I cried. I am 49, my name is Louis, and I'm going though Chemotherapy for 8 weeks now. The out look for me is good but getting stuck bye a needle each week is painful. I thank the nurse's who, each week, help me with putting the needle in and giving the drugs to help me get my Lymphoma under contol. When I went to the super market, I had to wear a mask and when you get Chemotherapy you see the many faces of people of all ages getting chemotherapy. My hair is not going to fall out, only some of it has fallen out so far. I just wanted to share my story. Louis

Karagin Udall
by Marci Horton
Randy your song "Braid My Hair" was passed on to me through an email of a mother and a father who has a 11 year old girl that has Leukemia. Karagin was diagnosed with Leukemia two years ago. She went into remission for one year. Then last, about 9 months ago she relapsed. She is now at City of Hope. She had a bone marrow transplant and is going through engraftment. She is having alot of pain in her abdomen. I don't know where you live or what your schedule is but I do know that if you could visit her she would love it and I know her Mom Sherri and her Dad Todd would love it too. I don't have the address of City of Hope but if you could visit her I could get it for you. I know her mom Sherri really was touched by your song. I was. Love In Christ, Marci Horton Email: Angelbear333@sbcglobal.net

Chelsea Musick
by Steve H
Chelsea Music is a young talented country singer who also supports songsforthecure.org She is only 14, but is so talented and has done so much to help benefit children with cancer. She is on myspace http://www.myspace.com/chelseamusick She could easliy be the next Leann Rimes or Taylor Swift, she's that good and is using her talent for this excellent cause. Randy, can you help her get signed at a record label?

Cancer Challenge
by Jeff Brazzeal
Randy, I just saw your performance of "Braid My Hair" on the Grand Ole Opry. The reason for my note is this song had a very special meaning to me as it obviously does to you. I've been involved with the largest fund raiser in our state for many years, "The Cancer Challenge". Over the past fifteen years we have raised over $7.1mm dollars for healthcare organizations in Northwest Arkansas to support services and programs designed around the early detection, prevention, diagnosis, research and treatment of cancer. Our event takes place this year from June 19th-21st. I would like to get you involved in some way. I can only hope this e-mail is shared with you. If you or someone on your staff would like to reach me, you can contact me at (479) 366-5600. Also, you can find more information about our organization at thecancerchallenge.com. Best Regards, Jeff Brazzeal

by Chadd Jarnagin
Hi Randy, Im Chadd Jarnagin from Whitesburg,Tn, Im a former patient of St.Jude Hospital. From 1972 to 1988, I had acute lemphositic leukemia, hope I spelled that right, I have a lot of other complications now, but God healed me from cancer. I have lupus, fibromyalgia, diabetes, arthritis, and some other problems now. I wanted to thank you for all you have done through the past years to help St.Jude Hospital and thank you for continuing to help the children and me also. I sent you a letter to the fan club when you were with Alabama a few years ago but never heard from you. I thought id let you know about me being a former patient and im in a study trying to help others by sending information to them about things im still having problems with so it might help other patients of St.Jude Hospital. I hope one day we can meet and talk, i'd really like to meet you. Im 38 now, i was 3 when i first started at St.Jude Hospital. If you ever find the time and can give me a holler sometime, I know you are really busy a lot, but that has been a dream of mine so I can thank you in person hopefully one day soon. God bless you and thanks a million Randy.

Braid My Hair
by Dan Yakel
Randy i just heard your song on CMT tonight and my hat is off to you guys donating the money to St. Judes hospital for the kids. I am a Shriner from Illinois, and there is a bunch of us guys and our ladies that go to St. Louis every Christmas orning and donate gifts for the kids. Glad to have you back. Need more people like us, that makes a differance to the kids.

Alyssa Mae Smith
by Jo Little
This little 6 year old girl is my best friend's granddaughter. She was diagnosed with luekemia a month ago and has been in Salt Lake Childrens Hospital for treatment. I have been so amazed at the strength and courage of this little girl! I'm a 50+ year old and can't even fathom going through the pain and fear of such a terrible disease yet this tiny little girl is so brave and complains so little. Alyssa isn't doing so well right now so I'm asking you and everyone out there to pray, do whatever it takes to help this little angel get well fast. I talk to her grandma "Babba" often to give her encouragement, and read her progress on carepages.com, cry,pray,and try to understand why such a terrible thing can happen to such a beautiful innocent child. "Braid My Hair" made me cry but at the same time made me feel so good. I hope it helps others feel better as well. Thank you for this, and again please everyone pray for Alyssa!

A dream to touch the heart
by Katie
Randy I was in the middle of writing an e-mail to a friend in regards to how my mother's battle with cancer is going when your new single came on the radio, and I began to sob. Not only do I completely understand the pain and anguish of cancer, I also have this passion deep inside for kids. I think they are amazing gifts from God and I was just brought to tears. Your song matches a dream I have to make people aware of the battle we are fighting as humans an the importance of encouraging those kids to dream and think about growing up even the simple parts of growing up. About two years ago I had an idea (I am a photographer) to gather Kids fighting cancer and find out what they wanted to be when they grew up whether it be a doctor or a ballerina and take black and white pictures of them with the real thing in the appropriate environment and outfits. I want to give those kids the chance to dream that and at the same time allowing there families and this world see their dreams beyond the cancer. I can see the photos in my head. I have yet to do this it is still a dream of mine but my resources were so limited (they still are a little)I will do it though it might take time but I will and this song will push me and I think it's something that I will carry with me for oh so long (forever). I don't know if anyone has the resources but if you do or if anyone reading this does I would love it if the posted a reply to this story. I know that my mom is a grown up but she still dreams of braiding her hair again.

Braid My Hair
by Sal Parisi
We are friends with two different families who both have little boys that have been fighting cancer for the past couple years. It has been an amazing experience to ride the dramatic and painful rollercoaster of lives on the edge. The boys have been so incredibly strong through so much pain. I want to send out a huge thank-you to Randy's mother for listening to Brent and Gary's song. And Randy, thank-you for listening to your mother. Brent, thanks to you and Gary for letting God inspire you to write this beautiful song. May God continue to touch and bless your efforts.

Braid My Hair
by Faith Hopper
Hi Randy, I have been an Alabama fan since 1981. Your music has touched so many areas of my life. Now, your new song has brought back memories of a very special young woman I met in the early 1990's. I am a physical therapist and was working with young children. I was seeing a preschooler that was born with spina bifida and was paralyzed from the waist down. This little girl had an older brother and an older sister. After a few visits in their home, the mother shared with me that the older girl had been fighting brain cancer. She was treated at St. Jude's and was in remission. Through the months, I became very close to both these girls. The young teenager, named Chatta, was so vibrant and had big plans for her life. She never complained about the fact her hair never grew back. She was given a beautiful, long curly wig by a local salon, and Chatta wore it proudly. Sadly, it wasn't long that Chatta's cancer returned, now in her stomach. She was not given good odds. I was involved with an organization called Wish Upon a Star that granted wishes to children with life threatening illnesses. Chatta was granted a wish, and had chosen a family vacation. But before the trip could be taken, Chatta's health deteriorated. She was not able to travel. Chatta then decided upon a shopping trip. And she asked if I would be the sponsor to share her wish. We had such a great time; a teenager and $5ooo to spend in one afternoon! A local television station asked Chatta's permission to follow her on her wish and of course she was happy to oblige. So, here we were running all over this mall with a film crew in tow. Chatta was hamming it up. At one point, she had been trying on all sorts of clothes and had become hot. She exited the dressing room to check out an outfit in the mirror, and she wasn't wearing her wig. All of a sudden the reporter asked the photojournalist to quickly turn off the camera. She didn't want to make Chatta uncomfortable. Chatta laughed and told them she had no problem being seen, or filmed, with her shiny head!!! We all got a good chuckle. Chatta passed on a few months later. Her determination to live every minute that was given her truly touched me. And because of her, I have tried to take more time to really enjoy my life each day, not just weekends, vacations, etc. In her memory, I became a monthly friend of St. Jude's. "Braid My Hair" expresses that joy for the daily, simple pleasures we take for granted.

It is great!!!!
by Melissa
The song "Braid My Hair" Has touched so many people lives!! Thanks for a great song and also thanks for making a song that touches everybody's life!!! I'm so glad you have made a diffrence in peoples life with cancer and without!! Thanks again for the best song!!!!!!!!

Chloe Mireille Fuller
by Miranda Fuller
This song brings me to tears for it is the story of my Daughter's life these last 18 months. In August 2006 she was diagnosed with a rare bone marrow disease called "Severe Aplastic Anemia". It is similar to Leukemia but instead of cancer cells her own immune system was killing her bone marrow & destroying the various blood cells she needed to live. She had various treatments, none of them worked. Then in May 2007 she received a life saving bone marrow treatment. The ten days prior to that treatment she received rigorous chemotherapy treatments. Before being admitted in May for the transplant she cut her hair off and donated it to "Locks of Love". She had beautiful long hair down to her waist. It is now growing back just as beautiful. The transplant has seemed to work and she is just now having minor setbacks. This week is exactly 18 months since our journey began. In the fall she will be hopefully able to start Kindergarten. This disease has taken about 2 years of her life away... her prayers have been answered thus far & hopefully they continue to be.

St. Jude's/Braid My Hair
by Shari Goetz
I live in New Iberia, LA and I have a 6 year old daughter that goes to a Catholic school where one of her classmates, a little boy (Luke David), has cancer and has been going to St. Jude off and on for the last year or 2 that I know of. My daughter is in Luke's kindergarten class this year and they e-mail him when he's at St. Jude's, and they send him hand-made cards and things like that when he's there. The last I heard on Luke was that his tumor had grown since the last scan that was done in November 2007, but the doctors didn't want to do another surgery on him quite yet. Because of his treatments, Luke has lost his hair and my daughter is growing her hair out. She decided this after seeing Luke lose his hair and she wants to grow her hair and then cut it and give it to Luke so that he can have hair again like the rest of the kids in their class. They even had a little boy in my daughter and Luke's class that shaved his head and then e-mailed pictures of himself with no hair to Luke while he was at St. Jude's and told him that now they were like twins! It's amazing to see what such young kids understand and comprehend and want to do to help others in need. When my daughter told me that she wanted to grow her hair long and then cut it when it got long enough so that she could give it to Luke just floored me! It's wonderful to see such kindness and loving concern from such young kids for each other.


Miss Summer Thompson
by Perry L. Williams
Randy, thanks for this precious song and for everything you do for young cancer patients. The ten-year-old daughter of a good friend in Calhoun county Alabama was diagnosed with AML (leukemia) in 2006. Summer may only be ten, but Randy, she's such a courageous and inspirational young lady. She's inspired me with her courage, her faith, charm, and a beaming bright smile which never seems to leave her face; Summer is my hero. Every time I hear this song, it brings tears to my eyes; the words remind me so very much of Summer and her precious young friends in Alabama who face cancer with a courage far greater than mine. Again, thanks Randy; thanks for this song and for caring. God bless you!!

Want to Share a Montage
by Angie Tate
After hearing your song I felt I needed to make a montage (will send thru the other link if possible) of my friend's daughter Kennedy. Renee and I met through a Down Syndrome group...both of our girls are blessed with a 21st chromosome. Kennedy is now in remission from Leukemia and doing well....your song touched the depths of my heart. I have truly always loved you and this just gives my heart an even bigger boost!

Randy at Myrtle Beach
by Holly Nichols
Was fortunate to see Randy this past weekend at Myrtle Beack (FRONT ROW). ALL his music touches me, but "Braid My Hair" and the song he wrote 911 really touched me. I lost my mom (38) to cancer when I was 16 and am now watching a 38 year "young" girlfriend battle breast cancer. Randy's song gives me hope, inspiration and courage. THANK YOU RANDY. And thank you for a wonderful show at Myrtle Beach and especially taking time for us following the show. It was like seeing the Randy of years past: energetic, wide-open, friendly, happy, relaxed and oh yes, SEXY and handsome. (some things NEVER change!). It was a show I will not soon forget! Love from Mount Airy!

Myrtle Beach Concert
by Joan Lambert
I too was at the concert this past weekend. My emotions over came me several times. It's the words to the songs, as so many of them seem to relate to my personal feelings, it's the fact that you have this wonderful man, without security, mixing with the fans, shaking their hands and allowing them to give him a hug; a man who paused his song just to listen to a fan's story. A man who isn't ashame to talk and sing about his belief, and who through his work, shows that he has one of the biggest hearts of all mankind. For me, the concert was like sitting in a good church service. I was filled to the brim...with admiration, with love, and with the thankfulness that through Randy, so many children can, and will, be helped. Thank You Randy.

by Shelty
I love the song it reminds me of my little sister Vanessa. She was dxs April 6,1987 with Acute mylougenous leukemia and became an angel Sept.26 1987 at the age of 8.

Myrtle Beach Concert
by Sherry Scalise
This was a concert that truly touched my heart. Not only was Randy a fantastic success, interacting with the crowd and singing all of the old favorites but the emotion and feeling that he shared with all of us was something rare and wonderful. I walked away with such a wonderful feeling for the man and his music. It was so much the same and yet so different. This was a different man in many ways and an inspiration to all of us. We in Myrtle Beach are so very proud of him and want for him to know that we think he is an awesome man. Thank you Randy for sharing your soul, it touched my heart and it touched my soul

I Was Sick and Now am Trying to Help Others!
by Lyndsay Krutki
I was dignosed with cacer in april of 2006. I was treated with chemotherapy and radiation. I did this for a year. I have always been up set about loosing my hair. My family all loves it short but when you loose your hair you would never wont to keep it short or cut it that short. I always tell them that if they were to loose there hair they would cry just as i did. I finished treatment in December 2007. Just before Christmas. I had lost my friend Abby who was only 11 in November. I have made a Relay For Life Team. We are trying to raise money for the American Cancer Society. If Randy Owen ever had time to come and sing a song that could raise so much money for the American cancer society. If Randy Owen actually reads this please email me lyndsaykrutki@yahoo.com.

Fallen Angel Story
by Annne Parker
As I was leaving the cemetery the day the aunt was buried, I turned on the radio and there was Alabama's song. You see my mother and father died in a car wreck when I was 3 and this aunt, who wanted to raise me but my grandparents objected and chose for me to live with them, was the closest thing to an early mother I ever knew. She was truly an angel among us.

Julia Nesbitt
by Sally Reardon
My young neighbor is fighting Leukemia for the SECOND TIME in her short life. Her mom has linked this song to her website. It is so beautiful. Please visit her website and send good thoughts and prayers her way. www.caringbridge.org/visit/julianesbitt Thank you so much! Sally

My Life..
by Courtney Johnson
I see all these kids who have cancer and i sit and think how sad they must feel to be this way. I come from a family where money is tight and we dont know where the next meal is coming from and i wish i could take the place of a kid who has cancer. I know that i can only do the best i can for my family but I see these kids and i PRAY for them everyday.I will KEEP them in my prayers.

by Janis Jones
I want to thank you for the money you have raised in the past and the future for Saint Judes. My family had a 2 year old who passed away in Saint Jude and the family could not afford it and with your help it was free. I have went to 350 concerts every June Jam. With the most fan appreciation, looking forward to seeing you in Enterprise, Alabama. Your #1 fan.

Brookes Christmas to Remember
by Debra Routon
My daughter Brooke Routon is twelve years old she was diagnosed on December 24th 2007 with T-Cell Lymphoma. While most children were home excited waiting on Santa to come so they could open their Christmas gifts, Brooke was at Children's Hospital in Birmingham Alabama waiting for her diagnosis. We knew that it was cancer but what kind? Finally,the news we were waiting to hear arrived, Brooke has T-Cell Lymphoma a type cancer that requires two and a half years of Chemotherapy her first treatment would start immediately. Yes her treatments began on Christmas Eve. Christmas Day consisted of several attempts to get spinal fluid from her spine that failed, she was also not sedated, meaning she felt every stick to her spine. Brooke has always been a very strong child, and I have always been very proud of her as her mother. She is a very active in Sports she is a Cheerleader for her school and Plays Softball for her school as well. Going to School, hanging out with her friends, going to movies, parties just being a Child is what she enjoys most. This was all brought to a devastating halt on Christmas Eve. Although she is experiencing the hardest times in her life right now, she does keep her faith in God Strong. When times of taking chemo treatments, getting stuck with needles for blood, get rough... She reminds herself God brought me to this. He will bring me through this. We can do all things through Christ which Strengthen us. Our family knows this is for a reason and we know it will strengthen our Family, it has already. It will continue to do so in our lives and others as well. Brooke has touched very many lives in just the short time she has been sick, and she knows her job is not done. She knows that Children's Hospital will be in her life not just the 2 1/2 years of treatments, but forever. The Doctors and Nurses have become her friends, and you learn to adjust to life not being the same as it was. When Brooke heard the song Braid My Hair, she new it was her song. As well as her other friends at the hospital. There are so many little girls, teenage young ladies and women that this song will touch. Not to mention the Dads, Grandfathers and so on. There are so many different types of Cancer out there. You never know when it will strike a loved one in your family. Brooke has finished 1/2 of her intense treatments and the doctors believe that most of her disease is gone. They told us that we are fighting only a few bad cells now. This is a miracle and because our Wonderful Father, and Research today we can Rest Assured Brooke will be cured from this disease.

She was an angel that GOD put here on this earth for a reason. We don't know why she was taken from here at such an early age. She touched alot of lifes while she was here in her short life.I  never got the pleaser of meeting her beore she died. But I did get to see her at the funeral home and meet her wonderful family.I have to say from the stories that I have been told this is the perfect song for her. GOD BLESS AND RIP, WE LOVE AND MISS YOU Madelyn Paige Beamon

by Joyce
I would just like to say this is one of the best or probably the best song on the air at this time which makes you stop and think. It also, in my opinion, verifies why Randy Owen (and Alabama) are the BEST country group with the BEST lead singer EVER. We need more like you guys.

Concert at Caesar's Indiana
by Diane Graham
Thank You Randy Owen for the lifetime of music and memories. I jumped at the chance to see you and hear your music again. I had the best time, we sang and danced at Caesars to all twenty something songs. I marveled that you took no break. We have followed you since that first hit and everytime you came to Louisville in the 80s and 90s we were always there. We met back then and I told you-"there's nothing better than Alabama!"- and that still rings true today. Nobody in Country Music compares.(Rascal Flatts who?- the sound and diversity doesn't come close.) Your spirit comes through your music and touches so many, its a beautiful gift. I admire you as a person that cares so much about others in giving of your time and talent to benefit those in need. God Bless You and your family. Your wife is a lucky woman!! Your music speaks for itself, the only thing missing at Caesars was Jeff breaking it out on the fiddle. I hope to see you in concert soon. If the Eagles can tour again, you guys might consider it. I'll take what I can get though so Randy please come back our way soon. There's a reason you were Entertainer of the Year all those times. You are not just a performer you are a true entertainer!! Always, Young Country-Wild Country-Born Country-Live Country. Country never gets old!

Thank you!
by Gina Goodman
Thank you for the song "Braid My Hair". This is a perfect way to raise awareness of childhood cancer. It has truly touched our heart in the truth it speaks. In 2004 our son, Drew, at 4 years old, was diagnosed with a very aggressive adult brain tumor; called Glioblastoma Multiforme. His prognosis was 5-12 months. This is the same cancer Tug McGraw battled. One of the first places we turned to was St. Jude's Hospital. We contacted them by email and phone. They were very caring, compassionate, and informative. It was agreed that we would get the same treatment at St. Jude's that our home hospital would give. We chose to stay at home where our support system was close. However, St. Jude's left the doors open for us to contact them anytime we felt the need. They are truly a blessing. We are happy to say that Drew is doing fairly well, today, February 14, 2008. He has had a recurrence in 2007 and is currently on treatment at home. Thank you again for "Braid My Hair" it is such a beautiful and touching song. The Goodman Family www.caringbridge.org/va/drewb

Lexi's Story
by Charlotte Crawford
My friend's granddaughter, Lexi, had cancer six years ago when she was in middle school. She was treated at St. Jude's for almost a year. She has been cancer free since she left there after her treatment. She is now 18, getting ready to graduate from high school, and is taking flying lessons. Her hair is long enough to braid if she wants to!!! What a great song!

Caitlyn's Courage
by Shawna Buscher
On 6/21/97 my 15mo. old daughter was diagnosed with "Wilms Tumor" a type of kidney cancer. After 10mos. of chemotherapy and 6 rounds of radiation, my baby was cancer free!!!!! Every check-up put us closer to believing Caitlyn was cured. At her 5yr. check-up everything was great and she was deemed CURED!!! I never thought we would have to think about Caitlyn and Cancer in the same thought ever again. 10yrs. later she was having pain in her rib area and what we, and the DR. had just thought to have been a pulled muscle, turned out to be our nightmare all over again. On October 17th of 2007, Caitlyn was diagnosed with her second childhood cancer, osteosarcoma of the rib. She has been going through chemo since November and on the 19th of this month she will have the tumor, along with 5 of her ribs, parts of her diaphragm,lungs,and liver removed. She will follow with approx. 7 more months of chemotherapy. Caitlyn in her short 11yrs and 11mos( thats important when you almost 12) has shown more strength, courage and determination than anyone I have ever known. Thank you for making Braid my Hair, although I can not make it through the song with out bawling like a baby, I know that it has truly touched the hearts of so many and raised a much needed awareness of childhood cancer!!!! www.caringbridge.org/visit/caitlynhiggins


My grandson's story
by carolyn martin
Zachary David Martin was born on October 26, 2001. He was a few days premature - 36 weeks and 5 days - he surprised us by coming 3 weeks early!!! He seemed to be fine, and we were worried about taking him for his 2 month check up since he would have to have 'well baby' shots (how would he react, would he have a fever, etc.). All of this was new to us since Zachary is our first child. The visit seemed fine, but the Nurse Practitioner asked us if his belly was always that big? We just thought he was getting a 'baby belly' and told her yes. She finished the exam, and wanted the Pediatrician to take a look at his belly. Of course, we started getting worried and wanted to know what was going on. The pediatrician looked at our son, and he said to the practitioner "That feels like his liver!?!". She responded with "That's what I thought, too." They got another Pediatrician in there for another opinion, and by this time, we were totally freaked out. They all agreed we should see a Pediatric Gastro-Intestinal specialist the very next day for an abdominal ultrasound and evalulation by them. This was on January 8, 2002. On January 9th, we went off to the GI specialist, and they did the ultrasound. Our worst nightmares were revealed - there was a hepatic mass (very large) and they were 99% sure it was Hepatoblastoma. We were so devastated. They admitted him to the hospital (Children's Healthcare of Atlanta - CHOA), which was right across the parking lot from their offices. They wanted to do a CT scan and bloodwork to see what we were up against. It was indeed a tumor, and his Alpha Feta Protein (AFP) level was over 395,000 - yet another indicator of Hepatoblastoma. Zachary stayed in the hospital overnight, and surgery was scheduled for the very next Monday, January 14th. They wanted to do at a minimum, a biopsy, but they hoped they would be able to resect it. They also wanted to put in his Central Line for chemo drugs that he would have to have regardless. We went home that Friday and tried to have a normal weekend, but we always wondered if it would be the last weekend with our little boy. Surgery took what seemed like a lifetime, but they kept us posted on how Zach was doing throughout the process. They were not able to rescet the tumor (I don't think the surgeons and/or doctors really thought they could, but they wanted to do a biopsy, so they had to 'open him up' the same way regardless). This was what made Zach's diagnosis Stage III - it had not spread to other organs, but they could not resect it right away. Right after surgery, he was in ICU for one day. He was SOOOO swollen and puffy - he didn't look like our little boy lying there with all those IV's and things hooked up to him, and with the bandage across his belly. (The central line was depressing at first, but later we have really considered it a God-send.) We were placed on the AFLAC Cancer and Blood Disorder wing at the hospital. They were so awesome - we really cannot give them enough credit. We had nurses try to help explain what would be going on and the Oncologist was excellent. He explained that Zachary would have 6 rounds of chemotherapy. They wanted to have 4 rounds of chemo, then try surgery to resect it and two follow up rounds. He would be given Cisplatin, Vincristine and 5FU - all the side effects were explained - short term and long term. They also told us about Amifostine - did we want to be part of this clinical trial? We said YES without hesitation - any drug that could potentially help reduce the high frequency hearing loss and kidney damage was welcomed. Once we said yes, we had a 50/50 chance of the computer selecting us. I'll never forget Dr. George (the oncologist) coming in and telling us - "We got amifostine!". So, our chemotherapy journey began two days after his surgery. Zach got the amifostine first, which made his blood pressure bottom out (expcted reaction, but this only happened the very first time - subsequent doses only made him sick RIGHT after it was given - literally about 15 minutes afterwards, he was sick, then it was over). Then the Cisplatin, then 20 hours of fluids, and the Vincristine and 5FU were quick 'pushes' through his central line and we went home with our little fighter. We continued with follow up doses of Vincristine and 5FU in the Oncologist's office to complete round 1 of this process. Days, weeks, months passed, with many visits to the hospital for more CT scans, X-rays, chemotherapy treatments, but we never missed a beat. We really feel so fortunate - so many times something like this can rip a marriage apart, but it truly seems to have brought us closer together. We have completely turned it over to God, and know that as long as we do what we are supposed to (doctor visits, follow up scans, tests, etc.), Zachary will be taken care of. We continued with the Chemotherapy treatments as scheduled. We were so lucky - Zach had only two or three high temperature visits to the ER during the whole process, and he never got sick with anything else (cold, flu, etc.). He really didn't seem to have a hard time with the chemo drugs - you could tell some days he just didn't feel great, but who could blame him? They/we gave him Zofran, which is an anti-nausea medicine - it works wonders! The follow up scans and tests showed that Zachary was having a great response to the chemotherapy. They were so pleased and amazed at how his tumor was shrinking. The second surgery was scheduled for April 19, 2002. If we thought the first surgery was long - this one took forever! The surgeon was pleased, and came out looking exhausted. He told us he felt like he got it all. The tricky part was that the tumor was 'butting up' against the 'line' between lobes (as well as the limit of liver he could resect) and he felt like he got it all, but that was his only concern. They ended up removing 2/3 of his liver and his gall bladder. (The gall bladder is kind of funny because it was not mentioned, and we had a follow up ultrasound and the technician and radiologist asked us if he still had his gall bladder? We were like - "Yes - they never said anything about removing it - we're 99.9% sure he still has it" - WRONG! Even the oncologist had to go back and read the surgery notes to be sure - it was something we joked about with the surgeon later on when his central line was removed!!!!) The ICU visit after this surgery was expected to be like the last - short and sweet, but that was not the case. Zach was in ICU for 11 days - it was such a nightmare - we were scared to death pneumonia would set in - his lungs were not responding and he had to be on the ventilator for 7 days. They extubated him and had to re-intubate him not 20 minutes after taking it out - we were crushed. Ironically, two days later they extubated him again and he was fine. We joked that it was because he was not 6 months old yet - he turned 6 months old the day in-between the two attempts - he just wasn't old enough! At least we still had our sense of humor about us!!! We stayed with him in ICU 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He was finally put on the AFLAC floor, and they started his 5th round of chemotherapy before we went home. That was the longest 2 1/2 weeks of our lives - we went home on May 1st, hopeful this would be the last 'big' surgery he had to have. We had our last round of chemo at the end of May/beginning of June, and were officially 'off therapy' June 14th. There was a big celebration at the oncology office, with a huge balloon, beanie baby and picture taking for the "Off Therapy" bulletin board in the office. We were so happy that he didn't have to have anymore chemotherapy treatments!!!! The nurses on the AFLAC wing were happy we were not having to come back, but sad they wouldn't see Zachary anymore - it was a 'good' goodbye. Since then, we've had the central line removed and the scars are healing. (The central line was a definite learning experience, but we became pretty good at changing the dressing and giving baths that did not get it wet!!) Zachary is making new strides everyday - his hair has come back and he is such a 'little person' now. He had his first birthday on October 26, 2002 and we had a huge blowout at a local park here in town. There were about 80-85 people there and we all celebrated not only his birthday, but his life. Christmas was nice - it was sort of weird to reflect on how 'this time last year we didn't even know he was sick, and now look at what he's been through and where he's come'. We have had regular appointments with the oncologist. They do bloodwork and general exams and X-rays every other month. Zach's AFP levels have continued to drop - after the last round of chemo, they started checking it every month - it's been 66, 33, 13, 6, 11, 7, 8, 6 and his last one was 7. We never knew 13 could be such a great number - that was the first count that put us in 'normal' range (0-15). We always get uneasy before a visit, but we know that God will take care of him, as he has taken care of all of us through this entire journey. They seem to think that if they got it all, Zachary can be cured of this. Dr. George said that usually if it is going to come back to the liver, it does so within 6-8 months of being off therapy. What they are worried most/focusing most on with Zach now, is his lungs. That is usually where it goes next if it is going to spread. The doctor said it would not be the worst thing in the world, but we'd sure like for it not to happen!! We just continue to pray and live each day to the fullest. We are so very lucky to have our little boy - he is such a blessing and a true fighter. We have also been very lucky to have wonderful family and friends to help support us and pray with (and for) us. We know we could not have gotten through it all without everyone's continued prayers and support, and for that - we thank you.

My angel Brittany
by Melissa Whitlow
I met you some years back after my daughter Brittany had received a bone marrow transplant at St.Jude's. My daughter's biggest and only wish was she could be a normal little girl, who went to school and who could ride her bike. She fought a eight year battle with acute lymphocystic leukemia with the war being lost. I lost her on February 8th, 2005 after a downhill spiral over about five or six months. The hardest thing I ever had to do during that eight year struggle (trust me it wasn't at all pretty ) was to sit by her bed and prey God would show mercy and take her on out of this world. Something a parent should never have to do but I knew she had fought as long as she could. Brittany could always seem to smile no matter what the circumstances. She touched every person she ever met. Children who are faced with life threatening illness seem to have a sparkle in their eyes that anyone with heart can't mistake.

Cancer Journey
by Laura Zaremba
Just a note to let you know how very much the song touched my heart. I had cancer in 1993. Everyone reacts differently but it actually took me seven years to verbalize the word “cancer.” My daughter Ali (Allison) had just turned 8, Michael 14, and Jack Jr. 17. I never missed any of my sons’ football games, their soccer matches or any of my daughter’s softball games, nor her piano and dance recitals. Even when the chemo and radiation zapped my energy, I never asked God “why?” I did thank and praise Him for not losing my hair. Instead the length of my very long hair broke off shoulder length and it took a full decade for it to return to normal. Few think about how one person’s cancer affects and shapes the future of the entire family. One of my most vivid memories is of waking up after a treatment to find my daughter sitting on my bed anxious to make sure I would indeed wake up. The words defeat and death were never uttered in our family but I can still see the effects from this experience every time my daughter grows her gorgeous hair to her waist, has it cut shoulder length and donates it to “Locks of Love;” the way my husband lets me have my way even when he shouldn’t; and the way my sons react to the word cancer and to those with cancer who cross their path. It is a very long and arduous mental journey back from the ravages of cancer My heart goes out to all of those who have or have ever had cancer. May God Bless! Laura J Zaremba Birmingham, AL

Randy's new song
by Roberta
I have always loved you & Alabama. Hearing this song for the first time really touched my heart &&made me cry. I have trouble watching the telethon shows they air about St.Jude cause I can do nothing but cry for the children. I have been a St.Jude donater ever since I heard about Randy doing so much for them. This song is beautiful and I believe every radio station in America should be playing it. Congratulations to Randy for his beautiful song & his beautiful voice. I love you Randy!

Ole Myrtle Beach Girl
by Barbara Williams
I grew up listening to y'all outside the Bowery, but you are as much Myrtle Beach as Apple Pie is American. My 4-year old granddaughter, Sweetpea, has been listening to your music since she was 3 months old and she adores you. When we saw that you were going to be at the Alabama Theatre, I immediately booked tickets for the two of us. She was floating on clouds. Then I was diagnosed with cancer and didn't know if we could go. But, the doctor this week said the flight from Arkansas to MB would be just fine. I just can't scream quite as loudly. My Mother passed away on January 8, 2008 and had always loved your music and concerts. The only music I played at her funeral was your "Angels Among Us" ... I even took my own copy for the funeral home. I am just so, so very thrilled that my little Sweetpea is going to get to see you. She said that if she ever saw you, she was going to give you a big hug and tell you that you are her very favorite singer. And she means it!!! Looking forward to Saturday night at the Alabama Theatre from the 7th row. Barbara Hammond Williams (formerly of the Ponderosa Campground, which was across the road from Barefoot Landing) Thanks for all the wonderful memories.

Madelyn Beamon
by Donna Everett
On 02/02/2004, my precious friend Madelyn Baeamon, aged 2 began her journey with cancer. She was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma and endured more than any human being should ever have to. Always full of courage and love and a personality that could light the world. Four years to the day, on 02/02/2008, she tiptoed into Heaven and now she can "braid her hair". Everyone there is now wearing pink feather boas and they have had manicures and pedicures whether they wanted to or not. "Braid My Hair" was played at her funeral and it fits her so well. She packed a lot of love and living into her short 6 years of life, meeting all kinds of celebrities and charming them all. I am attaching a favorite picture of her with Randy Owen at a "Country Cares" event for St. Jude. Thank you, Randy Owen, for all you and your friends do for St. Jude. It gave us four years of pure joy that we would not have had otherwise and as you continue to help St. Jude perhaps one day they can stop this Beast called cancer. In Christian Love, Donna Everett

Your # 1 Fan
by Suzie McCloskey
Congratulations, Randy! I love you new song "Braid My Hair". It made me cry. It's one of your best. I can related to much to that song. In 1981, I was involved in a very bad car accident. Since then I've learned to do everything with one arm. I lost feeling in my whole right side. Strength and the power of God and your songs have pulled me through many of life's hard times. I thank you for coming into my life in 1981. That's when I discovered Alabama. You have remained in my life since the age of 7. I'm now 33, married and raising a son. Things I never thought I would be able to do. Thank you for many years of Alabama. The best of luck on Randy Owen. I love you more than words can say. Your # 1 Fan.

My daughter
by Renee' Jones
I found your song from one of the friends I made throught my daughter Cassandra's journey as she battled cancer. You see we all have caringbridge pages. She has the link on her page. My daughter was diagnosed with Rhabdoid at age 5. April of 2005. It was in her tail bone, pelvic and spine. She went through 8 cycles of aggressive Chemotherapy and 6 weeks radiation right off the bat. Her treatments was @ Riley Children's Hospital of Indianapolis and IU Cancer Pavillion in Indianapolis. Jan 11, 2006 they did a biopsy to see if it was dead scar tissue or still alive as it did not shrink hardly at all. Needless to say it was still alive, but the pathologist seen tissue that looked different than before. So he sent it off to someone who specializes in Chordoma. That is what they then said she had. She was misdiagnosed. They only proven treatment was surgery and proton beam radiation. She has already been radiated once so if she was to be re-radiated again it could make surgery difficult or impossible. No one around here would operate on her as they was afraid that they paralyze her. But six different Doctors recommended surgery. Luckily a guy found her caringbridge page (www.caringbridge.org/in/cassandra) and emailed me about Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center www.mmskcc.org in New York City. I then went to their website and contacted a surgeon I thought could help me. My husband, two girls, and I flew up there and talked to three surgeons. Only one could help us but the others are willing to assist in the surgery. The surgeon took out all of her tail bone, part of her pelvic on each side (more so on the left) and the vertebrae disc and spine above her sacrum. Put her back together with screws and rods. At MSKCC they worry about saving the life and then quality of life. But to me if she was paralyzed it would not have mattered. I would give up everything to take care if her, the thought of not having her is too much to bare. She had the surgery on July 10 and July 12, 2006. It was a 20 hour surgery so it was broke into two days. She came through just fine. She is bowel and bladder incontinent and only paralysis on her left ankle down to her foot. She can walk with an AFO brace on her left foot. A walker and a cane. Also uses a wheelchair for long distance as she tires easy. But she is alive. She can ride and adaptive bike, she can not jump or run. Infact when we were listening to that song she said I doubt if I will ever run or skate again. But we praise GOD everyday that she is here with us and still cancer free. Amen. She had the faith and was so strong. She is truly our hero. See miracles happen all the time as she is living proof all the way from Indiana.

Alexa Renee
by Debbie Moore
Randy, Your new song is amazing! The fact that you are benefiting Pediatric Cancer and bringing any awareness to this worthy cause is just amazing in itself, but when words can bring tears, smiles & hope at the same time, well, that in itself is a blessing! Our 3.8 year old daughter, Alexa Renee, was diagnosed with a very rare Cancer called Clear Cell Sarcoma of the Kidney back in June. For the past 8 months, she has been fighting this battle with everything she has & she celebrated the new year by "FIRING CANCER!" She just looked at me and said, "CANCER, YOU'RE FIRED!" She is our beautiful soul. Out of all the nicknames she has, that one fits best because her beauty does shine from within. Our daughter is my hero & has truly inspired so many people in her three short years. We have a long road ahead of us, but we are ready for any challenges ahead. We have our faith & we continue to believe that Alexa will stay on this path of renewed health. Thank you for this beautiful song that so many little warriors can relate to; it truly is amazing! Alexa has a website set up at www.caringbridge.org/visit/alexareneemoore. This has been our saving grace as so many wonderful people from across the country have grown to know and support our family. The power of prayer is amazing and we are so grateful. Feel free to check out her website if you ever get some down time ;0). God Bless & Keep on Rockin-you're awesome! With hope, faith & heartfelt thanks, Debbie Moore (Proud mom to Superhero Princess Warrior Diva Lexi with the Most Beautiful Soul who "FIRED CANCER" FOREVER!)

Locks of Love
by Pamela Zilonka-Patterson
I just wrote in a story about braiding hair, and I forgot to mention that I have two granddaughters now and they are blessed,as they get to braid their hair. When they cut their hair they said NaNa "can we do what your doing?" They are seven and five(BreAnna,MaKayla Zilonka) and we are trying to teach them that there are children in this would not as fortunate as them. After that comment, I believe we are guiding them to be caring and giving children. They have been brought up listening to your music and hopefully someway they will be able to hear you sing and meet you too. Thanks again, Pam Myrtle Beach, SC

Locks of Love
by Pamela Zilonka-Patterson
Dear Randy, We are long time friends and coworkers from the Bowery. Being a cancer survivor, as you know, I have been letting my hair grow to help support the cause. I am so glad to see you out and singing again. The words and your voice resonates through the airwaves into peoples souls. It touched me to tears. Hope to see you at the Theater in MB on the 16th. As with your career with the group I lend my support in your solo career. I will pass the message along to all. Sincerely, Pam PS Please pass this on to Randy personally, It would be great to talk to him and catch up.

My Daughter Rachel
by Mike Riskin
On Sept 18 2006 my daughter Rachel was diagnosed with a large brain tumor in the back of her head. She was rushed to Johns Hopkins Hospital, in Maryland. She was operated on by Dr. Ben Carson, who removed the tumor completely. It had spread to her spine, and we began treatment. Her cancer was found to be very aggressive, and her treatment had to be as well. Her course of treatment was based on a St. Jude's study from 2001 - 2006 (one month before her diagnosis). Rachel is 4 now, and she is doing amazing! She is full of life, love and kind words for everyone she meets. She takes care of all of her babies, and they all get naps, rocked to sleep, fed, changed, and of course, their medicine "so they can be better". Rachel also plays guitar, and sings. She started writing her own stuff at age 2, and also sings other songs. her sickness has affected so many people around her, and the recovery has been a story of hope, prayer, and optimistic uncertainty for the future. She is getting MRI's every 6 months until 2012, and until then, we just pray, and enjoy every second she is here with us. Every night when she lays down in bed she folds her hands and says "Dear God, thank you for keeping me healthy and strong, amen." I tell ya, a grown man is not supposed to cry everyday, but it's hard when you hear such a hopeful prayer. I too am a musician. I wrote the music for a song for Rachel when she was born, and one day in the hospital, shortly after her surgery i sat down at my laptop, and words flowed out of me like a well. I have yet to put the word to the music, because it hurts so much, but i hope one day i will. I didn't even get through the first Chorus of "braid my hair", and i had to stop it, and cry, like my wife did 15 minutes earlier when she heard it. It is an amazing song, and it makes me sad to relate the words to her, because I have so much hope for her future, but mostly it makes me thankful for what she has given us, in just 4 years of life. I am attaching a link to her YouTube video, done by a friend of mine, who does movie production, and commercials for a living. this video has made lots of people cry! and i am also attaching a link to her myspace page, where you can click on the videos link and watch Rachel play guitar, or sing, or just talk. She really is an old soul, and an angel. Thank you for writing, donating, and caring so much about this cause! http://youtube.com/watch?v=V_GoAORvle4 www.myspace.com/rachelriskinfoundation thank you......

by Samantha Houston
Hi. My name is Samantha Houston. My cousin Caitlin Naquis is at Vanderbilt University Children's Ward. She is on the the 6th floor. She is in the A unit with Leukemia. She doesn't have that much longer because she is on the serious unit on that floor. One Friday her house burned down and then on Monday she found out she had cancer; not knowing it was as severe as it is! She is giving it her all to make it. I think she is only 8. Her mom is trying to stand in their strong all by herself. Besides her close family coming and staying with her. When Caty's daddy does come on Saturdays, he's drunk; so I've been told. Man I am praying that she will make it. I don't know what else to tell you. I don't want little Caty to you know... leave her family and this world. Your song meant alot to me to hear about others going through cancer. I mean everyone needs to be aware that anything could happen or pop up like it did with her!! I am 27 and when I was 15, I got a severe brain injury from a car wreck with an ex-boyfriend. I only had 2 percent out of 100 to make it. They life-flighted me from Parsons, Tn. to Vanderbilt Hospital. I was in a wheel chair for around two and a half years. Had a seizure waking my body up in' 96. I have a good story on what I've went through. If you want to hear a little more on my story you can call 731-733-1851 or 731-602-4337 for my mother or me; or call Dr. John Barwise, an anisthesiologist at Vanderbilt University Hospital. Please check up on my story. Thanks and if you can help my little cousin; PLEASE, DO SO. You will never know how much you are thanked!! So help her out all you can. I've always loved Alabama so much; heck we moved there when I was 9. Moved back when I was 13. Ha!Ha! We did though no lie!! And we; my dad and moma and me have always loved you. Thanks again! My address: 168 Gavin Lane Parsons, Tn. 38363 in case it's ever needed!

Reagan - our hero!
by Marcia Kilcher
On December 14, 2006, our granddaughter, Reagan Leigh Wymer, was diagnosed with AAL - Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the age of 21 months. What we thought was a serious viral infection, turned out to be cancer and all I could think of was, "how can this be happening to such a beautiful little girl with laughing eyes and smiling face?" Reagan, once diagnosed, has endured intense chemo, spinal taps, blood transfusions, hospitalizations. Throughout all this, she has brought families and communities together. "Team Reagan" was formed and over 2000 red "Team Reagan" braclets were sold and are to this day, still being worn, as Reagan continues to amaze us, inspire us and let us know she will beat this cancer. The local high school asked the Wymer Family of 3 (mom, dad and Reagan) to be Grand Marshalls at the 2006 Homecoming festivities last October. What a "high" it was to see them leading the parade and little "Reaggie" waving to everyone, not really knowing what she was waving for!! Reagan's treatments will continue until February of 2009. She will be just a couple months of turning 4 years old. Reagan lost a head of dark hair, but it has come back with more curl and wave and is just beautiful. As her hair continues to grow, I know she will want to give to Locks of Love. Randy Owen's message in his new song "Braid My Hair" is absolutely beautiful and so true and made me cry. Not for myself and Reagan, but for all the little ones having to fight a battle that children should never ever have to go through. Thank you Randy Owen for giving us hope, for sharing your God given talent by writing such beautiful words. Reagan's story is on carepages.com under ReaganLeigh. Please check it out. She's a darling inspiration!

She's Only 4
by Jules
I just wanted to say thank you. This song is amazing. It hits close to home. You see, I know this amazing woman. I met her in Louisiana after hurricane Katrina. She was a nurse...and I...an EMT. We are both volunteers for the red cross...we live at opposite sides of the USA. We were both deployed to the same evacuation shelter. Thats how we first met and became lifetime friends. But you see, now my dear friend is going through rough waters right now. She is a single mother of 4. Her youngest was diagnosed with cancer. This little girl is the toughest little angel. Your song Braid My Hair is her perfect song. Keely is only 4. Her courage is amazing...so innocent. This song hits so close too home. Thank you for the beautiful words. Pray for my dear friend Julie.

Leah's Story
by Wendy McCullough
My daughter Leah Lee McCullough was 17 when she was told she had cancer. She had A.L.L (Acute Lympoblastic Leukemia.) We found out on October 29 of 2007. Leah was able to do one round of Chemo. Leah's was doing good until her oxygen would bottom out to 60%. She then had to go on a vent,to help her breathe. Her body was so tired from fighting,that the vent was to help her rest and regain her strength. Because of high fevers, Leah's liver had failed from all of the Tyelnol that she had received. On a Friday night, Leah was not responding. I was told her brain had failed. Leah lost her battle to cancer on November 29 0f 2007. I am grateful that you Mr.Owens and WSSL do all that you do to help. I am a partner with St. Judes. I could not save my daughter, but I will save the other children. They are our future. Your song is the best. Thank you.

by Binx
Randy Owen's song has touched my heart like no other song has. "Braid My Hair" reminds me of sitting in the hospital with my uncle, watching my best friend in the entire world just wither away. Me and my best friend were only 13 then and we met when we were just 6 and just months before she turned 13, she was diagnosed with brain cancer and I was devastated. She had to stay in the hospital, what seemed like, all the time. She lost her hair and always wore her baseball cap. She told me that all she wanted to do was just go outside and play with me just like we did when she wasn't sick. She lasted about 2 whole years and died about 2 weeks before what would've been her 14 birthday. I miss her so much. I heard the song, "Skin" by Rascal Flatts and it made me cry but it just didn't fit my friends story, but Randy Owen's song just nailed it. Another friend told me about it and I went to the website and listened to it and I immediately just started bawling. I was crying so hard that I had hiccups for hours because I just remember watching my friend suffer and I remember how hard it was and knowing I couldn't do anything but sit there and be with her. And watching her final moments and just thinking what kind of person she would've been. She's only been gone for a year but it seems like forever. So Mr. Owen, thank you. Thank you so much. It felt like you wrote this song for her and even though you didn't write it specifically for her, I will always think of it that way. Thank you so much.

Once again You Touch My Heart
by Teresa Compton
Back in 1997 our son Timothy was diagnosed with metastatic Burkitts Lymphoma and about that time is when the song "Angels Among Us" was released. I listened to that song over and over again as he received his chemo treatments. I remember when his hair started coming out we had his head shaved. I remember the kids making fun of him and at age 5 He just looked at them and said "What's the big deal, I just got it cut." I have followed Alabama's career since 1980, I was a volunteer with your initial fan club recruiting new members. My children were raised on Alabama music. I heard the new single today and I wanted to cry as it was such a beautiful song and it brought back a lot of memories for me. St Jude's Research Hospital will always have a special place in my heart for the work they are doing to try to find a cure for cancer. Timothy will turn 16 years old in 2 weeks and if it weren't for the research these doctors are doing I don't know if this would have been possible. Even though we didn't receive his care there, I know the research done there benefited the care my son received at Portsmouth Naval Hospital. God Bless you and keep up the great work you are doing and I look forward to the new cd and hope to see you on tour soon.

Braid My Hair

Braid My Hair
by Donna Jones
On March 4, 2007 I lost a very dear friend of 16 years to breast cancer. Stephanie Vaughn was her name, she had a 9 year old daughter and a 4 year old son. I thought of how Stephanie had lost her hair and how it had started to grow back a little when she lost her battle. It also made me think of my own little girl and how we never know what tomorrow may hold for any of us. My little girl likes for me to braid her hair and I hope to do this for a long time. I also know that their are many parents who wish that could hold onto their little one just a little longer. Thank you for the new song and for helping me remember to cherish all the memories new and old.

Our family cancer story
by Brenda Broadfoot
On Thanksgiving Day, 2006 we watched my father-in-law's life taken from him due to cancer that he had fought so long and hard. He had always joked with the grandchildren that when his hair came back, he would grow it long so he could braid it. His hair had always been beautiful and thick, just the right color of salt and pepper. Sadly, we didn't get to tease him about his braid. Then, last summer, our niece was admitted to the hospital only to be diagnosed with cancer. She had beautiful blond hair. She took her chemo treatments, shaved her head when her hair started coming out and then faced radiation. She is doing GREAT (thank you Lord)! Her hair is slowly beginning to return now. Her spirits and faith never wavered through everything. One day, our little beauty queen and ball player will once again braid her hair if she so desires because of the advances in treatment, the prayers of friends, family and complete strangers and the support given to her by those such as Randy Owen. May God richly bless those of you facing treatments, you are in our prayers. My niece and her smile are still shining, and we know those who encounter her will too.

Randy has touched me
by Ashley
Randy Owen, formally from the group of Alabama has touched me. I am a 22 year old female from Pennsylvania. My father was a truck driver who was one of the first to see the group before they were famous and fell in love with their sound of music and i was raised on Alabama albums. Unexpectedly, 5 years ago my father passed away and my whole world changed since. Whenever i am feeling upset i listen to Alabama music just to boost my spirits back up. I could say that i mostly have all their CD's and albums. My peers ask me why am i obsessed with an older country band for my younger age. I reply, with a "Just listen to any song and you will know.. they are the best music band." I wanted so badly to attend the farewell tour, but it was the time my father passed and too much was happening. I regret not going and ever since then i have been trying to plan a trip to watch a show or meet Randy. His music inspires me to feel happy and know my father is around. The lyrics to 18 wheeler remind me of him, since he was a truck driver and he would call home to check on his family. My father in some old pictures resembles Randy, which makes me feel even closer to the band Alabama. Im ecstatic for Randy to continue his career as a soloist. I believe he has an angelic voice and his heart couldn't be any bigger. I would say he is my idol (not including my mother) and my life long dream would be to meet him to tell him what a wonderful impact he has made on my life and my family.

The Mask
by Amanda Jones
I love this song, and I got the privilege of meeting Randy when he came to St. Jude for Country Cares for kids. He said my smile lit up the world. The song is so true, i know it focus's on a young girl, but believe me, i feel the song. Material wise i miss my bike i want to ride it so much. I would love to run again, i tried it and i fell and hit the bathroom counter. Im 21 years old and i have spent most of that time in the hospital. I was admitted here at St. Jude on Oct. 3, and endured 4 days of intense chemo, at one point i had to take a bath every 4 hours and no one was allowed to touch me because i was considered toxic, and anything i touch either had to be sterilized or thrown away. After that i had total body radiation. they lay you on a bean bag thing suck the air out of it, lay another one down on top of you and suck the air out, then strap you down with seat belts. then the bed turns side ways and you get it for 15 mins on one side and then you have to flip over and do the back for 15 mins. On oct 11 i got my transplant. Getting the bone marrow wasnt bad, just like a blood transfusion but the after effects are awful. Truth is cancer sucks, and this song to me, gives me hope.

My story
by Chad Kirk
Mr. Owen, I've been a fan of your work for all of my life. When I was a child, my parents took us to an Alabama concert in Rupp Arena, around 1980. Needless to say, my whole family was raised on Country Music. In 2004, Alabama started their farewell tour. I was fortunate to be able to attend the Evansville, Indiana show on Friday March 26, 2004. Prior to all of that, in 1999, I saw an Alabama performance on an awards show. The song was In Pictures. I had heard the song of course, but I had forgotten about it mostly. That song has a very special meaning, with me being a divorced father of two little girls. It took a long time for me to dry my tears afterwards. Thankfully, I was recording the program, so I wouldn't miss it. Immediately after I recovered, I called my mother, and played the song for her over the telephone. We both sobbed uncontrollably for several minutes. I just listened to your new single, "Braid My Hair", and I have been touched again. Your songwriting, and your brilliant voice has once again touched my heart, my soul, and my inner child. You see, I haven't seen my children since 2004, as my former wife moved out-of-state. I also haven't spoken with them on the telephone, as the number they had was disconnected. When I heard "Braid My Hair", it brought out all the frustrations that I've been dealing with for all these years. Frustrations that matter to the heart of a divorced father that misses his children. Thank you so much for the opportunity to respond to your brilliant artistry. Sincerely, Chad

Sincerity in life
by Robbie
Hopefully Randy you get this one !! There was never a bigger alabama fan on earth than myself !! I grew up playing music lots of 70s rock i would occassionally lose interest but always got back to it like a fever i saw urban cowboy and got real intersted in country . I was losing interest in the new rock with the exception of the eagles but along comes alabama it was just exactly what i was yearning to hear . After lots of practice was paid the compliment of being told i sounded like yourself .I was unable to get tickets to a small show you guys played in Arlington Texas i believe its considered but waited in the back near your trucks and buses after Holly Dunn was gone to hopefully meet you guys and much to my surprise i was able to meet all of you except for Ted . I really appreciated your sincerity to take time to talk to me when it was probably about 15-20 degrees on that new years eve of about 1992 ,but i never forgot your humility and kindness .I lost my dad in dec of 2000 and backseated my dream of being a country star dad was only 58 and seamed to be very healthy then i heard your story on a special about losing your dad at just 59 just when you guys were getting big and im really sorry for your loss . Really all I really want to say is i really feel like your a great musician but more importantly a super caring self-disiplined person that i would truly like to model myself after if i were to be famous even though at the ripe old age of 45 now probably wont happen even though i git jeff Cooks sound studio info just in case . But sadly it seems every band i try to get going can handle ego control so i may have to try to hire a studio band to try to record some songs ive written . i think its a wonderful song there you have as your first solo post alabama i have tried to request it to two radio stations today in the dallas fort worth area both 96.3 and 99.5 i will continue to try to get through and yes this is a touching song because i have a niece which is now 6 years old . At 4 she was diagnosed with diabetes it appears she will be having a very unhealthy ,possibly short life with also now thirroid problems being a father of both a 14 year old and 14 month old baby every time i experience akiss or a hug from my baby i realize how sad it would be if every day was just a struggle for survival !! in a nut shell i really hope you get this message because yes the fans are still out here we may be getting a little older and grayer but more appreciative than ever !! P.S. I still have my musicman guitars like you played !! its as close as i could get to being like you !! HEY RANDY stay cool as ever tell the cousins hi too and wish you well with your new project !!!

Braid My Hair
by Sandy Matthews
Randy, I can't stand it! We thought you had done it all, but God love your Heart! You just keep on, keeping on! Thank you, millions for this Bullet to number one! YOU are simply the best ever! Sandy Matthews & Missy from Fl.!

Living it
by Amy
I would like to say Thank you very much for doing this song. I have a son who is 14 years old. He was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Philidelphia Positive Chromosome January 27,2007. The reality of the song is beyond moving. Regardless of whether you have a son or daughter it moves you just the same. Many do not understand the impact of these terrible diseases. This song will definately move many aside from those of us who deal with this day to day.

Kaitlyn Butler
by Peggy Meyer
I just wanted to let you know how much your new song "Braid My Hair" means to me. Kaitlyn is 4 years old, and in April of 2007 we learned that she has/had a "Wilm's Tumor" which was cancerous. We had a very long summer of Chemotherapy in Denver, CO at Childrens Hospital. Kaitlyn finished Chemo in October and so far everything is looking good. But recently when we talk about her hair growing back, she says she wants to let her hair grow long so she can cut it for "Locks of Love". Thank You Randy for doing this wonderful song.

Braid my hair
by Gina Beerbower
My granddaughter Caydence Sorter was diagnosed with Bilateral Wilms diease October 2006 (cancer in both kidneys). This song hit home, When I braid Caydence's big sisters hair Caydence tells me grandma "I want pony hairs," but KK has no hair. I look at her with tears in my eyes and say "not yet", she just looks at me and says "not yet grandma." Caydence is 2 1/2. She has never had braids, pig tails or even had enough hair to brush. But soon GOD will give her that hair back, and we will braid it, brush it and just run our fingers through it while praising GOD for his miracle. Caydence is now in remission and we thank GOD every day that she is still here. These kids are fighting a beast and they can only win that battle with GOD and a cure.


Ariana Bergmann
by Sandra Bergmann
I love the song, it reminds me of my daughter Ariana. She got diagonsed on September 8th 2006 with Leuekima(ALL). The song is so inspring to me and my family! I have listened to the song at least 5 times today.

A Survivor
by Carla Hood
Wow what a song, absolutely amazing and I will be buying this CD when it comes out. I don't recall losing my hair, but that's because I was only 8 1/2 months old when I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. I can give hope and encouragement to others out there who are fighting cancer, I am almost a 40 year survivor of this disease and I take absolutely nothing for granted. Every day, I am thankful to wake and be part of it. I will be turning 41 come May. I have been privileged enough to be granted each day by the grace of God and there is no way I can ever repay Him but to forge on and do His work. So, I decided in the Fall of 2004 to "pay it forward" (so to speak) and give back to the profession that gave me the ultimate shot at life - the health care profession. I am now a Certified Nursing Assistant and I work at the local nursing home. Though I was never a patient at St. Jude's, I know how important it is to find a cure for childhood cancer. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone that has been touched in some way by cancer. Thank you so much and please keep up the fight, Randy; these kids are our future, as I was part of that future (which is now the present) back in 1968!

Hats-N-Hair from Kids who Care
by Season Burch
My 11 year old daughter Chase Savanna Burch has just successfully finished treatments, at St. Jude Children's Hospital, for a cancerous Brain Tumor. Her story has inspired over 16 people that we know personally to cut their hair for locks of love. She is now home-- running and playing with all of her friends and in the not too distant future we hope to one day "Braid her Hair!" Thank you Randy for supporting St. Jude and Pediatric Cancer Patients everywhere with this beautiful song! You truly could not have taken up a more significant cause. We have decided that we would love to use this as our theme song for a cause that while going through this, our daughter came up with herself... After Chase lost all of her hair, she learned that her classmates wanted to do a fundraiser to purchase an expensive wig for her. Chase was very touched, yet let us know that she thought that other kids could benefit from this generosity more than she could. From this thoughtful gesture emerged a wonderful project that we created together, and our community back home embraced, called “Hats-N-Hair from Kids who Care.” This project enabled Chase to personally give out over 100 hats and hair to children all around her, who were in need of them. This was such a wonderful undertaking that helped us to look past what we ourselves, were going through. We still have both hats and Hats-N-Hair that we would love to distribute to any child in need of them, until we run out! You can just email us at www.fromkidswhocare@yahoo.com and we will mail them out. It is our goal to someday start a charitable foundation, to help all children that can no longer "Braid their Hair." We would love it if a Hat, or Hat-N-Hair was already in the hands of every child that has to face the burden of losing their hair, before it even happens. Since we have seen personally how this can ease their pain. You can see Chase and her friends in their Hat-N-Hair on our little Supergirl Chase's website www.carepages.com Carepage name: Weloveyouchase

Chloe Anne Schmidt
by Deborah Lewerke
Dearest Randy -- Thank you for writing this song about Chloe and all the other little children who dream so big that we can barely understand the depth of their prayers... From my granddaughter Chloe Anne -- The doctors say she has a less than 5% chance of survival, but we still believe in Miracles and of someday being able to braid her hair.... Hi! I am Chloe Anne. I just turned seven years old on January 10, 2008, and am a big sister to three siblings! On August 21, 2007 (when I was six) I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma.. I began chemotherapy at Texas Children's Hospital immediately after diagnosis. The current plan (or roadmap as it is called) is to receive chemo treatments every week for 54 consecutive weeks. Sometimes I have it at the hospital's clinic and get to go home. Other times, I have to stay at the hospital for four to six days so the nurses and doctors can help me. Please visit me at www.caringbridge.org/visit/chloeschmidt God Bless you Randy and all who support childhood cancer research!!! You truly are earth-bound angels... Love and kisses... Chloe Anne

Locks of Love
by Julia Sharit
My story is a bit different, its about My Father who is a survivor of lung cancer. Two years ago, he was faced with the possiblity of chemo. He decided to cut his hair and donate it to locks of love. He decided if he was going to loose his hair that he had been growing all my life, at the time I was 29, that he was going to make sure that the children having to face the same thing would be able to have hair in some way. Well on that day in July of 2006 my Dad donated 20 inches of hair and I donated 10 inches. It is nice to know that a child out there is wearing some of my hair and my dad's, and is able to feel good about how they look because there are able to have hair. Thankfully my dad didn't end up needing the chemo but he says he was happy to give his hair to a worthy cause.

by Mary Gorton
Thank you for this song. Our daughter Amelia was diagnosed 2 days after her 2nd birthday with High-risk Pre B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. We are proud to say she will enter Kindergarten in a year and a half as a cancer survivor. Your song touched my heart. Amelia lost her hair 2 times, and she would fight with me about putting pretty's in her hair. Now her hair is almost long enough to braid, and she so badly wants to braid it...so this song just touched me. Thank you for donating to St Jude's. It will make a difference in lives. This is Amelia's website to can go and read her story! She has 3 months left of treatment. She will have had chemotherapy in her body longer than she was healthy! www.caringbridge.org/visit/ameliagorton

I Have This Same Story In My Life
by Amanda Oden
I have a 15-year-old brother who was diagnosed with cancer on November 1, 2007. He is going to have major surgery next week and for me to hear this song at this time, it really touched me. You don't know what its like until you have to go through fighting cancer with a child. I have spend many nights crying that its not fair and he's too young. This is the one thing that big sis can't fix. I know he's in God's hands, and I just wanted to say thank you for doing the work you do for cancer patients and for this song. It means a lot to the people who are going through it.

My Daughter Lynzee
by Dorothy
My daughter has been on Chemo for almost 2 years now. When she first lost her hair it was so upsetting to her that we all cried. The words to your song means so much not only to her but our whole family. Lynzee has a disorder called NEUROFIBROMATOSIS and at this point it is non cureable but there are many reaserching being done. Lynzee also has turned her fate into helping others by collecting warm items for the homeless on our downtown streets that she passed out her self. She is collecting cards for the Veterans hospital to hand out. Lynzee is amazing and for what she endures is my strength alot of the times. She never fails to smile and say I'm ok today no matter how much she hurts.

Julia Nesbitt
by Pat Brosius
Randy, How deeply touched I was when I went on the website for a little girl who is best friends with my grandson Cooper. Her name is Julia Nesbitt and her parents have your single's website set on her www.caringbridge.org/visit/julianesbitt website. Along with is is a quote from her Mom, Kathy, "could be a song about Julia". She is an adorable 5 year old going through her second bout with cancer. She and my Grandson Cooper, soon to be 5, live in Waxhaw NC. Julia had such a treat this year when she got to see Hannah Montana. Thank you so much for such a great song and being so caring for all the little Julia's in the world.

Princess Warrior Kennedy
by Kennedy's Gma M.
I am Kennedy's G-ma and I am blessed that the good Lord gave me such a wonderful Grand child, she has cancer but she holds her head high and is a true Warrior for the cause. She always puts herself last and pushes other children with problems ahead. This song was meant for her as she had long curly red hair that I use to braid for her, and will again when her horrid treatments are done. Thank-you soooo much for this song as it has touched so many people. I hope that it sells more than any other of all time. All Kennedy's family shaved their heads for her so that others wouldn't stair at her so much. Maybe people hearing this song will think more about what goes through one's mind when you are striped from your identity, I am so proud that she holds her head high and seldom wears a cover on it. She is a true warrior as many others are too. God's blessings to all cancer victims and their families.

Kelly surviving AML
by Joyce Bushey
My daughter Kelly was DX on March 13, 2006 with AML. She is our miracle, we still need prayers to keep her in remission. God Bless all the children, and their families living with cancer. God Bless Randy Owen and St. Jude's.

Touched by the Song
by Holly Bagwell
Wow! The world is small place. Randy Owen has always been one of my favorite country singers. I used to be a memeber of the Alabama fan club, and actually had the opportunity to meet him at several concerts, thanks to my dad who had connections from working with the Marshall Tucker Band.However, I never imagined he would be writing and singing a song that would hold so true and close to my heart.My daughter has osteosarcoma, a bone cancer. She was diagnosed in July of '07. It was the biggest shock our of lives. She has been through so much. She has had a limb sparing surgery and is currently undergoing chemo for the next five months. This song just truly touched my heart. Every word of it so true. The tears have just flowed down my face as I listened to it. Our faith in God, and the belief that nothing happens with out Gods will, is what gets us through each and everyday.I am so glad that this song is out, I truly believe that music is one of the ways to a persons heart.

Annabelle Obersteadt
by Kurt and Sarah Obersteadt
Thank you for singing a song for our daughter, Annabelle. How close to the heart it is to my husband and I as our daughter continues her fight with cancer (neuroblastoma). The chemotherapy is not working, and so we are relying on God for her healing. Because the chemotherapy is not working she for the first time after losing her hair twice has been able to grow her hair out to the point she has pig tails now. Someday, I as her mother will finally be able to put that beautiful hair back in beautiful braids as I once was able to do so 2 years ago. Thank you, Randy, and say hi to Eddie Stubbs for us. He is a close friend of the family. Thank you for your precious song. www.caringbridge.org/visit/annabelleobersteadt Vanderbilt Children's Hospital, Nashville, TN Your Sister in Christ, Sarah Obersteadt

Braid My Hair
by Mom to a Hero
Your song echoes the dreams of not just the children, but us parents battling childhood cancer. As a parent of a child fighting cancer, you watch your child being robbed of being able to just be a normal kid. You dream of the day they can ride their bike, play with their friends, go to school, and yes, take off their mask. Thank you for bringing awareness to childhood cancer and raising up the children, the heroes, who fight this disease so courageously.

Kirsten's story
by Amy Schlarman
My daughter Kirsten was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in Sept. 2006. She had 9 months of chemo treatments and a horrible surgery to remove the 9 inch tumor on her femur. She lost her hair, and never complained. The surgery she had made walking very difficult, but she did it. I remember how happy I was when I saw her ride her bike again, something we thought she may never do. Her hair began to grow back and she loved styling it. Unfortunately her cancer has now spread to her lungs. She has had two surgeries on her lungs, and will start more chemo treatments this week. Once again she will lose her hair. She says, however, you don't need hair to be beautiful. This song has touched my heart, I have seen so many beautiful children with no hair. Kirsten is amazing she will fight through this once again, and I look forward to the day when she can braid her hair. Go to www.caringbridge.com/visit/kirstenschlarman to learn more about her story.

by Dawna- proud mom!
Savannah - age 18 - survivor! At 11 years old, Savannah began complaining of leg pain. After examination, her pediatrician discovered a lump on her lower right leg the size of a golf ball. She was immediately scheduled for x-rays and referred to The Children's Hospital. Shortly thereafter, Savannah was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, bone cancer. The very same evening she was admitted to the hospital and by week’s end Savannah started chemotherapy. We, as a family were faced with a difficult decision. She always wanted to be a cheerleader, but many of her treatment options called for invasive surgeries. We finally decided on a treatment plan that would allow her to save her leg. Her faith carried her through even the most challenging portions of her treatment and rehabilitation. Today, Savannah is a high school senior and a varsity cheerleader looking forward to competing at Nationals in Florida. She will be attending Colorado Christian University in the Fall 2008. When she grows up she hopes to become a nurse so she can help other children. You can read more about Savannah's journey at www.caringbridge.org/co/savannah

Remembering Matty
by Diane Maughan Des Moines, Iowa
Hi Randy, I Love "Braid My Hair", I have listened to it over & over & cried the whole time. It brings back the greatest memories of our eight-year-old son Matthew Maughan. On June 5, 2007 Matty was diagnosed with Burkitts Lymphomia & Burkitts Leukemia. He was the strongest little guy around. He took this news like a real trooper never complained once about the pain. By the end of July, Matty was cancer free we only had three more treatments to finish. On August 11,2007 Matty got an infection in his port, coded, & sent 10 days in ICU in a drug induced coma. On August 25, (my husband John's birthday) Matty got out of ICU. He had to walk to build back up his strength, his first walk behind a wheelchair was to the end of the hall were his friend Nadia was turning 16. Matty made her a card because Nadia was sick & didn't want to be in the hospital on her birthday. We got out for the Labor Day Weekend, with the sad news the cancer was back stronger than ever. We went back into ICU (same room even) on Sept. 4th, & then in the wee hours on Sept.5 Matty coded for the last time. The Doctors & Nurses worked frantically for over 3 hours. Sadly, at 4:40 am Sept. 5th (my Birthday) we said our goodbyes to "Our Precious Angel Matty". Thank you again for this beautiful song "Braid My Hair", my family has done Locks of Love in memory of Matty. Ironically, Matty & my oldest son Nick were both born to "Angels Among Us" in memory of my mom. Thank you for touching our hearts.

by Sharon R
Going through treatment for a child is hard enough. When that child has to lose their hair it is so traumatic. My son lost his hair over and over. It was something that was hard for him but he never let it interfere with his life. Sure he had bad days, really bad ones at times. But when he could he played baseball, rode a bike and smiled like a champ. The disease took his life at age 11- but he probably lived more than your average adult would in a complete lifetime. What a great song, strong meaning and oh so true. Let's continue to fight for these children - who want to ride that bike, play ball and "Braid Their Hair" We need a CURE!!!

Braid My Hair
by Debbie Beverly
Thanks for such a beautiful song. This is awesome. It made me cry & touched my heart. It made me think of a Beautiful Little Angel In Heaven. Sounds like this song was just for her. It could be about all of the children with cancer.They all just want to grow up & do normal things. Thanks again Randy you have made our state "Alabama" proud.

I love your song! I am a cancer survivior!
by Summer Thompson
Hey Randy, My mom told me to listen to this song she had got on an e-mail and it made me want to cry! I had really thought you had wrote that song for my friends and me. My mom is a hair stylist so every day before school my mom would braid my hair, I had been cutting and donating my hair for years, so when I was diagnosed with cancer I knew I might get my own hair. I have been going through cancer for 2 years. Thank you again, love your song!

It's touched a Mom's Heart
by Patricia Corwin
Our daughter Emily Corwin was diognosed at age 16 with Osteosarcoma. We lived in NYC at the Ronald House for 9 months during treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Emily lost her hair of course. It was such a big deal to her and I didn't quite understand the reason. Emily is a "survivor" now and has been in remission for almost 4 years. We're so thankful. Emily actually loves "singing" and wrote a song called "Escape" and for her Make-A-Wish trip to Nashville (the whole family got to go) all 6 of us. Emily recorded her song with James Kenney as the producer. What a wonderful dream come true that was for Emily. I listened to your new song and I definately need to get that one. Thanks for all that you do to help the Cancer World.

Three Angels
by Robyn Carmine
I want to share a story with you. It all started about a year and a half ago, my brother Neal was diagnosed with a pediatric cancer. He however wasa 25 years old. When he started to lose his hair he was so strong and told me. "Hey I guess I was meant to be bald. I was losing my hair before. I make a good bald" He had originaly wanted hats to cover it but never really wore them. He did not like what he called the "chemo look". He lost his battle in July of 07. Well in the year of his treatment we have met many many wonderful families. There is Kayla who is an angel baby in heaven. She will change the world as an Angel... Then there is this young lady who when listening to this song I thought it was written for her exactly. He name is Kennedy Jad Bougher. She is an amazing young girl who is fighting for her life with OsteoSarcoma. She will beat this and Grow up to be something amazing and change lives. She has changed my life and touched so many. She is so strong and so courageous. Pray for her and support KISS and Team Kayla..

Please Sing LOUD
by Rylee's Grandma
I offer my very simple, yet heart-felt thank you for this song. As a grandma of a 3 year old with cancer, my heart goes out to all victims of cancer and their families. Rylee isn't being treated at St. Judes, but the research they do and the physicians trained there benefit all children. The funding for childhood cancer is small, the media attention is small, but the smiles on the faces of these kids are huge. I have told many people that if you ever want to see pure and honest inspiration, spend some time visiting a children's oncology unit. Priorities will be forever changed. Such a beautiful song for all the beautiful children. Please-sing it as loud as you can as often as you can. I have written our local radio station to please play it. Thank you for making this your first solo release. You can be a part of making our voices heard and saving our children.

Kennedy Jayde
by Heather Miller, Indiana
Hi my name is Heather and I am the proud aunt of Kennedy Jayde Bougher. This song is such a wonderful tribute to , not only my niece but every child who has to overcome such a great battle. Kennedy is such a wonderful young lady and I am so proud of her courage and strength. These children are all heroes in my book. I applaud you for your song, that I know will open the eyes of our society and legistators. More research is needed to help conquer this horrible epidemic: CHILDHOOD CANCER!!

by RAIK from Germany
Hi Randy! What a great song!! I'm from Germany and I can't wait to get your new CD! I'm a ALABAMA Fan (have of course all CD's!!) since over 25 years ago!! Good Luck for the Solo-Career!! Thank you for "BRAID MY HAIR". Bye, RAIK from Germany.

Our hair
by sherry runnels
Many years ago I used to grow my hair and then donate it to Locks...and now my girls are grown and are doing the same for those who can't grow hair, and now one of those who can't is one of my daughters. Her hair was long and thick and black. It was beautiful and shimmery. But then she came down with leukemia, and she hasn't had hair for a year- but she has life and she has hope and she has Jesus. So many people have made hats and donated hair for our children such as these. As one mother- I say "God bless you for thinking of these children".

by Tammy Hendrix
Randy, so many have said thank you for your song. I add my families thanks to that list also. I wish there was some way to let you truly understand how that song makes each of us feel, as if you have written it about our child. Our daughter Taylor (12) was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in Sept of 2006 (bone cancer of her right humerous). She endured months of chemotherapy, several surgeries to place a port, reconstruction, feeding tube, biopsys, etc. Taylor through all her treatment was so very ill, lost lots of weight, and had no energy, but always kept a good spirit and tried to encourage others to keep up their spirits. Taylor finished chemo the first of June 2007 and now goes for regular 6 week scans and blood work, and is now Cancer Free. Her hair is coming back in thicker, darker and with curls. So many have told her how cute her hair is and she should keep a cute short cut, her response is always the same: I want my hair long again so I can put it in braids. I know you have never met us, but if I did not know better I would think you had talked to Taylor and written this song for her. We live in Alabama, and Taylor was treated at Children's hospital in Birmingham. You can read about her on her website if you like: www.caringbridge.org/visit/taylorhendrix We are going to make efforts to see your show in June if all possible. God Bless you and your family. Each time awareness is made about pediatric cancer, more awareness is made for the need for research for a cure. ONE child lost is ONE too many. Thanks again

Braid My Hair
by Michelle Schwartz
I just wanted to share a story with you. I first want to say thank you for doing something so wonderful. I am a mother of an angel. My baby girl was taken from us so early in her short life. She was just 2 1/2 months old when she was diagnosed with a rare cancer. She suffered through 6 rounds of chemotherapy, 2 surgeries, countless blood and platelet transfusions and stem cell harvest before the monster took over her tiny body. She passed away Feb. 18th, 2006 at home surrounded by all that loved her. Listening to this song brings lots of memories, memories that we will never have. Memories that we never got to make. It is a beautiful song, Thank you. It means so much to us that have lost a child to cancer to see that someone is trying to help. My husband and I just had our daughter's tumor tissue donated to Los Angeles Children's hospital for a research study that they are doing there. Maybe some day with the help of donations a cure can be found for these awful diseases, and save these babies lives.. Thank You Mommy of an Angel www.caringbridge.org/visit/kaitlyschwartz www.myspace.com/inmemoryofkaitlynmarie schwartzclan5@msn.com

by Jennifer Franklin
Randy, Thanks so much for doing this song and for your work with St. Jude's. Our daughter Olivia (5) was diagnosed last year with a rare form of Sarcoma called Rhabdomyosarcoma. Treatment options have not progressed as rapidly as for other forms of childhood cancer, in part due to lack of funding. Awareness is difficult. Most people don't want to look into the face of child with cancer, because to do so means facing that "this could happen to me". Childhood Cancer month passed and went in my home state of Texas with dismal coverage, yet pink ribbons fly everywhere for breast cancer awareness. It takes people like you to make a difference and I know I speak for all parents of children with cancer when I say our lives depend on you.

Thank you!
by Jennifer Rathbone
This morning I received an email that my daughter's scans show no sign of cancer since she was diagnosed 17 months ago. I was just sent an email about this song and it has me in tears. My daughter will be 3 on Monday. I cannot wait for her to be able to do everything you talk about in your song. Your words are perfect and I thank you so much for them.

by Christy Bulger
I have to say that I love the song because it means so much to me and my little angel. My little girl was diagnosed with leukemia when she was four. She fought so hard and I remember sitting and dreaming about her future. What could she be, what would she do and then even though you don't want to ever think these thoughts I would wonder if she would ever be able to be anything. Would she make it through this? I watched her have more strength and courage than a pile of adults (combined). She never complained, never worried that things were not going to be ok. The lives of these children are shattered and some come back from this and others don't, but their courage is remarkable. Unfortunatley Kinsley lost her battle and now life is unbearable at times but these children are amazing. Kinsley can forever be remembered and I want others to learn to love her through her website- www.shhqtp.com/kinsley. Thank you for singing a song that mean so much to so many families.

Anna Jane
by Marlo Salamy
My five year old daughter died of cancer two months ago. She too wanted to go to school and make a friend, ride her bike, and be able to run, but one of the things she wanted most was to have long hair like her big sister. While she was dying, in between the "I love yous", I whispered in her ear, "Baby, you're going to get a ponytail for Christmas."

Angel Flying High Now with Braided Hair!
by Patti Fisk
Victoria 'Tori' Enmon, a beautiful 15 year old girl, just gave up her battle with leukemia on January 21, 2008 after a 4 year battle. Victoria is always smiling (www.carepages.com and care page TheToriTattler2006.) As one of the American Cancer Society's Inaugural Heroes of Hope from Orange Texas, Victoria touched so many lives with her ever hopeful, always smiling heart. When I heard this song today, I cried at first, but then I envisioned Victoria up in Heaven, with her heavenly cheerleading uniform on - doing flips and flying high from cloud to cloud - no more pain, no more chemo, no more bald head and ball cap - but with long flowing braids - laughing and playing with all her friends that she joined in Heaven. I know she is God's head cheerleader now! Thanx for giving us this song - another way to honor all of us who have fought, and are still fighting cancer and who've beaten cancer once and for all - in life after life.

Braid My Hair
by Doreen Boss
WOW!!! Hearing this song just touched my heart like no other. My daughter Sarah was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma at age 7. She endured 10 months of chemo and 28 days of radiation, completing treatment 2 weeks after her 8th birthday. When asked what she wanted for her birthday gift, the first thing on her list was "Hair clips, bands and ponytail holders". She was so anxious to have her hair back and couldn't wait to braid it. Of course she received a ton of hair accessories. In fact she use to braid her dolls hair for practice so when her hair came back she would be a pro. Sarah lost her battle with cancer only 3 months from completion of treatment and never did get to braid her hair. Thank you for writing this song, for raising awareness of what our children have to endure and for helping people to see that it is the little things in life (riding a bike, flying a kite) that are the most meaningful.

Cancer Touches Almost Everyone
by Vickie Gilley
I just listened to "Braid My Hair". This song will touch so many lives. Our family has been touched 4 times with cancer over the past few years. The two most recent being my Aunt and my Dad. My Aunt passed away 3 years ago. She had colon cancer and kidney cancer. Her hair was so long, curly and black. She started losing her hair after treatments, someone suggested cutting what she had left, she would have no part of it. She use to say it was her crowing glory. She had the most infectious laugh. I miss her so much, but she is in a much better place. My dad had colon cancer 10 years ago, had treatments and has been doing great until last December, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. It has been a long year. Once again he has gone through treatments. It it so hard to watch him get weaker and lose all of his hair as well as a lot of weight. The man who has always been so strong for me is now so weak and in pain but never complains. I am not sure how he does it, I pray God will help him be ok. And give me strength to do what ever I can to help him. I take him to Mentone Al. as often as he feels like going. We are trying to build a cabin there for him. He has only been able to go once this year. He says it is a healing place there. As the weather warms I am sure he will want to go again. Thank for writing all the songs and singing them over the past years. This one made me cry form the first few words. May God bless you for all you do for the children. Keep up the good work. Thanks for listening Vickie

Our Daughter, Kelsie
by Tammy K.
As so many others have said, this song could have been written about our daughter, Kelsie, as well. Kelsie is our vibrant, feisty 8-year-old girl who has been battling a rare cancer (peripheral nerve sheath tumor) for almost two years now. She has stayed amazingly upbeat and positive throughout her many hospitalizations and treatments. She lost her beautiful long blond hair within a month after starting chemotherapy. Like your song says, we long for the normal things that so many people take for granted. We long for the day when Kelsie can just return to school and resume a regular life. We know with God on our side and the prayers and support of so many wonderful people, Kelsie will continue to win the battle. We thank you for bringing this fight to the forefront. There are so many innocent children fighting for their lives. These children are truly amazing. May God bless them all.

Braid My Hair
by Melanie Merroto-Griffith
My daughter was four in 2004 when she was diagnosed with cancer. She had long, beautiful hair. She went through six months of chemotherapy. She lost all of her hair. That was one of the hardest things for me as her mother. In November, I was looking back at her previous Christmas picture and looked at the one we had taken for this year. The year before she had a head full of long brown hair. This year she barely had peach fuzz on her head. I cried for two hours. That was the first time I really let go. She is now 8 and considered cancer free. I hope this song raises money and one day St. Jude's will find a cure for all forms of cancer.

by Brenda Allen
Randy has done it again, touching our hearts with his melodies and words that are so poignant! He never fails to deliver a story that touches each and every one of us. I look forward to seeing you again in concert, we have missed you.

It is our daughter!
by Judy Mendoza
Oh WOW! I just listened to Braid My Hair (o.k., I've now listened to it 20 times in a row!) I think it must have been written for our beautiful 4-year-old daughter, Abigail--at least it sure feels that way! Abigail was diagnosed with a pediatric cancer called neuroblastoma in Feb. 2007. She has endured so much over the past year, and this song puts it all in perspective. She just wants to be a "normal" child who can experience all the "normal" things in life--like starting school, running, and growing her hair long! Thank you so much for this beautiful song--it really hits home.

braid my hair...
by mattie_fras@comcast.net
You've got to visit this website: www.caringbridge.org/visit/sarahyenor It's the website of a little girl named Sarah Yenor. She was diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of cancer and as a result of the chemo/radiation treatments contracted VOD (veno occlusive disease, I believe) which 9 times out of 10 is fatal. She has persevered through prayer and the fantastic care that she has received. The thing is, this song could have been written about her.

Kennedy Jayde Bougher
by Shelley
I love this new song Randy!! It made me think of all the children of St Jude's. My daughter is a happy and healthy 16 year with a big heart to help the kids with cancer. She has done the St. Jude's run and also donated her pony-tail to the Locks of Love org. and I am very proud of her for helping in what way she can. But your new song made me think of a girl in Aurora Colorado that I have never met but I keep updated on her daily thru her Caringbridge Site. Her name is Kennedy Jayde Bougher and she is an awesome child. And her mother is an awesome person also. Kennedy is 11 now and She was diagnosed with osteosarcoma or bone cancer back on June 6, 2007. Kennedy is such a strong girl and has grown up fast because of the cancer. Back in September she lost her grandpa Denny to liver cancer. Please visit her site at http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/kennedy1 Thanks!

by Lauri Draskovich
What a wonderful song!!!!! I have a 14 year old daughter who was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 3, she battled for 3 years and then was in remission, at that time this was "just life" to her. Lyndsey was in remission for 6 years, her hair grew to her waist and she always wanted to cut it for Locks of Love. Which touched my heart beyond words, as a mother I loved that long hair, but her heart was just so much bigger than my wants. Then, during a routine CT scan they found a tumor in her chest. Lyndsey did get her hair cut for Locks of love, 17inches. Now, she wants more than anything to have hair again. This song could have been written for her... then I found out the the brother of one of the co-writers goes to my church, maybe she was in some way a small influence... and Randy Owen is my all time favorite singer. The choice couldn't have been better. Beautiful, heart touching, and so true to TOO many. Thanks.

Locks of Love
by Marsha Skinner
Reading all the stories about all the children afflicted with the terrible different kinds of cancer, I just had to write a note and let them know that my little 5 yr. granddaughter had beautiful long hair down to her hips and she decided all on her own that she wanted to give it to the Locks of Love. I think she heard about Locks of Love at her school. So her mom took her to the beauty shop and had it cut, the official 10 inches you had to have to donate and then they sent it off to the Locks of Love. She was very proud of herself and we were so very proud of Abigail. She is going to do it again when it grows out long enough. I know this isn't much to do but for a 5 yr. old, I thought it was a wonderful gesture and it was all she was able to do to help out.

Cut my Hair too
by Alaina's Gran
Alise and Alaina Atkins are twin sisters. They are 3 years old now and Alaina was diagnosed with an A.T.R.T Brain Tumor when she was 2 and has gone through two brain surgeries, six Chemo treatments, a bone marrow harvest and twenty-eight radiation treatments. Alaina is now Cancer-free and finished with her treatments and getting hair. For the last year, when Alise had a bow in her hair, Alaina asked to have one too. Jerri, their mother, fixed a hair band with a bow attached so she could look like her sister. This last week, Alise had to get a hair cut, and of course, Alaina had to get hers cut too; although it is just starting to grow. My prayer is some day they will be able to go together and let someone BRAID THEIR HAIR. Randy, thanks for the song. We know how the little girl in your song feels.

Kennedy Jayde
by Kennedy's Mom Stacy
It seems like this song was made for my daughter Kennedy Jayde Bougher. She is an 11 year old beautiful red-headed girl who lost her hair to osteosarcoma (bone cancer) treatments. She has a website that is just shy of a million visits and I posted this site/song on it in hopes that many, many of them will purchase this song to support Randy's cause. Kennedy has many pictures that are being put into a slide show where she is riding a bike, her hair is being shaved off for LOCKS OF LOVE and her hair is in braids the day of surgery and when they took out her ribs. An amazing story, amazing parallel to this song. This is her life. No public school, loss of friends, wearing a mask...etc. We just love this song. We will support it any way we can...Please know that we LIVE the life of this song thru our Princess Warrior...Kennedy Jayde. www.caringbridge.org/visit/kennedy1 God's Blessings to you all.

Braid My Hair
by Lynne
This is the most beautiful song I have heard in such a long time. Thank you to Randy for sharing this. This song brings the memory of my Mother at the worst time of her life. The last time we saw The Alabama Band was at the Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford CT. We tried so hard to get her to meet Randy and the boys (writing letters, contacting the radio station, etc., as at the time she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast cancer and was in the process of undergoing Chemotherapy and radiation and had no clue if any of it was working. Needless to say, she did not get to meet him. She had a smile on her face and a kerchief on her bald head. She was somewhat discouraged when she lost her hair and I think that was the worst part of this cancer. What I am saying is, she was going through hell but continued to smile and stay positive. Four years later, the cancer came back. She had another round of Chemo but they could not radiate this time as the cancer was in the same area they had already radiated and they could not radiate again. They successfully did surgery and after a year of Chemo and the surgery, she is on the Chemo now for another year as a preventive therapy. She is cancer free! She knows the patients at the cancer center and always has a smile on her face. She is my hero. I learned more from watching her in this period than in my whole life. A woman with six children (all grown now),lived one of the toughest lives one could lead, and always with a smile and a positive attitude. Her hair DID grow back and she wouldn't cut it for the longest time. Although the threat of the cancer coming back will always linger, you couldn't tell by looking at her!!!!! And, she is STILL Randy Owen's biggest fan!!!!

The Song is Awesome
by Theresa Spear
My name is Theresa, I have 4 beautiful girls. My daughter Cheyenne is now 9 had ALL Leukemia when she was 3. She underwent 21/2 years of chemo, and she will be in remission 4 years on July 6th. Your song really hits home. It's all so true they don't want to take the baseball cap off because they are afraid of what people might think or say, and with being so young they don't understand. All they want is to be able to be normal healthy kids. My daughter was so strong through it all, she still went to school, on her good days of course. Cheyenne is and will always be my hero. I look up to that little girl so much. I don't like to hear I can't do it come out of her mouth, my response to her when she says she can't do something is, You can do anything you want. You beat cancer and therefore anything you put your mind and heart into you can make it happen. I Love your song. She hasn't heard it yet, I'm downloading it for her to listen to when she gets home from school. You will become her new idol, she will love it. She may think you wrote it for her, but she will love it.

LuAnne Had Cancer
by Sue Satterwhite
When I was 15, (this is over 35 years ago), my first cousin, LuAnne was diagnosed with cancer. She lived 10 months. She had beautiful hair, with curls on the ends. I do not recall her braiding it, but the song certainly touched a chord with me. She would have the girl Randy describes when it comes to hitting the home run in baseball. She loved baseball, I remember very clearly. She would play when she was feeling well. She just loved it so much. I am told by relatives, that during one game, her wig flew off on her way around the bases, and she didn't CARE-she wanted to run those bases! She also loved riding her bike and did that also, whenever she could, during her illness. I am also sure she enjoyed flying a kite and climbing a tree, especially a tree. She was a tomboy, and good at all of these things. She put on a brave face, and I remember her very fondly. It was a lesson to all of us in her family. When I heard this song, I wasn't even sure what it was about, but within the first couple of lines, well, LuAnne popped into my mind, and then as Randy sings the song, memories of her flooded back big time, and the song is HER. Thank you for letting me tell you this story.

Chloe Anne Schmidt
by Deborah Lewerke
Chloe is my hero -- Thank you Randy for working toward finding a Cure... to try and save her life. Please look at Chloe's site and share whatever you think is applicable or helpful in raising money to help whether it be photos or journal entries. We so want to help, and we believe in Miracles and in God calling those special people like you to answer His call -- Thank you for hearing the call of the child we place in His loving care... God bless you all.... Chloe's website is www.caringbridge.org/visit/chloeschmidt In Christ's love, Chloe's grandma, Ms. Deb www.caringbridge.org/visit/chloeschmidt

by Pat Newton
Lexy, my granddaughter was diagnosed with neuroblastoma stage IV cancer November 2, 2001. Lexy was treated in Houston to Missouri to California, only to gain her wings on April 26, 2005. We need a cure and with this song "Braid My Hair" it can make an impact and earn the dollars that it will take for a cure. Lexy s always had a smile. While I cried and listened to the song "Braid My Hair" I could only think of all the sweet memories of Lexy. Sweet memories include Lexy riding in her little 4-wheeler Volkswagon with her dog Major, or even all the many barbies she played with and kitchen and that everything had to be in its place. Lexy stood in front of the TV one day and was turning her head side to side and kept saying "Mom Wook" "Mom Wook" My Hair It is Touching My Face!!What a joy after you have lost your hair to Chemo and it is growing back only to have it for awhile and then relapse and loose it again to Chemo or radiation. Oh how I hate this Cancer Monster and we need the dollars for a Cure. To read about Lexy's trials with Cancer: www.caringbridge.com/tx/alexiaflory Lexy may not be on earth but she will always be in my heart. In loving memory of my beautiful Lexy, Pat(Nana) and John (Papa)

'Braid My Hair'
by Janet Hackworth
A great song. My granddaughter was diagnosed with Leukemia In October 2006 at the age of 3.. She just completed her last chemo treatment on December 26, 2007. Yes, she did lose all her hair, and wore baseball caps all the time!!! But through it all we found out how brave all these children are. Thank God she is now in remission and is attending Kindergarten this year. Thank you for a great song, it really touched our family's heart. Janet Hackworth, Winchester, KY jhackworth@winchesterky.com Grandmother of Hailey - who now "can braid her hair "

Braid My Hair
by Dawn Flory
I listened to this song and tears started pouring. My beautiful daughter Alexia was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma at the age of 2. She didn't care that much about losing her hair. She went into remission, but it came back when she was 4. This time all she could say was it's okay. I'm gonna have hair like my Momma's.(darker than her own)She lost her battle with cancer on April 26, 2005. She never got her hair like her Momma's. I hope your song raises lots of money and no parent or child will ever have to endure all that cancer brings. Dawn Flory (Mommy to Beautiful Angel Lexy)

Braid My Hair
by Vicki Walker
This is truly an amazing song. My story is that of a very brave and courageous little girl who has touched so many lives, Kennedy Jayde, Princess Warrior. Her battle with cancer and the support of her Momma, Stacy put a new meaning to life for me. The Caring Bridge website has been an amazing journey for me for the past 8 months. I was introducted to Caring Bridge and Kennedy when I lost my sister to Cancer July of 07. Kennedy, Stacy and many others through Caring Bridge have given many of us inner strength, renewed our faith in God, humanity and so many more blessings. In fact the first time that I heard this song is because Stacy shared it with us through the website. Thanks Stacy and Thank you Mr. Owen for your big heart and support of the children that we forget about in our everyday lives.

by Ray Drummonds
As I lie here getting ready to go to sleep, I am running last week over in my mind and having trouble resting. As a grandfather, I hurt not only for my grandchildren but for my child too. You see nine months ago Alaina,my two year old granddaughter, was diagnosed with a malignant AT/RT brain tumor and this last week has been rough on all of us. One day in particular stands out to me and that day is Friday. Jerri, my daughter, had gone to give platelets for Alaina, Rachel,my wife, and I were staying with Alaina while Jerri was gone. They had taken a CT scan of Alaina's stomach because of the discomfort she was having and we were waiting on the results.The Dr.came in and told us everything looked good with Alaina's stomach but they were concerned with something they saw on her hips and wanted to take another picture to look at it closer. Rachel and I went with Alaina to get the X-Ray, and when we laid her on the table, the lady asked if we needed to hold her down. I told her I didn't believe it would be necessary, and I asked Alaina to lay still. As she laid on the table she relaxed, took a deep breath, bit her quivering bottom lip and looked up at Rachel and Said " HAND " We both understood she wanted us to hold her hand. Rachel told her not to be afraid it wasn't going to hurt and we would not leave her for one second. As we took her hand, I realized what faith she had in us that it would be O.K. The X-Ray showed some holes in her hip bones where she had bone marrow harvested and was not anything to be concerned about. So Tonight, as I go to sleep, I am looking up, taking a deep breath, biting my lip and raising my hand and saying "HAND" I am sure He understands too.

Abigail's Hair
by Rhonda Armstrong Trevino
My daughter Abigail found out she had Osteosarcoma on her 12th Birthday. After talking to the Oncologist about the treatment plan, she realized she would loose her hair. On our way home from the "chemo talk" Abigail told me that she wanted to "take her hair before the chemo did". We made an appointment and Abigail had her hair cut. At that moment I realized how very brave my daughter was. Thank you Randy! You will never know how much your song means to me, as a mother of a daughter with cancer.

Braid My Hair
by Margie Huhner, Mom to three wonderful children
Randy, thank you for taking the time to benefit such a worthy cause. I wish more people would take the time to raise awareness for childhood cancer. Our oldest daughter just celebrated 10 years off treatment for ALL and she was determined NOT to loose her hair and she did not! She had and still does have hair down to her waste. Our middle daughter has also fought a bone marrow disease her whole life. Unfortunately, the only known cure for her disease- MDS, is a bone marrow transplant. There is no research being done in children for this disease as it is known as an adult disease. So, please, can you and your friends please keep raising awareness for Childhood Cancer Awareness? Every little bit helps. Chances are, nothing will happen in time for my daughter, but hopefully for others. It is extremely rare, but we need to keep fighting for all kids as they are tomorrow future.

My Hero
by Kathy, Myrtle Beach, SC
3 days after my daughter's 3rd birthday we were given the devastating news of the big "C". How can such a healthy, vibrant little girl be so full of this beast? We were blessed. Dx with Wilms Tumor St II/FH, she only had to endure 18 weeks of chemo (and a radical nephrectomy of her left kidney and 18 cm tumor). I have submitted a photo of her soon after her treatment ended. She never lost her beauty, her love of life. Laurel Rose is my hero. I have on her webpage: My Love, My Life, My Angel, My Hero. Today she is a very strong willed, loving 6 yr old (who does not want to ever lose her hair again). Thank you for all you do for St. Judes. Thankfully we did NOT have to go there as our local hospital was able to tame the beast within her. You have certainly nailed what we all feel and go through!

Our son Joshua
by Ernest, Ginger and Joshua Berney
Dear Randy, You have hit exactly upon not only the dreams of the children, but also of the parents, to do and be just like any other child. Our son Joshua was diagnosed with ALL leukemia on Thanksgiving 2006 at only 6 months old and suffered complications from such a severe case that he was in ICU for two weeks thereafter and the doctor's thought he would not live (he lost an eye to internal bleeding, had major brain hemorrhaging and a stroke). But God performed a miracle in our lives and healed Joshua. He finished his last chemotherapy last November and is leukemia and treatment free! There is almost no affects from any of the brain bleeding and stroke. He is a happy boy that runs and plays and acts like nearly any 21 month old boy and has a wonderful full head of hair that I love just running my hand through! For a year we suffered along with our son, praying for just another moment, another day, not worrying about what he might become, but just that we could experience the next step in his growth, a first step, a first word, a first happy meal (which we did last week) and that he not have to suffer any longer. You can see pictures and read his story at http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/joshuaberney, Thank you for your song and your care for children with cancer because I can tell you from experience that every good deed towards their care gives everyone hope and reveals how much prayer goes out to the healing of these children. God bless you!

by Carol
What a wonderful concert you had at Caesar's Indiana Friday night!!! Your band was all that and more, song selection perfect, your voice is better than ever, and the song Braid My Hair is so touching. Thank you for all your contributions to eradicate cancer. You are a fine singer, but more than that, a great man.

braid my hair
by Hannah and Heather
My best friend, Ryleigh, died with luekemia September 14, 2007. She was only 10. We were very close and friends since Kindergarten. She had cancer 6 times. In Kindergarden it came back and she didn't get to come back to school until 5th grade, but only went half a day. I loved to make her laugh. I went to see her in the hospital the night before she died, I told her I loved her. She reached her arms out and smiled. I will always remember Ryleigh and I will always think of her.

Braid My Hair
by Dolie
Hello, I'm Dolie from Bavaria, Germany. I'm author of ferrytailes and stories "Vom Kleinen Engel", that means "Stories of the Little Angel". Since so many years I'm a great Alabama-Fan, especially a fan of the warm voice with so much soul from Randy Owen. Today I listened to "Braid My Hair", this story touched my heart. I'm not a girl, but last year I also lost my long blond hair after a very hard chemotherapy. It will need many months, to get the long hairs back, to be what I was - but the hair is only a sign to come back to life, it will become a new life with new inspirations, a life in company with the Angels. I wish this new Album, this song become a big success for all the kids at St. Jude and Randy Owen. I ask my Angels for their light and love to all of them, become strong and feel peace in their souls and hearts with their tragic fate. After all they may have happiness and protection for a lot of years God will give to them. I know, my english is not that well as it should be, to write what I feel. But I know, you will still unterstand. I like to buy the single and album. Do you know, if it is available in Germany or will be on sale here soon? An answer would be very kind. All my love and light to all of you, warm regards and Thank You to Randy Owen from Dolie VomKleinenEngel@blue-unicorn.de

by Paul Dick (RAD)
Hi Randy, I'm not much of a writer, but I had to do this. I wanted to let you know what you have done for me. You are what I believe every man should be. That is why me and my wife named our 1st born child RANDY. After you. Well, Randy had ALL/LUKIMIA cancer. And did pass away when he was 2 1/2 yrs old. Your songs, and the way you live keep me going. Well in memory of our son, me and my wife started a bowling tournament here in Toledo, Ohio. We call it R.A.D. (Randy Allen Dick) This has really become huge. We went from 6 lanes our 1st year to 60 lanes the past year. It was out 9th season. All the dollars raised go to ST. JUDES. We get alot of help from family and friends. I think it would be so cool to have you as a special guest at our 10th year. In the home of Danny Thomas,Toledo, Ohio. Just a thought. Randy, I know you are a busy man, but please give it a thought, you could really make this big for St. Judes. Have to go now. God bless you and your family

Bayleigh Phillips
by Deb Groover
Someone posted your link on Bayleigh's site yesterday so I had to click and listen. Being friends with Bayleigh and her family, this song really says so much to me. She has introduced me to many of her friends fighting the same battle -- some still here and some that have earned their wings. The Gadsden times did a story on Bayleigh you really should read. The link is: http://gadsdentimes.com/article/20080128/NEWS/801280318/1017/NEWS Bayleigh was interviewed for this story January 17, 2008. The reporter told her mom that the story might get bumped from the Lifestyle section if something exciting happened and we were shocked when it ended up on the front page on the 28th. We were so surprised when she told the reporter that she looked forward to braiding her hair – she has been so calm about her hair loss. Her tumor is inoperable. She will have it as long as she lives unless some incredible breakthrough is made. Thank you for the work that you do in support of St. Jude’s. It gives us hope. You can read more about this great girl on her Caring Bridge site: www.caringbridge.org/visit/bayleighphillips Bayleigh’s friend, Groovy

My little one is now braiding her hair!!
by Wendy Curry
Oh how I cried listening to this song! This was the story of my daughter a couple of years ago. She never saw a bad side of what was going on in her young life, she always look to the bright side and what she was going to do. She was so brave and she kept me strong through it all. Although she really was not bothered by the fact that she did not have hair (can you believe that), she couldn't bear being shut up in a tiny room getting medicine in her port and every time we went somewhere (which was not very often) she didn't like wearing her mask. Now she is trying to grow her hair long so she can donate it to the Locks of Love. I just really want to thank you for this song. I feel like it will touch people in so many ways, even if they have not had to experience it in their lives. Childhood cancer is overlooked or maybe people just don't want to face that kids get cancer too. So, again I thank you and I am thanking you for all other parents that have had to face this issue and the parents that are going to have to face this issue (because you never know-it can happen to anyone, it does not discriminate) from the bottom of my heart.

by Jennifer White
This song is so true! My son Tony is 7, and was diagnosed July 31, 2007 with Ewing Sarcoma. He is fighting his battle and winning thus far. We are very greatful to St. Jude and all who work there. Randy, thank you for all of your generosity, you are an inspiration to us. Your song is very beautiful and and it gives hope to us all.

Touches my heart
by Anissa Mayhew
My daughter was diagnosed with leukemia on July 13, 2006. The day that I had to shave her head was devastating, she was only 2 years old, she hadn't had her hair that long, but it was this symbol of what cancer was taking from her. It has stolen long hours of her life, so much of her childhood has been spent in the hospital receiving treatments, her future will always hold an element of uncertainty left by the taint of cancer. She, and this disease, have taught us to embrace life in a way we never have before, it has brought us the greatest sorrows, but also given us the most tremendous blessings God can bestow. It hurts to know that my child and so many others stricken by this disease are left behind by our government when it comes to funding research for cures and treatments. I thank you so much for taking the time to care, for making your beautiful music mean something for a group so young and powerless they don't yet have a voice to speak up for themselves. In helping us to bring awareness to their diseases, you bring us all a step closer to bringing them hope that can be a reality. By donating part of the proceeds of sales of this song, i hope that you are setting an example and encouraging a trend that will guide others to feeling compelled to making the difference between life and death for so many of our kids facing cancer. Peyton will be finishing treatment in Oct 2008. We rejoice in the fact that her body has bravely defended off the cancer that tried so hard to steal her from us. We thank you heartily, we pray for much success in your efforts. May your song touch many hearts. f.r.o.G...fully relying on God ---Anissa Mayhew mother of Peyton Mayhew, age 4 www.hope4peyton.org

by Dixie Phillips
Randy, My husband is Johnny Phillips, he runs Top O The River Restaurant in Gadsden,Al. He has met you before..... anyway. Our 9 year old daughter was diagnosed in Nov. 2006 with an inoperable brain tumor. Wow, the journey has been unbelievable. About 3 weeks ago, Bayleigh was looking at a photo album.... she looked sad..... I couldn't help but ask her what was wrong.... she said, " I was just trying to remember what it was like to be a kid".... she was looking at pictures of hiking in Mentone, getting a makeover at Libby Lu's and swimming at Visionland. It's the little things that we all take for granted. She really misses them. Anyway she was in a recent article in the Gadsden times.... she told the reporter, "when she finished chemo, she wanted to have an Over the Chemo Tinkerbell party and celebrate with a trip to Hawaii.... Oh and get braids in her hair!" When the article went out yesterday someone emailed us this song.... I couldn't believe it! What an awesome piece of art.... we were very touched. I just sat and held her, we closed our eyes and just listenend. Thank you for sharing your talents in such a positive way. Thank you for sharing the gift of music. Thank you for helping to find a cure. Her website is www.caringbridge.org/visit/bayleighphillips

Cassidy Anderson
by Christina Anderson
My daughter was diagnosed with Ph+ALL (Philadelphia chromosome positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia) in August of 2006. She started treatments in which she did loose her hair. There were plenty of ups and downs during that phase of treatment. I can't begin to tell you how many times she was in hospital not just for treatment, but for getting sick as well. Her hair just recently started coming back. The song has a lot of meaning for me, I just want to braid my daughter's hair. And that time will come.

Braid My Hair
by Ginger Lynn
I have donated my hair to Locks of Love twice now and have been growing it to donate a third time, which would be early in 2008. In August of 2007, my 8 year old niece came up to me and asked if she could donate, too. I was so happy that she wanted to do this with me. My niece had just had a growth removed from her arm and we weren't sure if it was malignant or not, but hoped for the best. On January 25th, 2008, we found out that she did, in fact, have melanoma and would have to undergo a year of treatments, which will start sometime around April. Tomorrow night, we will both be going to the hairstylist and donating our hair before she starts treatments. She is so excited. This song is so much like her. She's such a happy, caring kid. I hate to have to see her go through this, but I'd rather have her do it than not. I know that in the future, after her treatments, donating her hair will be even more meaningful to her than it is this time. I will continue to donate for as long as I can. I think it's wonderful what St. Jude and Locks of Love do for children. God bless you in all that you do to help children like my niece.

childhood cancer
by Monique
After a 4 years fighting a rare cancerous spinal tumor, we lost our son March of 2007, at 8 years old. He was also a patient at St Jude. I simply do nott have words for the song. Even though my son wasnt one to wear braids LOL, just the simplicity of the STORY in the song, the wishes, the feelings, the LIFESTYLE portrayed, is just amazing. Thank you for letting others into our little world, one that we had no choice to enter, and others usually avoid. We need more people like you to advocate childhood cancer. Monique www.frankiesfight.org

Braid My Hair
by Missy
I happened to switch to a country station here in town this afternoon, why I don't know, but I did. After listening for a couple of hours this song came on, I wasn't even really listening, it was just background music, but when he started signing about masks and braid my hair I stopped and listened. It touched my heart more than you can imagine. Friday afternoon we found out that my 8-year-old daughter, Chloe, has melanoma. She is going in next week for another surgery and then will start treatments in the next few months for one year. But the ironic thing is she has been growing her hair for two years now to donate to Locks of Love. She and my sister are going in tomorrow night for their cuttings. All I can say is that God certainly does work in mysterious ways. Chloe is a very strong little girl, she has been telling people since we found out that God doesn't give us crosses bigger than we can carry. This is a beautiful song, Alabama has always been a favorite of mine, and I can say that this will be a favorite for a long time. I cannot wait to have her listen to it!!

Remembering Danny
by JS Cunniff
Our son died of Acute Myeloid Leukemia at the age of 7 back in 1998. Not much has been done in terms of finding a cure for this form of agressive leukemia. Thank you, Randy, for bringing attention, through your beautiful music, to Childhood Cancer. Your song will help to raise awareness for the most underfunded cancer research of all...childhood cancer. God bless the devoted staff at St. Judes in Memphis and all the other caregivers who devote their time and lives to helping to find and fund cures for childhood cancers...the most devastating cancers of all.

Braid My Hair
by Mary Lynn Kesler
Thank you for the song. Childhood cancer doesn't get a lot of attention but with this song, I think more people will listen. My daughter, Sierra has Down Syndrome and was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on December 28,2005. Children with Downs have a 10% higher risk than a typical child of developing Leukemia. We are almost near the end of treatment, out end date is March 30, 2008 (if no delays). Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) gets treated for 2 1/2 years for girls and 3 1/2 years for boys. It seemed 2 1/2 years would never get here but it is almost hear. After all of the hospital stays, the sores, the inability to walk...we are almost done with chemo. It is bittersweet because now I will have the fear of relapse on my mind but I have to give it to God and keep going and fighting not just for my child but for all children who have cancer. Fighting for awareness and fighting for a cure. Thank you so much for your gift!! Love, Mary Lynn & Sierra. www.caringbridge.org/visit/sierrakesler

St. Jude Kids
by Darline Rollins, Kershaw S.C.

I am a Prayer Warrior from www.asherandjacobsfriends.com. There are about 1000 kids sites listed there, most are battling cancer. Some are struggling with other diseases. I have always prayed but now I have a purpose in life. That is to pray for all these precious "Little Warriors."There is nothing little about their courage and faith and endurance. And they do it with a smile on their face. Their daily struggles make all of my medical problems seem petty and I get out of bed with a purpose every day. Braid My Hair just brought me to my knees. These "Little Warriors" need a hero to tell their story and bring more awareness to childhood cancer. Randy did that and I will be calling all the radio stations in my area to play it. God Bless you Randy for what you do for St.Jude and these precious Angels.

Enduring Love
by Sharon McCall
Years ago I was a hairdresser, one day a customer brought a friend in so I could do her hair. While she was being shampooed my customer told me a little bit about her friend. Her friend and her husband had been missionaries in Mexico. They had three children together and the children grew as children do. Her husband was diagnosed with cancer and they returned to the states for treatment. The treatment did not help. He was in the hospital dying: Mary sat by his bed holding his hand, for one minute his mind seemed to escape from the drug induced coma he was in. He squeezed her hand, looked into her eyes and said "Fifty-six years Mary - it wasn't enough." He died shortly thereafter. In all the thirty years since I heard this story I still cry when I hear it. It is especially dear to me as a survivor of multiple marriages who still believes that this kind of love exists.

Charli Ann Preister
by Jody Preister
My grand daughter, Charli Ann, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer in March 2007 at just 7 months of age. We praise God that today, for this time, she has been declared NED (no evidence of disease) and is growing and developing normally. The tumor is still inside of her but inactive and it is too risky to remove it unless absolutely necessary due to the involvement with her spine. Charli went through 4 rounds of chemo and many scans and procedures but always had a smile. Her hair is just now growing back and your sweet song brought tears to my eyes as I thought of her and all the others out there fighting this battle. Thank you for your dedication to helping these children in their fight. I spend many hours at my computer viewing the sights of other NB Warriors and try desperately to post an encouraging message to them and their families and I pray for them daily. I am so glad I came across your site information and will pass it on. God Bless you, Randy.

Chris Gray-Braid My Hair
by Janelle McGee
Hello, The writer of this fabulous song calls our little town his hometown. I was so pleased to receive a copy of it yesterday for play on our local radio station. I premiered it this morning during drive time and the reviews have been great. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful song. J.B. McGee morning announcer WFKN Radio Franklin, KY

by Angela Kornack
This song is amazing. My daughter Emily was 4yrs old when diagnosed with cancer (wilms Tumor). I think I cried more then she did about her losing her hair. She enjoyed 4 months off treatment of being a normal little girl and most of all her hair was growing. Sadly she relapsed to her lungs and the hardest thing for her to handle was losing her hair, not being able to go to school, not getting to run around outside and play like everyone else. She went through alot of chemo and radiation and was such a trooper. She is nearly 3yrs off treatment now and is doing great. Because of her weakened immune system she suffers from Alopecia now, but it is mild. Her hair is now long and beautiful and she loves for me to braid her hair. She is 8yrs old now.

by Katie's mom......Colleen Forar
My daughter's name is Katie. Katie is soon to be 25. On November 30, 2006, she was diagnosed with a brain stem tumor (inoperable). Katie went through treatment of radiation and chemo as any other tumor patient would. We are blessed that the treatments thus far have reduced her tumor in size by over 30% and the tumor is now considered to be 'under good control'. During a wisdom tooth extraction in February (2007) they found the roof of Katie's mouth to be black and ulcered. Six biopsies were taken. The results came back as a fungal infection named Rhizopus. This a very aggressive, oppurtunistic fungal infection that less than 1% of the international population contracts. The fatality rate of this fungal infection is 50 to 85%. Katie was sent to the University of Minnesota, and treated there. The entire sinus cavity was infected and in order to control the travel of this fungus, the entire hard palate in the roof of her mouth was removed along with her top teeth other than 4. The day after this surgery, the neuro surgeons took her back to surgery to remove a piece of fungus that had entered her brain on the right side. On April, 13th of 2007, the medical team called a family meeting. It was presented to our family that they felt the fungus had travelled into Katie's bone marrow and would eventually overcome her body. A week out of surgery, Katie was not making any WBC (white blood cells) or ANC (absolute neutraphyl cells) to help her body protect itself against this fungus. These particular blood cells are the ones that fight infection and disease. To this day it is important that Katie keeps these cells in normal or above ranges. The medical team asked us to engage Hospice and they would be sending Katie home to pass on. They felt there was no more they could offer her in the way of treatment. They felt they had done all they could do and that it would only be a matter of a few weeks before her life would end. We, as a family, agreed to bring Katie home......without Hospice. We asked that they continue to treat her and give her time. We told them that we would not tell Katie what they thought and that they could not tell her either (power of attorney). When and if the time came that we felt she needed to know, we would tell her. Instead, we asked that they continue to treat her and continue to monitor her blood counts through home health care. One particular Infectious Dr. stormed out of the room.......he thought we were ridiculous and told us that she only had a 1% chance of survival against this fungus. He would tell us that there are so few people that have had this that they had to read about it in the textbooks. One particular Dr. had practiced at the U of M for over 30 years and only seen 10 cases. We left the hospital that day putting Katie's Miracle in God's hands......and to this day, Katie is a Miracle. Katie is the longest living patient with Rhizopus infection at the level she had it. The Dr.'s are amazed and pleased. Katie is healing and she is a case study for many of the larger Research Hospitals. The song, 'Braid My Hair', touched my Heart. When Katie was diagnosed, she had long hair down to her waist. With chemo and radiation, her hair fell out in clumps. It was so difficult for her and very difficult for me as her mother to come her hair and find it in my hands. She will never know how many tears I cried as I would comb her beautiful hair. The greatest Miracle of all is her healing. Katie has been a great fan of Alabama and owns nearly all of their albums. She continues to follow Randy and loves so many of his songs.......Angels Among Us is one of our family favorites........You'll Never Be One Again is another personal favorite for private reasons but always brings us tears. I wanted to share this story. Please visit Katie at... www.caringbridge.org/visit/katiesalomonsen You can read her story, view her pictures. She is truly a Miracle that we are watching unfold each day. A Miracle for which we are grateful and continue to pray over eacy day. God bless you Randy for all your beautiful music and for your loving and compassionate Heart to those who are ill. God has certainly blessed you with a special gift and continues to allow this blessings to touch the lives of others.

Your song -our daughter
by Jennifer and Wray-parents of Julia
Like so many other parents who have signed in, we too have a child who is a patient at St. Jude. She was diagnosed on Aug 31, 2005 and we arrived at St. Jude Sept 1, 2005. The first stop after being registered was the Medicine Room since it was a Friday afternoon. My first thought when I saw your portrait was how awesome it is that someone so well known and famous has walked these halls. After 5 rounds of chemotherapy, 22 platelet transfusions and 20 blood transfusions, today she is a healthy 4 year old who rides her bike, runs, goes to school and yes, she likes her hair braided! The song is beautiful but my most favorite part is -"take off my mask....." . To keep a mask on a two year old was quite a task but she did it. Thanks for your dedication to our children. Of all the places you have been and could be, Thank you for being at St. Jude.

What a Wonderful Song!
by Jennifer Laura
I wanted to say this is the most touching song I have ever heard! I cry every time I listen to it. My daughter Jordyn is 8 yrs. old and she was diagnosed with cancer on Nov. 5, 2007. We will never forget that day. It changes your life forever. She has Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma stage IV. It is a non-hodgkins type. She has been so strong and brave through these last few months and we are so very proud of her. Your song feels as though it was written about her! She will begin a very aggressive chemo regimen this week because her chemo is not getting all of that nasty cancer like it should be. After a few months of this she will most likely be having a bone marrow transplant. She has such a long road ahead but we know God will get us through it. Prayer is a powerful thing. Children are so innocent and they should not have to endure something so difficult. Thank you for every thing you do for St. Jude's and hopefully someday we can cure this monster and other children won't have to fight it!

Wilms Warrior
by Melissa Miller
My daughter Olivia was 3 with waist length hair when we were told on 5/5/05 she had stage IV (bilateral) Wilms tumor. After 9 months of chemo, radiation and 8 surgeries in 1 year, we finished chemo 1/18/06. She watched the mirror everyday for those beautiful curls to return. Before he hair came out we had it cut and sent to locks of love in hopes of helping an older child. Since then, her older sister has had her hair cut for locks of love too. This song touched my heart more than I can ever express! God love you for speaking for those who are strong but can not speak for themselves! We have been cancer free for 2 years but it is on our minds everyday! Thank you for what you are doing for childhood cancer awareness!!

My son John
by Veronica Viner
My son is a patient at St. Jude and under went treatment for Hodgkin's Lymphoma last summer. I spent hours looking at your portrait outside the medicine room! Thank you for doing this song and helping raise money for St. Jude! It was such a blessing to have this wonderful hospital!

This song is amazing!!!
by Holly Walton
Back in November my 8-yr-old neice was diagnosed with Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma. "Braid my Hair" truly touched our whole family. This has really been a tough time for the family, but we are staying in good spirits and staying strong for Jordyn.

by Samantha, Age 12
hi my name is samanha and i am 12 and i have cancer!! and they said i will never run, ride a bike or do anything like a normal kid and your song has gaven me so much hope!!! luv, Samantha

Kathleen & Pig Tails
by Stephen Brennan
Almost eight months after her last treatment in October 2006 for Stage V (bilateral) Wilms' Tumor, our daughter Kathleen was so incredibly excited that her hair grew back to the point where she could have pig tails. That made it all the more devastating when we learned of her relapse this past October, and "Kiki" resumed treatments which took away her hair again. "Braid My Hair" resonates with all of us whose lives are touched by cancer. It is an inspirational call to awareness that this horrible disease must be eradicated forever. Kathleen and all of our cancer warriors deserve our support, and cannot win this battle without it.

Caesar's concert Jan 25
by Tracy Ault-seymour,In
I attended Randy's concert on Friday night and had the opportunity to hear him sing his new song live and it was wonderful. He was crying by the time his finished singing. I've never seen an artist show so much emotion in my life. He is truly a wonderful man and the work his does for St. Jude's is just unbelievable. We had a great time at your concert. Hope to get a chance to see you again soon.

My Owen
by Maureen from Ohio
My son Owen was diagnosed on February 3, 2006 with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the age of 21 months. He is currently on treatment and is the strongest, bravest and most amazing warrior... all of the children in this fight are! Thank you so much for writing such a powerful song that really hits home. It brought me to tears...

A wonderful tribute to all children fighting cancer!
by Staci Sharp
What a beautiful song you have written. When I hear this song, I think of my sweet Jillian. Our daughter was diagnosed with Stage IV Wilms tumor in October, 2007. We have just began our journey with this beast called cancer and we are determined to win this battle. I look at my beautiful daughter and thank god for every second I have with her. We look forward to the end of her chemo treatments so one day soon, we can braid her hair!

by Joni
My neice Jennifer had cancer for 12 years. She was diagnosed at 5 right after a trip to Europe to visit me. The thing that I remember that she wanted most was to have long hair that could be french braided. I heard this song today for the first time and it brought tears to my eyes. Jennifer died a age 17 in 1999 but I will never forget her courage. I am truly a better person for having had her in my life.

Chelsea - Wilm's Warrior
by Alison Hicks
Chelsea was diagnosed with Stage IV FH Wilm's Tumor cancer April 18 2007. She was only 3. We are still battling it as the first rounds of chemo, and radiation didn't get it all. Chelsea's hair had started to grow back (about an inch long now) and we found out we have to start very intense chemo next week. When chemo was done the first time she couldn't wait to start wearing ponytails again. We had a 'Make a Wish' trip to Disneyland in January and she picked out Mickey Mouse ponytail holders. So excited. Now she will lose it quickly and be bald again. She has a beautiful bald head but like the song said, she just wants to braid her hair. Her sisters had cut their waist length hair for locks of love before she was diagnosed and I love that part of the song. These children just want to look "normal" and not have so many strangers stare at them. Thank you Randy for a great song and cause. Our family will definitly pass this on to EVERYONE!! The Hicks Family - Tigard, OR

Zayla's story
by Chris Mitsdarffer
Zayla is my amazing 6 1/2 year old daughter who is recovering from her bone marrow transplant this past summer. Zayla was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia on Jan 12, 2005 (at the age of 3 1/2)....we were told it was the "good" leukemia/cancer to get and her prognosis was "good". Zayla had a horrible first 3 months of treatment, spent 3 weeks in PICU on a ventilator for a severe infection that she got in her port a catheter. After two surgeries to remove her port and her upper pectoralis major muscle she finally recovered, albeit slowly. She later received a skin graft to close her open chest wall. Zayla is my inspiration, she has been so upbeat and willing to do what ever needs to be done to get her cure! In Dec 2006, 4 months before her scheduled treatment was to end, she relapsed in her central nervous system. I was heartbroken that my sweet kindergartener was going to have to face cancer, yet again. Through all the additional chemotherapy and losing her hair yet again, she was still upbeat. She attended classes as much as possible, whenever she was feeling well enough and her "numbers" permitted. In April of 2007 we learned that Zayla's chemo was not doing it's job and she was in need of a bone marrow transplant to kick cancer's butt for one last time! Zayla's oldest sister Shelby (age 14) was a match and most generously gave of herself without question. Life since the transplant day (or Zayla's re-birthday as we like to say) has been a constant rollarcoaster. Despite all of the sacrifices Zayla and our entire family has made through this journey, there is one thing that has been constant...our faith in God and his cure in our daughter. Our faith and hope has never waivered! Zayla is still waiting to go back to her first grade classroom and "just be a normal kid". Because of her suppressed immune system she is not allowed in large crowds and must wear a mask when she goes anywhere outside of our house. Our famiily has adjusted to this "new" life....but gosh, I sure can't wait to just braid her hair!!! What a great song you have made and I thank you for your generosity to our pediatric oncology kids!! WE are the fortunate one's....our daughter is still here with us!! I think of those who have lost their precious children to this horrible disease daily....

My baby...
by Jessica (mama to 3 wonderful boys!)
Every child is special and oh so loved, but the baby of the family should be the innocent one, the delicate one. My baby of three boys was diagnosed with a kidney tumor at 16 months and he became our hero. He showed us strength that some adults don't have, he has shown us that bravery comes in all shapes and sizes. It stinks that my baby has had to grow up so fast and has had his innocence stolen, but people like you Randy will make the world understand just what these children go through and hopefully one day there will be a cure. I can't thank you enough. Tonz of love from my boys, Joey, Felipe and our hero Donnie "Superman" to you!

by Lisa Glenn
Our daughter Emily was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia on June 8th, 2007. Her hair is now starting to grow back, but we can really feel this song as from the time she lost it all, she has wanted it VERY long again! She wants braids, ponytails, the works! Very touching song to us parents of cancer kids!

Hitting Home
by Gary Coker
My little girl was diagnosed with leukemia a little over four (4) years ago. It appears as though she is pretty much out of the woods now. At first, when the chemo took her beautiful blonde curls away she wasn't too concerned. She was only 3 years old at the time. But as it began to grow back and resembled something of a buzz cut, she told her mommy, "Mommy, I look like a boy." Afterwards, she refused to wear anything but a dress. She's seven now and will wear pants but her favorite color will always be pink. When the doctor tells you something like this, it is shot to the gut. Think about it...this is something that daddy can't fix. It is very frustrating. Thankfully, with the help of God and the doctors at Texas Children's Hospital, she is now doing well and in the first grade. Best of all, that pretty blonde hair is back. Thanks for the song. It really resonates with my wife and I.

by Jacqueline Zupko
Today I shaved my 2 year old daughter's head. She was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia on July 2, 2007. I could not have heard this song on a better day - thank you!

Thank You!!!
by Tabitha Correll
I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart..not only for this beautiful song but for all of the wonderful work you do for the children of St. Jude!! My daughter, MaKayla Correll, is 8 years old and she was diagnosed with Glioblastoma of the brain and spine. She is a patient at St.Jude's and has already underwent 5 weeks of chemo pills and 6 weeks of crainio and spinal radiation. She just started a new treatment plan this past week which involves the use of 2 different chemos back to back every 2 weeks for 2 years. She is such an inspiration to me. Just like the little girl in the song she too is very faitfhul and is always praying for all the kids to get better. She was just baptised December 23, 2007!! I am so proud of the way she has handled everything she has aready gone through. She is truly amazing and she too wishes for hair to come back. Thanks again for everything that you have done!!! We love you so much!! God bless you!!

by Ronda Plumb
I just wanted to tell you the song is beautiful and any song Randy sings I will buy it. I have been a fan for years. He can definitely sing. Ronda Plumb

Braid My Hair
by Cindi Baker, NC
What a truly beautiful song. My daughter was diagnosed on Valentines Day 2005 with Neuroblastoma at 3 years of age. She had two tumors removed from her abdomen and chest. It was the first time I ever heard my husband openly pray as he asked God "if this is to be my family's journey then let it be mine to take and not hers". I cried for days as she underwent these surgeries and all kinds of mind blowing tests. She was one of the lucky ones...favorable histology and no chemo. She is 6 now and cancer free. Unfortunately cancer was our journey as her dad (my husband) was diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic Melanoma in October of 2005 and passed away in May of 2006. He took her battle and gave her life in the place of his. One of the most difficult moments is when he lost his hair. It makes it real for those like me who just kept thinking this couldnt be happening. Thank you for bringing this song to us and reminding us that it is the little things that are important. I need to sign off now...I have to go braid her beautiful hair.

by Mary 'beth Shelton
Wow…this song very well could have been written for my little girl! She was only three years old when she was originally diagnosed with cancer (Wilms Tumor). She handled the hair loss pretty well, but, boy – did she miss climbing trees! When she finished her treatment, she enjoyed almost 4 months of “remission.” Her hair had grown to almost an inch – and she was loving it. We could just about get a barrette in it. Sadly, though, we discovered that cancer had returned – in both lungs. Now 4 years old, she was still quite the warrior. She handled the radiation, more surgeries, and lots and LOTS of chemo pretty well. The saddest thing I ever saw was her reaction when she saw her hair was falling out again. She cried, and cried, and cried and kept saying over and over, “I don’t want to lose my hair, Mommy…Please…let me keep growing my hair!” She just couldn’t wait to ride her bike again, climb a tree again, and she REALLY couldn’t wait to BRAID HER HAIR! She is now 3 years off treatment, and her hair is down to her hips. She said she will grow it all the way down to her feet…and I say…GOOD FOR HER!

Hollyn's my hero
by Jennifer Peterson
Today was Hollyn's last chemo treatment. She is a relapsed Wilm's patient, stage IV. She has gone through so much in the past six months, surgeries, radiation and hard chemo, so many inpatients stays. I heard this song yesterday and cried, it really hit home. Thank you Mr. Owen, recognizing these kids is so important, so much is taken from them, and all they want is to be like everyone else. Hollyn's hair loss happened on her brother's birthday and it was so hard, she felt so ugly, but now is so proud of being a "balded headed hotdog" as she says. And she should be, these kids are so strong and brave, I am so proud of her. They are our heroes, each one of them. Thank God for them, and let's find a cure! Donate today, and buy this CD! Thank you so very much, I look forward to Hollyn riding her bike again! God be with you all and Shout to the Lord! Mom to five, Jorie-14, Drake-11, Hollyn-7, Kailey-4 and Jessica-2

by Tracey F
Our daughter Amber was 4 when we found out she had Wilm's Tumor stage 4. She is a patient of St Jude. She is a true princess girlie girl loving to flip her hair. Losing it was so very sad for her and this song really hits home for me. She is now 1 yr cancerfree and her hair is down to her collar. Thank you so much for all you do for St Jude. And for this wonderful song telling the kids stories and how very brave and strong and caring they really are.

Asher Hopkins
by Maria Hopkins (Mommy)
We took Asher to the pediatrician on 7/14/05, thinking he had an ear infection. Within 12 hours, he was having emergency surgery to remove a football size mass from his 2 year old belly in addition to his left kidney. He was diagnosed with Stage V Wilms Tumor, a childhood form of kidney cancer. He underwent 27 weeks of chemotherapy, a 2nd surgery to remove a softball size tumor and the top 1/3 of his remaining kidney, and radiation therapy. In February 2008, he will have been off treatment for 2 years. Aside from having high blood pressure, he is doing great and loves things that little boys love...playing with Thomas the Tank Engine, running fast like Lightning McQueen, and wrestling with Daddy! :)

by Debbie
My 11 year old daughter is undergoing treatment for relapsed stage IV Wilms tumor, a childhood kidney cancer. As her parent, I grieve for her lost childhood. Before all of this began, I too dreamed of her becoming the president or curing cancer. Now, I dream of her returning to school, running around with her friends, resuming her martial arts class and graduating from high school. My, how this cancer experience changes your perspective. Thank you for putting into words what I feel in my heart. It is a beautiful song.

I am every so humbled...
by Rene' Losurdo
The generosity, compassion and support of "strangers" never ceases to amaze me. My 7-year-old son, Christian, is a 2-year CANCER SURVIVOR!!! On 12/21/05 he was diagnosed with childhood kidney cancer - Wilms Tumor Stage 3. I think this song shows us how the little things (we often take for granted) are the most important things in life. Add Randy's voice to these lyrics and viola! A HIT!!! I first learned of Alabama (and that incredible voice of Randy's) while watching an OLD commercial for St. Jude's. "Angels Amoung Us" played during the credits and I bawled my eyes out. I went out and purchased Alabama's greatest hits and fell in love ever since. Thank you for doing this for our children! It means more than you could EVER know!!! Love and blessings, Rene' Mommy to Christian-7 (cancer survivor!), Devin-5 and Brendan-2.

by Lisa Wanders
Thank you for the writing this beautiful song! My daughter was diagnosed with cancer a couple of days before her 3rd birthday and earned her Angel wings a couple of days after her 17th birthday. We need new treatment options!

by Sara
Thank you, Randy, for everything you have done for St. Judes and childhood cancer research. I love the new song! My son, Zack was diagnosed with Stage IV diffuse anaplastic Wilms just over two years ago. He's been through treatment, remission, relapse, stem cell transplant and multiple complications. I hope to see a day when no child has to suffer from cancer.

by Debbie Davis
Dear Randy, Thank you so much for the beautiful song.My sister died 9-28-01 with lung cancer.The worst was losing her hair.She was more distressed by it than I was.I can still feel her little bald head and I miss her so.Since her death I am a cancer patient, my father cancer patient,my mother-in-law cancer patient(Died),I have a cousin with breast cancer, her father died with bone cancer, and a cousin who was a patient at St Jude who died at 16.Sharon (St Jude patient) didn't like to wear a wig or a ball cap because it itched. I told her she was beautiful without either. She stopped wearing them and she had the most beautiful bald head.My niece and younger sister have both donated their hair. Your song lets people know that cancer is a dreadful disease for our young children. I appreciate all the work you do for our children at St Jude.Knowing what I have been through, I have great adoration for the children who are suffering. Thanks again!

by Debbie C
For even a child not yet two it is a big deal, hair. My granddaughter was diagnosed with kidney cancer, Wilms tumor, at 11 months old. When she was nearing the end of treatment she had no hair, no eyebrows and no eyelashes. One day we took her out to lunch, and as some men were leaving they walked by and said what a nice little boy. Grace at about 17 mos. old yelled I NOT BOY. She is three now. This disease causes so many kinds of pain in so many different ways. Thank you for this song and it really hits the nail on the head. We just want our kids to be normal, to live without fear and not be introduced into this very adult world of illness. In loving tribute to call our childhood cancer warriors, survivors and especially our angels.

Locks of Love
by Lauretta Loupe
This song touched my heart, because my youngest son, Chris (29 yrs) has grown his hair and has donated it about every 3 to 4 years. He has taken a lot of disrespect because his hair is long. He doesn't go around saying "I'm donating it to help cancer patients". He just says they can like me or not like me, it doesn't matter. All that matters is that someone is being helped, and I'm the one helping. Just wanted to share that little bit of story. Keep up the good work with your song! A loving Mother of a wonder son, Lauretta Loupe La Porte, Texas

by Elizabeth
My son is four now. But 2 years ago he had a Wilms tumor. I remember how hard it was to see him wake up in the hospital bed and see his hair laying on the pillow. I know the song is about a little girl, but when his hair came back I couldn't bear the though of ever cutting it and you can't really do anything with it. It goes in it's own direction just like him and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love running my fingers through it and feeling it on my face as he goes to sleep. Thank you Randy for helping everyone realize the importance of hair to parents like us. Thank you for supporting childhood cancer and St Jude's!!! Please feel free to stop by and see how well Steven is doing... www.caringbridge.com/visit/stevenbenjamin

by Sheryl Johnston
Hi I think the Song of Braid my Hair is so touching. It really hit home. Our little Olivia was Dx with Wilms when she was 3 1/2 years old. She was so very sick and never took off her baseball cap other than for bed or sometimes at home. It so very hard on the family to go through watching these children suffer through treatments, being sick, bloody noses, pain, transfusions, scans, taking all their meds. Olivia is currently in remission! So far so good, she has some effects from the chemo but for the most part is just trying to be a normal child. Children's cancer changes your life forever. It most certainly has given you a different outtake on life in general. thanks for such a beautiful song that will touch the hearts of so many families.

New 'Angel' Isaac
by Judy Van Beck
Today, Janurary 23rd, 2008 Isaac Lieser became an angel. He was 2 1/2 years old and he went to be with Jesus. Isaac was diagnosed with state 4 neuroblasta on May 6th, 2007. He had the most beautiful smile. His mother was by his side the whole time. She also has 3 other boys under the age of 6, and this frigid community here in Central Minnesota has tried to help out as much as possible. Check out his CaringBridge website. Her strength and undying devotion to her son will amaze you. Click on visit a Caring Brigde website and type in issaclieser. It will definitely tear your heart out. I hope everybody buys a copy of the song "Braid My Hair" so we never have to lose another child to this dreadfull disease. Thank you Randy for your undying devotion to this worthy cause.

by Freda & Chuck
I would like to say first off thank you for such a beautiful song.When we first heard this song we said it was the perfect song for our daughter,her name is Maria.She was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at 9 months of age, she is now 5 and so far so good. She is doing great.She is now on her second head of hair which is now down to her waist,i also braid her hair almost every day, and she loves it.This song will touch anyone who hears it. Once again thank you from parents everywhere.

by Sue
Randy, I love your new single!! It touches a part of my heart personally. Not that I am a child with cancer, but I am a cancer survivor and I know how it feels to be without hair. When mine grew back I let grow long enough to sent it to Locks for Love so other people, children especially, could have some hair also. Your song Angles Among Us has gotten me thru some VERY tough times in my life and I think this song is going to be right up there with that one. It's wonderful...keep up the great work in all that you do!!

Colby (4)
by Tracy A
I want to start by thanking you for this song and your support to cure childerns cancer. My son Colby has Neuroblastoma Stage IV. He was diagnosed at age 2 and has been though protacol, 18hr surgery, 2 bone marrow transplants and then he relapsed. He has been on a study for a year and a half. He is not a patient at St Judes, but if this cures just one kid or finds one cure for any of the childhood cancers it means a future. That is all they want and all their loved ones want. We need more people like you to help us fight for these kids they need you!!! Thank you so much for your support "Supporting a cure".

Braid my hair
by Ann Vogel
I want to thank Randy for this wonderful song. My son Luke has been fighting a brain tumor growing out of his brain stem since 2004. This song has given me renewed faith and hope! Ann Vogel Versailles, IN

by Shari Bennett
My daughter, Beth Thompson was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease in 2000 at the age of 15. She underwent chemo, radiation, a stem-cell transplant and more chemo. She was always smiling and upbeat through all of her treatments, but the stem-cell transplant was very hard on her, so much so that she said she would not do any further treatments if it didn't work. One day, she was watching TV and one of the St. Jude spots came on. She watched it and when it was over, she said to me "if my cancer is not gone, I want to go to St. Jude. When the doctor told us that the stem-cell transplant didn't work and he wanted to send her to St. Jude, she and I both were more than willing to go. We never made it to St. Jude as she became too weak and sick to make it there. She graduated high school on June 2, 2002 in a cermony at her grandmother's house and passed away a few hours later. We really believe that she was holding on just long enough to get that diploma. Even though we never made it there, St. Jude holds a special place in my heart as well as all the children and parents who are fighting cancer. Thank you Randy for all your work for St. Jude and thank you for this song that brings back so many memories.

Haleigh Cassada
by Shelly Cassada
My daughter's name is Haleigh Cassada. At the age of 4 she was diagnosed with stage IV High Risk Neuroblastoma. She fought the battle for 2 years. On September 21, 2007 she became a perfect little angel and entered Heaven's gates. I heard your song 4 months to the day after she passed. I love it, even though I cried the rest of the afternoon. After spending a lot of days and sometimes weeks in the hospital Haleigh said that she wanted to be a doctor and work at the hospital that was treating her. Never did we dream that she would never be able to fulfill that goal. I would like to invite you to visit her website and learn more about Haleigh. www.carepages.com the care page name is: haleighcassada God Bless You

braid my hair
by Dan Dorsey
The song is phenomenal. I know that the proceeds from this record are going to St. Judes which is great., but let me share this with you...Last November my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. So far everything is going good...all scans are negative and chemo is proceeding according to plan. Thank God. But today we were returning from chemotherapy and listening to our favorite country station and there was an interview with Randy. Well let me tell you that by the end of the interview and the playing of the song. well lets just say I had to go in the post office crying. Even though the song is about a little girl, we could relate to the song. This has been verrrry hard on us as grownups, and I can't imagine having to face it as a child. We are planning a trip South when things aren't so hectic and will try to visit Saint Judes. We are already making plans to get involved in Ohio in as many activities as we can. Hope the song raises millions.....heck billions, Dan Dorsey Columbus, Ohio

by Megan Pauwels
My son was diagnosed at 14 months with AML Leukemia. Our treatment at ST. Jude started out very rough with very high doses of chemotherapy that wiped out his immune system. He got very sick about a week later and ended up in the ICU on a ventilator for 3 weeks. While on the vent we almost lost him one night when he had a very bad allergic reaction to the IV nutrition called TPN. The doctors knew exactly what to do and got him stable again. Once he woke up we had to reteach him everything, like sitting up and how to eat. He went through another round of chemo and discovered that he wasn't responding to treatment. He underwent a bone marrow transplant in November 2006. His daddy was the donor and they will forever have an unexplainable bond. We got to return home in April 2007 and have been in remission ever since. This song is amazing. It is the hope of every child to do all of these things, but for the patients of St. Jude it is bitter sweet. I hope my son is able to do all of the things Randy sings about (with the exception of the braiding his hair). As a parent I would love to keep him in a bubble, but we all know that we can't do that. He is now two and a half and full of life. I would like to thank You Mr. Owen for all that you do for St. Jude. If it wasn't for supporters like you I may not have a little boy to hug and kiss every day. Thank You

Thank You Randy!
by Tom & Melissa Penn
Randy, We missed you Saturday night at the Country Cares song writer event in Memphis -- Tom moved from the Memphis Grizzlies to the Portland Trailblazers but is still on the Board of ALSAC/St. Jude!! We are starting an event here in Portland, OR! God bless you for all you do for the kids -- this song is AMAZING! Our Sincerest Gratitude for ALL you do, and all you give of yourself to St. Jude, Tom & Melissa Penn Asst. GM of Portland Trailblazers Board Member, ALSAC/St. Jude

Emily Howell
by Stacey Howell
Emily is 5 years old. This past summer she was diagnosed with ALL. Thank God it is one of the most curable forms of childhood cancers (85-90%). But sitting there with your baby on your lap, and the doctor telling you she has luekemia,all you can think about is "am I gonna loose her?". The treatments start asap and you have a lot of learning to do. The medications and the number of medications they put into their little bodies is amazing. But kids are tuff and she was a real champ. Her counts bounced around and she had fevers that required hospitalization to fight off infections. The outpouring of love and support from our family, friends and even strangers was unbelievable. She lost her hair 2 months into treatment. She is in the maintenance phase of treatment now. She was able to start kindergarden 1/2 way through the year. Her hair is just now starting to come back in. This song and the man who sings it hits so home for me and my family. Our family has been to Fort Payne to see Randy and Alabama over the years. When Emily was 2 or 3 we were at FAD and she was whispering something in Randy's ear. She was telling him she was thirsty. Randy got up and got her a can of Coke. We still have the can. Alabama has been a part of my life since I was in gradeschool. My oldest daughter has seen them in concert. I thought Emily would not get to see them. But, with Randy's new career maybe she will get to see him.

Braid My Hair
by Nicole Carrington
My Randy! You never cease to amaze me! You've done it again. This single truly touches the heart to the deepest part. I am a Partner in Hope at St. Jude. These kids are such an inspiration to me. I have three healthy kids of my own, and to see what other kids go through truly makes me thankful for that. If I could take these kids place, I would do it in a heartbeat. It hurts to see such young ones miss out on the little pleasures of life because of cancer. I know that one day Jehovah God will fix it all, and I can't wait til that day. Until then, thanks so much for your inspiring songs. I know the children at St. Jude love you, and so do I. You will always have my 100% support. Love, Nicole Carrington Sandersville, GA

new song
by paul
wow, That song brings back lot of memorys-can't wait for all the new songs.

Yes Randy There is HOPE
by Vivian Botka
Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Braid My Hair offers so much HOPE, Insperation, and Love. You have really opened your heart on this one, and I can hear it in your voice. Keep on singing ........

Braid my hair
by Owen from Iowa
Hi Randy, Just wanted to let you know I love "Braid my hair". Very emotional and meaningful song. What a storyline...gave me goosebumps. Glad you're back and what a song to start it all out with! Can't wait to get the the CD!